Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Email of the day [Self Composed]

A few tips to have a great day!!!
  • Be Self confident and not over confident...

  • Keep in mind you can't just know it all.. give yourself time and that in turn will give you experiance...

  • A lot of people will come in your path of success not all will support you, some will have a positive attitude and some will always DeMotivate you.. Keep away from those -ve Idiots...

  • you never loose, even if you fail you gain experiance.

  • Learn Learn & Learn

  • Thankyou, Please & Sorry are really the 3 Golden words... Never let go an oppurtunity to say thanks {Reward Xtra miles in case you are an HCLite}to the person who helps you, Never keep those sorry's in your heart and please use please life will be much more comfortable.

  • Don't let the pressure destroy you...

  • Do not let time slip through your fingers without having spent some time with those who really matter to you, those close to your hearts.

  • Stay calm, confident and Smile always...

Remember its only when you know the Game in & out you can change the rules & for that you need time.. Don't over expect from yourself..

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's your Responsibility!!!

This article is dedicated to All my friends who are working now or have just started their career and to all my friends who are in the final years of their College life an will soon be market ready!!

With just 4 months of experience in a Telecom company and 1 week in an IT company,  many of you will say i am no one to write this , in that case take this article about the ATTITUDE with which i want to start my career.

Your immediate response will be "Spend a few months in this industry and then we'll see whether you crib {complain} or not!!" or "Every organisation is not the same, maybe you are lucky"

Well guys to start with why is it that we have no end to Expectations, i understand that we all should have expectations from our life, our organisations, our managers but does that mean nothing in this world meets your expectations..

I mean you enter a new place and start complaining that they don't pay well, they don't have good chairs or good infrastructure, they didn't ask me what field i am interested in or on what platform we want to work on.

Tell me something, When you entered that organisation, who pushed you in, wasn't it your choice.. And if you are not happy what are you still doing there???

I am not saying LIFE is perfect and why should it be , If  its perfect then its not reality  and i am sure you'll agree with me when i say everything that happens in our life is because of  the choices that we make...

For Instance :- Your colleague asks you to take a break and to go out for some fun at a time when you are supposed to be in office and you say Yes, When you come back and your Manager kicks you out {i am sure he wont do that!!!} then who's responsible for it Your colleague or YOU!!!

Obviously  Yours because you made that choice...

FOR  WHO  I  AM...

FOR  WHAT  I  DO....


So when its all your choice then why crib about the consequences, Why blame others for it.

But not everything is in your control and that you should be happy about everything. NO, you can criticize too and give your opinion  but don't just dig problems and bug everyone in the organisation they are already loaded with lots of them,  search for a SOLUTION!!!

Tell me what is the difference between you and 1000's of other Engineers who pass out every year.. Nothing,  So before you ask for more reach a point where you can be differentiated with those 1000's of other Engineers...


The road to SUCCESS ---

  • Have a positive Attitude - start your day with a smile {Hope my Good morning SMS brings a lil smile on your Face}

  • Time management

  • Don't forget your values

  • Have a clear mission for life

  • Control your reaction - remember you can't stop events to occur in your life what you can control is your Reaction in those events which will determine the outcome...

  • Don't loose out on LIFE.

The last point goes out to those friends who are over busy with their professional life that they don't even have time for Family and Friends... Remember Life is like that Race we used to have when we were very young, in which we had to run with a spoon in our mouth containing A marble stone..

If the stone falls there's no point of coming First!!!

Hope you understand what i wanted to say!!!


P.s:- I hope i can meet my expectations and can carry on with this attitude towards SUCCESS!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Kaash Koyi Hota, Jo Samajhta is Dil Ko...

Kaash koyi Hota ,  Jo Samajhta is Dil Ko..

Baarish ki pehli boond


Sard subah ki pehli dhoop ko...

Samajhta un ehsason ko , Jo shabdon se baiyaan nahin hote..


Samajhta us ek aansun ko jo aankhon tak aata to hai , par kahin kho sa jata hai...

Kaash koyi Hota ,  Jo Samajhta is Dil Ko..

Dil mein chupe hazaroon armaano ko,

Un ankahee khayalon ko,

Mujhko aur meri Tanhayi ko...

Kaash koyi Hota ,  Jo Samajhta Is Dil Ko , Is shayeri ko. ..

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Direct Dil Se...

My sincere apologies to all my readers for not updating my blog for a long time.. but that doesn't mean i have stopped thinking or my heart has stopped working...

As i always say Whenever a thought strikes your heart and soul never let it go waste convert it into words...

Since its a little difficult to blog then and there, i tried to convert those thoughts in SMS and here are a few msgs that i composed whenever i found myself lonely...
Kehte hain Duniya simat si gayi hai... Chund taaron se judh si gayi hai...
Par is mobile aur net ki duniya mein, humne to khudko bheed mein bhi tanha paya hai..
Do ghoont pine ke baad rota paya hai..
Kisi ke intezaar mein waqt ko bhool gaye hain, Intezaar kiska hai ab to yeh bhi bhool gaye hain...
Hamari nazaron se dekho duniya bikhar si gayi hai, Taaron ke jaal mein Fus si gayi hai...

Yeh Rishte bhi kitne ajeeb hote hain na??? Kab kisse jud jaye iski khabar hi khan hone dete hain... Kis baat se toot jayen yeh kisko pata... Ehmiyat inki tab pata chulti hai jb kisi se toot kar kahin aur jate hain...

Whenever we do something in LIFE , The word "IF" always raise so many questions and possibilities making it too difficult to take a decision..
But that's what "L-
IF-E" is right???

Ek bade se shaher ke ek chote se kone mein baithe huye, Jub in aankhon se nikle ek aansun se maine pucha ki Tum kyun aayee..
Jawab aaya ki ek dost ko yun akele dekha to saath dene chule aayee...

Sitting on the steps outside the mess.. I asked myself  "Am I Lonely???"  My heart said "NO"..
Sitting in my room, near the Full moon.. I asked Again, My heart said "NO"..
Sitting at home Mile away from Friends, Was i lonely, "NO"
What has changed Now.. Why is everything Different..
Is it the weather, or the place.. Is it me or the My Friends..
Maybe its the work that creates the space.. Which is difficult to displace...
What is wrong with me for Heaven's sake.. Its a mobile not a personal Page!!!

:) :) :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Why are we human?

This Post was written by - Varun Chowdhary

2080863519_371a842c68I'm writing, hence i'm sad. True, very true but i'm not truly sad, i'm sad and confused, i'm sad because many people in my life have decided to part company if not completely then atleast emotionally and this month has been the single most emotionally overloaded month that i've had for years, people grow apart slowly, they fall out of love over their own stupid realizations, they are ripped by distance and drift apart. While some just soldier on fighting and making up then fighting again then making up again in a cycle that keeps them sensitised to each other. While some go far away and some remain stuck in the moment that they just can't get out of. While only one type truly strive to understand each other, if they are doomed for the worse i don't want to know and if they are doomed to end up together i still don't want to know just that they are doomed either way should be enough. If you can relate to what has been written here kudos cause a lot of what i've written is very ambiguous.

I'm confused because why are we such suckers for pain, the irony is that when i asked someone that how is everything going she said it is good, and to that i replied "if everything feels good, be prepared for it to be screwed up soon" and then the calamitous incidents of yesterday happened. But i still don't understand that why are we such suckers for pain why is it that when we are happy and content it just doesn't work out, we always end up miserable if not instantly then gradually. Is it because it is in our 'screw the good thing' gene i shudder to think if that were to be present. Or it could be because we are indians that we can only understand the scorching temperatures or enough cold to make your fingers fall off, autumn is spent thinking of the winter ahead and spring is spent complaining of the summer to come.

Trust me i have tried to wrap my head around this concept as logically as my brain would permit but i cannot come to any valid conclusion that would be admissible to the sensibilities of my thoughts, maybe herein lies the futility of my actions i'm trying to logically analyze something that is in itself illogical and hence cannot be fathomed by logic alone i would have to travel to the depths of the chaos called love, lose my mind in the process and become an incomprehensible baboon. Now a stupidity of that level is not permissible by my current state of extreme sobriety. The question is why people fall in love and not why they fall out of love. The reasons i've heard are many, varied, far fetched, and absolutely flimsy and the universal statement "you won't understand what we have."
And now i scoff at these people who tried their luck, because they know it or not but they are doomed, for what i donot know but for certain i know that they are doomed.
And this is to my sane friends whose count stops at one. THIS IS TO ME AND THEKA cheers to being single for now. What, do you think i'm conceited enough to say that i'll be single forever? i laugh at you.

Just one last thought...maybe this can shed some light.
"We see the world as we are, not the way it is."

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kaash Thum Jata Waqt Wahin...

kaash thum jata waqt wahin..



"Kaash Thum Jata Waqt Wahin..

Na aate hum is mukaam kabhii...

Saath rakhte the jin doston ko..

Aaj waqt hi nhin un kamino ko...

Taras gaye hain..

CCD ki coffee pine ko...

wo toot toot kar chese burst khane ko...

2 ghoont pine ko..

Aur chuski ki chusk lene ko...

Saath baithkar 2 min batiyane ko..

Thakee maar maar ke hasne ko...

Wo raat raat bhar jagne ko...

wo class mein sone ko..

Aur Daaru pikr rone ko...

Wo Janamdin par pitne ko..

Aur IP pe multicast karne ko...

The kabhi zindagi ke boss humhi..

Aaj boss aur office zindagi ho gayi...

Office ki coffee me wo mithas nhin..

IP to hai par muticast nahin..

Baaton mein jazbaat nahin..

Haste to hain par Ab wo baat nahin..

Ab wo baat nahin...

Kaash Thum Jata Waqt Wahin..

Na aate hum is mukaam kabhii..."

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Titans and other commonly used euphemisms that drive me nuts.

This Post was written by - Varun Chowdhary


Dear unfortunate reader, i am not in a good mood, no i'm in a possibly vile mood, no strike that too, i'm in a mood that will drive me to murder in a painful and excruciating way that society in general will shudder to think that a man can be so violent, yes that is the type of mood i'm in (perfect), i'm usually pissed at the use of cliche's while reading anything unless and until the particular piece is using cliche's to slam those dirty little buggers(cliche's). Yet i find that these sort of expressions are very commonly used and then overused to an extent where i find that i simply can't stomach them and i stop reading the aforementioned piece. But this overkill simply does not seem to penetrate the thick concretish skulls of our esteemed press, print or electronic media. They just keep on slinging that shit in our direction and because of lack of choice we simply wipe our faces and struggle forward in the storm of flying shit to the crux of the matter which is no more than a nugget of information that has been covered with so much rhetoric that it seems like a mountain while actually it is the size of an ant adding it's excreta to the mountain. My ire is directed less towards the serious journalists because obviously serious subjects don't really require a shit coating as they are already so very deep in their own shit. Shit man i've used shit too many times, shit! But my righteous and holy anger is directed at the not so serious reporting of the sports page and the entertainment section these guys for lack of content build up this hype around every single miniscule issue by saying things like, "we are ready for them, galdiators locked in combat, mammoth ask, sleeping giants, blazed a trail of fury, blew them away" and my favorite of all time a "A Titanic struggle, a Titanic clash." Now if these so called mythical creatures read these sort of things comparing them to mortals who by the mere whiff of their presence would crumble to ashes, i'm telling you there will be literaly hell to pay(another cliche i hate, include all other cliches about hell, devils and angels).

What really irks me is the beaten up cliche about the Titans, most of these so called journalists don't even know what kind of fear and awe these titan's used to inspire, Kronos the lord of time father of the olympian gods,Typhon the bane of the gods, Hyperion ruler of the east, Atlas the most fearsome warrior the universe had ever known, Prometheus, Krios and others elder and minor whose fear, power, and menace is beyond the comprehension of any mortal, yet these learned mebers of society continue to equate such trivialities as movie releases, cricket matches and elections. While the true Titanic struggle is to create love, save the planet and make the masses laugh. My friends these are tasks which are truly titanic in nature not the release of an Aamir Khan movie and a Shah Rukh Khan movie.

If i have used any cliche please inform me via your comments so that i may kill myself in a cruel and unpleasant manner, thank you for your patience in this very long and drawn out rant.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kaash Thum Jata Waqt Wahin...

kaash thum jata waqt wahin..



"Kaash Thum Jata Waqt Wahin..

Na aate hum is mukaam kabhii...

Saath rakhte the jin doston ko..

Aaj waqt hi nhin un kamino ko...

Taras gaye hain..

CCD ki coffee pine ko...

wo toot toot kar chese burst khane ko...

2 ghoont pine ko..

Aur chuski ki chusk lene ko...

Saath baithkar 2 min batiyane ko..

Thakee maar maar ke hasne ko...

Wo raat raat bhar jagne ko...

wo class mein sone ko..

Aur Daaru pikr rone ko...

Wo Janamdin par pitne ko..

Aur IP pe multicast karne ko...

The kabhi zindagi ke boss humhi..

Aaj boss aur office zindagi ho gayi...

Office ki coffee me wo mithas nhin..

IP to hai par muticast nahin..

Baaton mein jazbaat nahin..

Haste to hain par Ab wo baat nahin..

Ab wo baat nahin...

Kaash Thum Jata Waqt Wahin..

Na aate hum is mukaam kabhii..."

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lovely Si Madam...

Disclaimer : A song that was famous in a lot of Engineering coll's in the days when my uncle did his Engineering!! Just like we enjoy "Koi deewana kehta hai koi pagal samjhta hai"

*I have tried to reproduce the entire song to the best of my memory, the original song might have a few minor changes!!

Lovely si madam decent dhoondenge..

Not temporary permanent dhoondenge....

Lovely si madam, Aha ha ha…Hmm Hmm Hmmmm…

Chahe bengal ki ho, chahe gujrat ki ho, Shimla ki ho ya pyaare, woh nanital ki ho

Hum aisi, ho ho ho, hum aisi, hmm hmm, hum aisi beauty queen dhoondenge.

Not temporary, permanent dhoondenge

Lovely si madam, Aha ha ha…Hmm Hmm Hmmmm…

Achhi si Height ho, color bhi white ho,

Rashan ka yug hai pyaare kum se kum diet ho, Rashan ka yug hai pyaare kum se kum diet ho..

Hum aisi, ho ho ho, hum aisi, hmm hmm, hum aisi Sweet Sixteen dhoondenge.

Not temporary, permanent dhoondenge

Lovely si madam, Aha ha ha…Hmm Hmm Hmmmm…

Evergreen ho, Beauty queen ho,

Age bhi uski pyare, sweet 16 ho,

Hum aisi, ho ho ho, hum aisi, hmm hmm, hum aisi Sweet peppermint dhoondenge.

Not temporary, permanent dhoondenge

Lovely si madam, Aha ha ha…Hmm Hmm Hmmmm…

Khana Banayegi woh, belan ghumaigi woh, mere Office jaane pe…bacche khilayegi woh

mere Office jaane pe…bacche khilayegi woh.

Hum aisi, ho ho ho, hum aisi, hmm hmm, hum aisi Home Government dhoondenge.

Not temporary, permanent dhoondenge

Lovely si madam, Aha ha ha…Hmm Hmm Hmmmm…

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This Post was written by - Varun Chowdhary

The title is a reference to the Japanese program gera babu is undergoing, and because this particular article is being written for his blog, or to be a little more specific, one of his blogs devoted to the budding talents of his friends, now I will not endeavor to say that I’m one of his best friends but he is one of my favorite seniors and a person who I admire as well as despise. There are some of his habits that just drives me insane and gera babu that includes you dissing Delhi whenever you can, but I really love his style man he is one energizer battery. Now, this is starting to sound like a testimonial so I shall turn to the job really at hand that is writing something meaningful in his blog.
I’m a conflicted person, not in the emotional sense but in a creative sense, both serious and frivolous topics hold equal sway over me. That I tend to find misery in the best of situations and comedy in the most dour of instances. I would like to start this, hopefully long lasting, fruitful and intellectually stimulating relationship with gera babu by something that usually tugs at my conscience a lot these days it is the matter of the recent high court judgment decriminalizing consensual intercourse between two men. Hallelujah the last vestige of the British raj has left India claimed one daily, the archaic law is pulled down claimed another news channel and this has been repeated so many times by our overzealous media that all its value as a landmark judgment has been lost and now it is turning into a farce, the same kind of farce the Indian film industry has made of homosexuality, bobby darling, kantaben and dostana my case in point. My thought being that when people stop and think about it not much has changed, the law still exists, all the cases that were already lodged in court under this law shall continue as they were, the judiciary has simply said that this particular interpretation of law is unconstitutional and the ball is in the legislative’s court. Which if it sees fit in the name of public morality may decide to reinstate the law in its entirety and we will be back to where we began, that being gay is criminal. But in this I would also like to congratulate the naz foundation for taking up this petition in the high court and those brave and hardworking lawyers from an organization whose name eludes me right now, these are the people who have done a magnificent job in bringing equality to a hidden section of the society. But if you look a little closer into the matter not much has changed, will we as a society suddenly turn around and find homosexuality acceptable, will we stop making jokes about gay people, or will we now be more sensitive to this community just because it is legal to be gay now. Look deep inside of you and the answer will be clear that we as a society are not ready to embrace homosexuality as a part and parcel of life when we have problems with woman empowerment and casteism. Not when a yoga guru can go on national television and claim that homosexuality is a disease and that he can cure it with yoga, which is just like saying that people who don’t like chocolate are diseased and they can be cured, I know it is a very absurd analogy but that is the complete point, a thought so absurd deserves an analogy equally idiotic.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ode to the Nice Guys

This rant was written for the Wharton Undergraduate Journal , Found a link to this on twitter and after reading it and feeling a part of myself mentioned here couldn't resist posting it for all of you!!
This is a tribute to the nice guys. The nice guys that finish last, that never become more than friends, that endure hours of whining and bitching about what assholes guys are, while disproving the very point. This is dedicated to those guys who always provide a shoulder to lean on but restrain themselves to tentative hugs, those guys who hold open doors and give reassuring pats on the back and sit patiently outside the changing room at department stores. This is in honor of the guys that obligingly reiterate how cute/beautiful/smart/funny/sexy their female friends are at the appropriate moment, because they know most girls need that litany of support. This is in honor of the guys with open minds, with laid-back attitudes, with honest concern. This is in honor of the guys who respect a girl’s every facet, from her privacy to her theology to her clothing style.

This is for the guys who escort their drunk, bewildered female friends back from parties and never take advantage once they’re at her door, for the guys who accompany girls to bars as buffers against the rest of the creepy male population, for the guys who know a girl is fishing for compliments but give them out anyway, for the guys who always play by the rules in a game where the rules favor cheaters, for the guys who are accredited as boyfriend material but somehow don’t end up being boyfriends, for all the nice guys who are overlooked, underestimated, and unappreciated, for all the nice guys who are manipulated, misled, and unjustly abandoned, this is for you.

This is for that time she left 40 urgent messages on your cell phone, and when you called her back, she spent three hours painstakingly dissecting two sentences her boyfriend said to her over dinner. And even though you thought her boyfriend was a chump and a jerk, you assured her that it was all ok and she shouldn’t worry about it. This is for that time she interrupted the best killing spree you’d ever orchestrated in GTA3 to rant about a rumor that romantically linked her and the guy she thinks is the most repulsive person in the world. And even though you thought it was immature and you had nothing against the guy, you paused the game for two hours and helped her concoct a counter-rumor to spread around the floor. This is also for that time she didn’t have a date, so after numerous vows that there was nothing “serious” between the two of you, she dragged you to a party where you knew nobody, the beer was awful, and she flirted shamelessly with you, justifying each fit of reckless teasing by announcing to everyone: “oh, but we’re just friends!” And even though you were invited purely as a symbolic warm body for her ego, you went anyways. Because you’re nice like that.

The nice guys don’t often get credit where credit is due. And perhaps more disturbing, the nice guys don’t seem to get laid as often as they should. And I wish I could logically explain this trend, but I can’t. From what I have observed on campus and what I have learned from talking to friends at other schools and in the workplace, the only conclusion I can form is that many girls are just illogical, manipulative bitches. Many of them claim they just want to date a nice guy, but when presented with such a specimen, they say irrational, confusing things such as “oh, he’s too nice to date” or “he would be a good boyfriend but he’s not for me” or “he already puts up with so much from me, I couldn’t possibly ask him out!” or the most frustrating of all: “no, it would ruin our friendship.” Yet, they continue to lament the lack of datable men in the world, and they expect their too-nice-to-date male friends to sympathize and apologize for the men that are jerks. Sorry, guys, girls like that are beyond my ability to fathom. I can’t figure out why the connection breaks down between what they say (I want a nice guy!) and what they do (I’m going to sleep with this complete ass now!). But one thing I can do, is say that the nice-guy-finishes-last phenomenon doesn’t last forever. There are definitely many girls who grow out of that train of thought and realize they should be dating the nice guys, not taking them for granted. The tricky part is finding those girls, and even trickier, finding the ones that are single.

So, until those girls are found, I propose a toast to all the nice guys. You know who you are, and I know you’re sick of hearing yourself described as ubiquitously nice. But the truth of the matter is, the world needs your patience in the department store, your holding open of doors, your party escorting services, your propensity to be a sucker for a pretty smile. For all the crazy, inane, absurd things you tolerate, for all the situations where you are the faceless, nameless hero, my accolades, my acknowledgement, and my gratitude go out to you. You do have credibility in this society, and your well deserved vindication is coming.

Fu-zu Jen, SEAS/WH, 2003


Monday, June 22, 2009

Just a #weekend!!!

Together 4 Ever!!!

Wondering why i wrote #weekend!!! Well this post is about this weekend, A truly amazing weekend and usually i don't need a blog post to describe a weekend because my regular twitter updates would have done the same thing. But the weekend was so amazing that i didn't even got the chance to post updates to my twitter!!!

When on Friday night i tweeted about the weekend using tags #weekend and asked everyone what are there plans to make this weekend amazing, I never imagined that even I'll have such a great weekend!!

Well before i begin to describe it, there are three people who made it possible and they are Rishabh {Richi}, Vinodini {Vinni} and Vipul {Gifty} , Wondering why i didn't wrote the names of my best friends Moushmi and sahil well you'll know..

There a saying that "you get to know the true worth of someone when that someone is not with you". To an extent that is the case here...

Me, Sahil and Moush were together last weekend also and it was also good but there was a certain something missing.. Yes our fourth musketeer Vinni!!

But we all knew this weekend is going to be special as Vinni was here in Delhi!! There was another reason too, my wait for an external hard disc was also going to get over because my dear friend Richi agreed to accompany me to Nehru place on Saturday!!

Finally the day i was waiting for came Saturday -

The day started on a lil bad note as vinni was not feeling well and without her there wouldn't have been anything that i would have got to write here but hey i am writing that means things went great!!!

But as she and sahil had to appear for a stupid test, they arrived at my place for lunch and with both of them around, my lil silent and dull home turned into a place full of laughter and music!! Everytime vinni said i don't feel like going for the test, i felt that its where my weekend ends because she's not well but when they both left for the test and she felt a lil better, i knew we gonna have a rocking time!!!

After the left, It was time to visit Nehru place but only if Richi would pick my calls, Damm whats he doing, why is he not picking up my calls that's what i was saying at that time but when i saw his Pic on my cell, It was time to rock!!

I left for Nehru place not on my car but by bus, wondering why!!

Well there are three reasons why i don't use my car in Delhi and keep it just for going to HCL Noida for my Unpaid Japanese language training classes :-

  • I still don't know the routes and am still very confused with All the rings and multi level roads of Delhi and i really dont like when i  have to drive for another 5Kms just because i missed a turn!!

  • Delhi mein kisika Dharam Imaan hi nhin hai on road!! Man!! why is it that people keep moving even when the Traffic light turns to red and when there's a green light nobody can  move because the other side wont stop moving !!

  • I am really pissed off because either you find N no of speed breakers on roads here or when you have a good road the traffic won't let you move!! and what to say bout the Parking problems!!

    Anyways back to the Main topic, I waited for almost half an hour for the AC 543 bus but had to settle for the Non AC Green colored new bus, it was a comfortable journey and when i entered the Great Nehru Place market with Richi {who BTW came in his Brand New White beauty i10}.. Man!! its an amazing place or i should say paradise for Tech Savvy People like me!!

    The Most amazing thing was people shouting "Ayeee softwarree Gamess lelo!!" , As if they were selling vegetables, also it was amazing to see small vendors sitting on floar outside with old motherboards chargers and keyboards and other stuff  I can never forget that i swear...

    After asking for rates at a few places i settled for the Foll.

    • 320GB Western Digital My passport Ext Hard disc  ---- Rs. 3400/

    • Samsung DL DVD Writer {Boxed}  ---  Rs. 1100/

    • Kingston 2GB Micro SD card for my cell --- Rs. 300/

    • Total -- 4800 {Everything under $100 - My first AdSense earnings}

    McDonald's McChicken meal for both of us before bidding Good Bye to this Great Place!!!

    I don't think that the return Journey is worth mentioning, well again i waited for the AC 543 but my Bad luck again not just i didn't got the AC one i didn't even got the Green New bus or any other DTC bus even after waiting for 30 Mins in extreme Heat and finally had to settle for over crowded Blue Line Bus!! but just the thought of  Going Home and opening all these things gave me the energy to survive the Torture of that Bus!!

    As soon as i reached home All three of my best Buddies sahil, Moush and Vinni were waiting for outside.. and after i entered It was sahil who took the Poly bag from me and opened up everything!! :(

    But as everyone was getting so late i had to stop Installing the DVD Writer and had to leave to Drop Vinni , Followed by Dinner @ Bite In ~ shipra Mall.. It was fun to Grab a table and Arrange for 3 chairs while everyone who came before us were still waiting to get a place!! The dinner with Sahil and Moush was simply amazing!!

    It was time now to drop Moush, Leaving the two of us alone with our Plan to Drink together after a long time!! Damm these liquor vends in Delhi Close at 10PM and it was now 10:45 we checked every damm place we could get a bottle but all of them had just 3 cheap brand that at least I would never like to sip!!

    Anyways Back home, badly tired both of  us  just went to sleep!!

    Yessssss Its Sunday!!!

    The four of us again got together and headed straight to GIP!! Yess it was Bowling time - something that the four us were doing for the first time!!

    Man!! Its the most amazing thing i did this weekend , Its really a great Fun!! 1st Game the four of us 20 shots each!! Result Tie between me and sahil - 76 points

    2nd game - Tie Breaker - I won yeehhhhh for the first time i actually won in a game and that too against the mighty Sahil!!!

    Seriously amazing Fun!! And OMG!! where did all the time go!! It was coming close to the Moush had to get back!! So Last stop Nirula's!! Its always fun when the four of us get together to have something to eat as its one of the many common things we Love Having some amazing Food!!

    Well we said Bye to Moush after that, we headed back to my place, and oh yeahh me n vinni both bought a new novel on way back!! Back home, waiting for Our Coll. friend gifty to arrive, it was catching up time and Time actually flies when we are together, and nothing can compare the fun, the talks and laughter that we have when we are together!!

    After Gifty came, there was hardly a lil time we had, and it was now time to drop Vinni and to help gifty shift his stuff from his PG to Gurgaon Via my place where my great lazy bro sahil was resting and watching Sri V/S Pak!!!

    Gifty came just for a lil while but its always awesome to be with old friends especially those with whom you have spent four beautiful years of your Coll. life and its always fun to make Maggi just like coll. days to share it with friends!!

    And finally after they both left for gurgaon living me all alone with all the beautiful memories i thought about writing this post!!

    And like i always say don't let your thoughts go waste so here it is my post about the Awesome #weekend!!

    I don't know how many of you will consider this Awesome but trust me guys these two days mean a lot to me especially after yet another week of boring Japanese Classes!!!

    There are a lot of feelings and emotions attached with everything i wrote above and some of which can never be expressed in words, The bond of friendship that we share is the most special thing that ever happened to me!! The time we spend together is the best time of my life!! The things we do, even the smallest and the most simplest of things done with your friends are always so special and memorable!!!

    P.S :-

    • My apologies to all Delhi'tes for writing stuff about the roads and traffic and driving sense, But what can i do i come from the city beautiful Chandigarh, where things are planned roads are well maintained and traffic is well regulated and people are patient enough to wait for a few mins at traffic lights!!!

    • The two things that we wanted to do but couldn't do are :-

    • Sahil and my plan to Drink  Teacher's Together {Sahil Maybe Next weekend}

    • Kala Khata Chuski that all of wanted to have but couldn't find it anywhere {Well Vinni I'll definitely search for it in Yellow pages so that next time you come we can definitely have it}

    Well when it comes to writing about the moments that I share with my Friends, I can just go on and on but I'll have to stop here as its 1Am and i have a class tomorrow morning!!

    Do give your comments!!

    Wednesday, June 17, 2009

    Reposting :- Proved Again {Updated}

    This is a post that i wrote on January 3rd 2007, when i used to blog only when i had a bad day and some thought would be disturbing me, and my blog was one place where i used to pour out all my feelings!!!

    So why am I re posting a Two and a Half year old entry, well just read this post and then I'll tell you why...
    Just when i thought that my life is rocking with out any problems n tensions….. something happened which reminded me of 1 of my previous blog entry where i wrote:—

    “when love invades,,,,, frenship fades….”

    yes this quotation again proved to be a truth… it feels so bad when some one who is close to u, n was with u for so long.. makes u feel that love is much much imp than frenship…

    I am not talking about just sm1 bt 1spl one… yes a person for whom u did so much,, u were there for her when she ws in trouble or pain or when she had a fight wd her love… bt a month long love story can break years of friendship n trust…

    just think how will u feel when a fren like this who ws so close to u tells u on ur face that she has changed her cell no n she ws nt taking ny1’s call

    after being asked “that why were u nt taking my calls or replying to my msgs which i hv been sending for past 1 month..”

    n Even after this she tells u on your face in front of her guy that she wont give u her new no….

    rule out the possibility that i did something wrong coz of which she is doing this, coz 1 of our common fren also experienced something similar to this…

    well try to feel it from ur heart n i bet tears will run out of ur eyes….

    moral of the story:- sm times love can break a relation called “BEST FRENS” or “FRENS FOREVER”

    NOW do u still think that friends are forever…… well think again…..

    do gv ur comments….

    I still remember everything, how tears came down my eyes when i left her home that day, it was not just one  ordinary friend but one of my best friends who made a  fun of a 4 year old friendship just for a 4 week old relationship!!!

    Why i am talking about this old story, well Its because of a call that i received, Yes her call..

    She got my no. from that same common friend and called me and said "i just felt like saying sorry"..

    It was a long talk, and she apologized fr what she did, and i told her the same thing that i told all my friends when this incident happened, That we were friends and it is not necessary for friend sto stay in touch all the time, even if you are not talking you are still friends. And she could have told me that time only that her relationship and her guys wants her not to talk to other guys because of all the possessiveness, I would have told her to go ahead, as your relation is most important and we'll always be friends and after all, that is what Friendship is all about happiness of your friends.. Right???

    But she choose the wrong way, anyways its okk now, I forgive you, because now all this doesn't matter at all... I am glad you are happy in your life and with life,your guy!!

    Have a great life!!!

    Tuesday, June 2, 2009

    CCD @ Home - Cool Blue Granita...

    Cool Blue Granita
    Cool Blue Granita

    The Last time i was at Cafe Coffee Day in DLF Place Mall in Saket, Delhi with my friends and when i tasted the Cool Blue Granita that i ordered, I immediately realized that i can make this at my home, especially because of all the bar syrups i have at home...

    I tried many times but never actually anything close to it, Today was indeed a special day because out of all the TV channels i selected NDTV GOOD TIMES to pass time along with Internet...

    A show called "In High Spirits" was what i needed to get the exact idea of how to make it.

    Every time i have tried till now, i used to crush ice and Add Blue Curacao Bar Syrup to it but i never got the desired result..

    A small tip from that show changed everything, so here i am sharing with you what i did this time to get the result you can see in the picture on top.

    1> Take a pitcher and Add crushed ice in it.. {i used a manual ice crusher and used around 16 ice cubes}

    2> Add a lot of  Blue Curacao Bar Syrup {cant tell the exact quantity because i added it without measurement but see next step to get an idea}

    3> Use a hand blender to blend it into slush so add the syrup just to make it into slush not too much that it becomes very thin or not less that it becomes very thick. {This is what i learned from that show}

    4>Squeeze in Half a lemon into it.

    5> Pour it into a Glass and a lil bit of Mint Bar Syrup just for that tangy flavour and Garnish the Glass with a slice of Lemon!!

    Put in a straw and Enjoy Cool Blue Lemon Granita... and Beat the heat!!!

    P.S> I dont know if this is the right way to make it but it was still really amazing and just the same as the CCD one!!

    Pour in your comments and do tell me if you think i did something wrong or if you have some other idea in your mind...

    Tuesday, May 5, 2009

    Proud Moment for all Chandigarhians...

    [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="516" caption="My-Chandigarh"]My-Chandigarh[/caption]

    The world, it seems, is celebrating India’s first modern city. Even as London fetes the brilliance of master architect Le Corbusier through an ongoing exhibition, ‘Time’ magazine has dubbed Chandigarh as ‘’the thinking man’s city’’ amidst ‘’a continent of mindless growth’’. 
    Featured as one of the 15 places in ‘Best of Asia-2009’ list, the city has been detailed as a model - almost un-Indian - city, with its ‘’egalitarian sectors’’ and ‘’tranquil settings’’. In a fitting tribute to the venerated Swiss-French creator, Chandigarh, the magazine says, reflects the ‘’Best Application of Corbusian Principles’’. 

    Applauding the title, the first chief architect of Chandigarh, MN Sharma, says, ‘’The city deserves this status. The architectural plan, which was prepared after studying several European cities, envisaged a unique destination, which Chandigarh has truly become.’’ 

    However, hitting a cautionary note, ‘Time’ mentions: ‘’Today, the city is threatened by its very success, as Indians have been lured here in droves by its relatively high living standards and high percentage of greenery. An old vision of modernity is being replaced by the latest model.’’ 

    Giving ballast to this debate, Sharma states, ‘’If UT administration wants to maintain the city’s status, it must be very conscious about pursuing future plans. As a standard, Le Corbusier’s dreams must be abided by at every step.’’ 

    The nodal officer of Le Corbusier Centre in Sector 19, VN Singh, calls the architect ‘’the genius of 20th century’’. 

    ’’People of Chandigarh have an emotional attachment with Le Corbusier,’’ he notes, and adds the Frenchman - who considered himself a painter first, and then an architect - worked between the polarities of ‘tradition’ and ‘modernity’. Resonating this, the magazine states, ‘’he (Corbusier) intended for Chandigarh to be a statement of innovation for a nation where material progress would be wedded to ancient values of simplicity and rootedness.’’ 

    ’’Chandigarh is on its way to become the world’s number one city,’’ Singh opines. 

    Having created the world-famous Rock Garden, Padma Shri Nek Chand says it is gratifying to hear about the honour. ‘’The city deserves this status and it is due to its well-planned nature that Rock Garden has become so famous all across the world.’’ 

    For a city that was conceived soon after Independence - in the backdrop of tragedy and bloodshed - the city continues to stand testimony to aspirations of the new people. ‘’Chandigarh is still the place to ponder what rational planning might have done and still can do,’’ the article puts it aptly. 


    Sunday, April 26, 2009

    Rise and Shine!!!



    Tell me one thing, what do you think you'll see when you'll get out of your home if you happen to live somewhere in the East Delhi.

    I tell you, when you'll step out of your home you'll be embraced by the cool breeze, lovely weather, chirping birds and beautiful surroundings...

    [caption id="attachment_320" align="aligncenter" width="472" caption="Rising Sun!! Click to see full size image"]Rising Sun!! Click to see full size image[/caption]




    SURPRISED, I know what you would be saying right now, "This Guy has gone crazy!!!" All you can get to see in Delhi is Traffic,Dust,Heat,pollution and trash everywhere...

    Well for the past 5 months that i have spent in Delhi, i have just seen that only but This morning was a bit different.

    Well last night turned out to be one of those beautiful nights that I used to have in my Coll, Night outs, Movies or TV shows whole night, Last night also i was working on the comment system of  Three of my blogs (added a few extra features!!!) by the time i completed that it was 3:30 AM and i still had a movie "Green Mile" to complete which BTW turned out to be a complete surprise as it was the first English movie of my life to have a duration of more than 3 hours...

    After i completed it it was around 5:30AM and the first person who comes to my mind at this hour can be no one other than my GF.

    All i could think of was her all time request, "Vaibhav please start working out or at least start Jogging!! Reduce a bit for your own health!!!"

    Well someone has rightly said "Love can make you do wonders" . So here i am writing this post after a 45 Min's brisk walk and a bit of Jogging!!!

    And what i wrote above about the things you see when you step out of your house, Friends i was not joking, you can see all that but you'll have to get up at 5-5:30 AM to see the beauty of nature that we are destroying with each passing day!

    Unlike my Home Town "Chandigarh - The city beautiful" you don't have a lot of  parks or a lake to start your day in Delhi but fortunately i have this small 'Sanjay Lake park' just near my home. I was happy about the place i was heading to and when i asked someone about the entry gate, He pointed me to gap in the grill over a small wall, and trust me guys the entry was really disgusting with trash all around but after entering and walking to the main path inside it was somewhat better than rest of Delhi.

    A look around will show you the lack of maintenance, The Delhi tourism Board outside the main gate boasts of it as Sanjay Lake - A tourist spot but i don't think any tourist ever visited this place, yes you can still see patches of Lake in the entire area some with lots of water and some almost dried up. I won't say that it was full of trash but being from Chandigarh, the place which has so many beautiful and well maintained, trash free gardens and a beautiful lake which speaks of the caring Chandigarh Administration and remarkable and sensible people of the city beautiful, I never expected a tourist spot like Sanjay lake will have so much trash, badly maintained jogging track and gardens.

    Anyways enough of complaining, The place was full of young and old men, some doing Yoga, exercises or walking and then there were so many young boys and girls playing cricket, Football and some kids playing there own kidi games, Then there were ladies sitting there enjoying and chatting!! The most interesting part of this place was a huge bridge over the lake, and below which were these really beautiful purple flowers... Just felt like standing there for a few Min's and taking a few pics and that's where the thought of writing this post strike my mind!!!



    [caption id="attachment_321" align="aligncenter" width="472" caption="Purple Flowers - click to see full size image"]Purple Flowers - click to see full size image[/caption]



    On my way back, all the autoriksha wala's were cleaning there Green Yellow Autoriksha, i don't why but since the time i moved in Delhi i have a new respect for these people...

    And just when i was reaching back, i get a call from my surprised GF (i Msg'd her when i reached midway of  my walking track and was taking some rest), she was so happy to know that, at least i did something for her!!!

    Hey come'on, you guys still feeling sleepy, Get up and have a great Sunday!!!
    And like i said i stayed awake all night to add some features to my commenting system, so why don't you try it out especially Twitter users and give me you feedback about this early morning blog post and make my day even more beautiful!!!

    HAVE A GREAT DAY!!! :)


    [caption id="attachment_319" align="aligncenter" width="472" caption="Have a great day!!!"]Have a great day!!![/caption]

    P.S:- Thanks Twitter for being there with me all night!!!

    Tuesday, March 31, 2009

    Am I crazy???

    Now just don't say yes read this first...

    When i say, I am a person who can live alone trust me i really can do that, because even if i have no one around me, I have someone always with me and that's my thoughts... Yes those thoughts that fuels this and my other blogs...

    Now where do these thoughts come from, the credit goes to you, yes you and all the other people who are around me. Observing people around me gives me the reason to write...

    A man spitting on roads, a kid begging for something at a signal, a govt. employee running away from his duties, our politicians and the state of our nation are not only the reasons that pump me to write but also the small small things that happen around me...

    Its true that not all individuals think on the same lines but after observing and living closely with a few people in my life, I sometimes wonder am i crazy to think with such a broad view point or the people are creating small boundaries around it...

    We call Mahatma Gandhi - the father of nation but has the world forgotten the teachings of their father...
    We run after his materialistic belongings but are slowly forgetting what ideals he gave us...

    I have laughed upon when i bought a small car piece of our National flag and placed it on the dashboard of my car.
    When terrorists attacked Mumbai i didn't sleep till the operation got over and was following it on TV and twittering second - by - second about the events for the rest of the cyber world while some of us were not even bothered about what was going on in our own country as if their world is limited to their house and the people in it.

    How can people think from such a narrow perspective, forget this events of national importance lets talk about some things that are related to the people around us...

    People tell my why do i talk to and care about and connect with every person i meet, tell me whats wrong in being nice to people and talking to them, who made the rule that be nice to those who are nice to you..

    My friends tell me why do you initiate something if the other person needs something he/she will come to you.. Come'on guys don't you think God wants us to help each other.. "Pehle wo, pehle aap, pehle kaun" how does it matter..

    They say people just use me and they don't really care about you... Don't you think i am brains and heart to realize that, of course i know who cares for me and who doesn't but still i refuse to change. So what if they use me, I am glad i am of use for someone... That is the whole purpose of existence on this earth to be of help to others...

    They say, "people insult you and you still give them a chance if i would have been at your place I would have never spoken to them or i would have given them a slap" come on do it that is what our great father of nation wanted, someone says something and you hit them back, someone hits you and you should hit double of that...
    Why can't this world understand "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."
    Ok i understand we should not give any one the right to insult us but if they do so and realize their mistake and apologize truly then i feel they should be forgiven because after all "galti karne wale se us galti ko maaf karne wala badha hota hai" and what will you get by hitting them back or by taking revenge just a moment of happiness and an enemy for a lifetime. Don't you think its better to make the other person realize that where he/she went wrong and if they learn a lesson and change and feel sorry, i mean that's the greatest thing because you managed to change the heart of a person..

    when a person is unnecessarily angry and is shouting on you, you can do two things :-

    1> start shouting back and take the situation out of control and make it more complex.
    2> stay calm let the other person shout and relax, give him/her some water to chill down and trust me he/she will realize his/her mistake and will be really sorry but you know what you gained from it >
    RESPECT and Honour by staying calm..
    So what you someone insulted you for a moment when they were angry over something else , if you shout back and react then what is the difference between that  person and you...
    Stay calm and you'll get respect...

    But seriously sometimes i really think where is this world heading to, and till when i can preserve these ideals in me...

    You can all say that i am wrong or crazy but this is how i am and this is what i believe in and this is the path I'll follow...

    The path of love...

    To be cont...

    Monday, March 30, 2009

    I AM SO SORRY- To a vry special frnd…

    This post was composed by - Moushumi Samajdar

    Long long ago when I was down that day,

    You came by my way to make it all go away,

    It felt like a dream to feel something so pure,

    Yet i never knew if it was true for sure.

    Down and lonely were the nights that passed,

    Definitions of friends were lost in d dark,

    Hurt and pain was all I had,

    To smile again was in the past.

    Then one day u came to me,

    On a night when the gods sent gift it was to be,

    To nurture me in your friendship you thought,

    The beginning of a life, that seemed so distraught.

    Ever since that day I needed none,

    Life always seemed so much fun,

    I feel that it was that golden time,

    Which I now miss, with you as mine.

    Now after being friends for years to come,

    I faltered and hurt the one,

    I cared the most and always loved,

    Never to forgive myself unless I payed and shunned,

    My heart bleeds for the deed undone,

    Never again can I feel the warmth,

    An action to wish I cud go back again

    In time to fix all make sure of everything to be the same.

    I wish he forgives me even though it’s tough,

    I’d give up everything although life is rough,

    Without him guiding my way, it feels everything is being taken away

    Life seems difficult,

    Not today, tomorrow but ever for years to from today.

    FRIENDSHIP - What is it exactly???

    Broken friendship

    Yes you read it right i am figuring out what friendship is. All my previous posts are about love and life but for the first time a post about friendship and not just some ordinary post a post that seeks to know what is FRIENDSHIP.

    I know all of you must be thinking how can i ask what friendship is when i am the one who keeps on saying it the best relationship we have on earth, Its something more than love even right?

    Well a recent incident just made me think a lot about it, so when you talk about a friend does that mean someone who knows all about you, who's always there for you and you say that you know each other so well that anything that on friend does can never make the other friend go mad...

    Well think over it again... and think about the times when you do something and get scolded by your best friend that this is wrong, you shouldn't have done that or don't do this and stuff and then one day your friend does the same thing...

    Remember the times when your friend does something and you get irritated and they'll tell you to be a sport and when one day you do something and they get mad, i wonder now where did that mantra they used to keep telling you "Be a sport"

    Still the same question what exactly is friendship..  its nothing but shit!!!

    Does friendship means you throw a glass full of ice tea on your friends face, when he has done nothing... well yes you can but only if you can throw it and sit there and laugh over it, thats called being a sport and not that you throw it and then you walk away making a mockery of your dearest friend in front of  total strangers who will start looking at you as if you have done a blunder...

    Whatever it is, friendship doesn't give  anyone the  right to make such a fun of  me in public... and i don't care how close you are to me i don't take shit from any one...

    I am sorry but You can't just do something like this and say sorry and blame it on some reason that even you are not bothered about...

    Friendship is still a beautiful word but not that good of a relation, even if it is I DON'T GIVE A DAMM!!!

    P.S:- Now don't just fill up the comments section with essay's about friendship, Theoretically its really a very precious relation because people can write books and make 10 bloody seasons of  TV shows and earn millions.. Be realistic and write practically..


    UPDATE:- When i say that words have power i really mean it, and its not that only a selected people have that power but actually all of us... all it takes is some serious emotions, if you really feel something from the core of your heart you can turn it into words too...
    After all this happened my mind started working with double speed and the fire that i had inside me was fueling it.. I needed something to ease me and like always my blog was the first thing i thought about and i wrote all this shit here...

    But an email just changed everything, every word in that mail touched me and my mind which was on fire has gone blank.... Friendship its such a difficult thing, you can't even stay angry for long.. your friends won't let you even..

    You can spend your entire life but still you wont be able to figure out what friendship, love, and relationship is!!!

    Don't know what should i write now.. all i can say is FRIENDS you are my life!!!

    P.S:- I won't forgive you until i throw a glass full of ICE TEA on you...
    and sorry readers for what i wrote about the 10 seasons of the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S.  i just love that show...

    Saturday, March 28, 2009

    ~EARTH HOUR INDIA~ Do your Bit to save Earth!!!


    “Switch Off Lights for 1hour ~EARTH HOUR INDIA~ MARCH 28 ~ 08:30 PM - 09:30 PM ~ & Join the world in making a statement aganst Global Warming”

    Saturday, March 21, 2009

    When You Love Someone...

    This post was composed by - Moushumi Samajdar

    When you love someone so deep inside,
    It seems like it's so easy to hide.
    You've loved him for so very long,
    You would think he could do no wrong.

    Each day you  hoped and prayed,
    That he would keep staying this way.
    He treated you like you were supposed to be treated,
    You thought your life was finally completed.

    You thought your love was growing true,
    And till one day it went all so blue.
    He started putting you down and it hurt,
    You thought all you were to him was dirt.

    He started ignoring you and you wondered why,
    All you felt and wanted to do was curl up and die.
    You thought your relationship would never end,
    But that was all so fake and pretend and would never mend.

    One night he was so sweet to you,
    You thought all those things might be untrue,
    Two days later he was back the same,
    You thought you were the only one to blame.

    He thought the relationship was getting too serious
    And that you had become a little too curious.
    By this time you knew it wouldn't last,
    All the nice things he said were in the past.

    You thought that you would marry him some day,
    But this time God wanted to get his way.
    You wanted things back how they were before,
    But you knew this couldn't happen anymore.

    It was a Saturday night about ten o'clock,
    You heard the news and it wasn't a shock.
    You knew this was going to happen soon,
    As you laid there and cried in the pale lit moon.

    Sunday, March 1, 2009

    Random Midnight Thought...

    Posted by mobile phone:

    "Just a random thought at the middle of night..
    Pardon me for the idiotic rhyme, and understand the feeling behind..."

    I always thought i was different
    And doesn't need any other person for existence...

    Friends n Girl friend all were there..
    But i got comfort alone at stairs...

    So many dreams, but so little i could do..
    So many people, but alone i was that is true..

    I was abnormal..
    but never bothered...

    Coz i was different..
    And needed no one for existence..

    But when the cool wind blows..
    And i stand in corridors...

    Alone i don't want to be..
    But find no one along with me...

    Friends girl friend still there somewhere..
    But that special someone nowhere...

    Its then when i feel..
    I need someone with mee...

    Not a girlfriend whom i thought was different..
    Not a group of friends who don't understands...

    A guy or a gal i don't care..
    But who enjoys this air,
    The night and its flare...
    The fluttering leaves and the chimering winds...

    Not a word to say bt a million to feel..
    That's how a special person should bee..
    And only for mee..

    Life is not that fair,
    work work and work that's all it spares...

    To enjoy the winds you need wings..
    A support to break the bonds..
    And to find a way out of thorns...

    I know i am different..
    And i need someone not for existence
    But for persistence...

    Thursday, February 26, 2009

    A trip back to my Alma Mater

    "Jaypee University of Information Technology" – My Alma Mater, Though I graduated just 2 months back but, life in Delhi has made me realize that, JUIT is nothing but heaven.”A home away from home.” Like I mentioned in my previous posts it’s actually when you leave that place and face the harsh realities of life you feel the importance of JUIT and the love and care it bestows upon you.

    Just a moment of silence takes me back to all the memories of the beautiful time spent there, and these memories make me want to go back there...

    Thanks to AICTE’s NBA team who visited JUIT. Actually it’s the JUIT-JBS DDM students who got the opportunity to visit JUIT for an interaction session with the NBA team and what started as an unofficial plan for me, turned official after I too got a call from Registrar Sir.
    It was really unbelievable; I messaged my friends again to confirm that we are really going to JUIT.

    Finally - 13th Feb late night - 2 taxis - 10 guys - 5 gals and the beginning of an exciting journey; beer and whisky, tea and parantha's and a thousand memories revived. The dawn of Valentines Day at the place we really love... JUIT!!

    There was no limit to my excitement and it all started when we reached Kandaghat, 10Kms before JUIT. We got off to have tea, realizing we were finally in Himachal Pradesh. Yes, I was near my JUIT. Yes, the chilling breeze had the same mesmerizing fragrance and the natural waterfalls all around and in between all this the caring people of Himachal gave the warmth that was required.

    After we started off from there to cover the rest of the distance something got into me. Maybe, it was the fact that I was back home with everything around shouting to me "Hey, welcome back Vibhu" and in return I shouted back just like a small kid who stands on the road side and waves his hands to everyone passing by.

    We discussed our very special moments and the awesome food when we crossed "The Destination Resort" and then came "Anshu Dhaba", the place that made us to sneak out of JUIT at the middle of night to have the most amazing late night dinner.

    Just when we reached "Apple Cart Inn" or TOI as we used to call it - a Himachal tourism restaurant that has given me such wonderful memories- The Drinks and the Non Veg and the pocket friendly prices is what attracted us to this place... but more than that it was the place from where you get to see the most beautiful place in between the hills - JUIT, Yes the first view!!

    Yahoo!!!!!  As we moved forward, it was there; shining brightly and this time, Sahil and I shouted to the best of our ability, the guys favorite place around the campus "The Theka", the memories of this place can not be put into words unless I write this article sitting there itself.

    "PARADISE" written on the board at the top of our local restaurant at Waknaghat describes the place we are about to reach. It not only served as a break from the Mess food but is also a place that served as the sole source of fun with the pool and snooker table.

    We left the Shimla Highway and took this small but really beautiful single road to JUIT. After 3 KMs the path gets divided into two, one that goes down to Dumeher Village and the other one takes you straight up to JUIT.

    Although its the Welcome gate but we call it "The Thank-You gate" in the past four years when we used to reach this point we used to say "welcome to Jaypee Jail" but this time everyone just had one line to say "Welcome to Heaven" .

    Just when we saw the entrance gate of JUIT everyone just shouted at the maximum pitch and the guards at the entrance gate would testify that, when I was entering the campus I decided I’ll re-live my college days. Just when I landed I was back to being a JUITian and I shouted "Yehhhhhhhh chakkkkooooooo mannnnn!!!!!" These shouts continued till we landed in front of our Annapurna.

    First stop Annapurna, Breakfast was just an excuse because I only wanted to just go down there and shout "Namaste Bhaiyaji, mein aa gaya!! Laiye bread ko butter se bhar dijiye!!”

    After that there was no time to waste and I headed towards my hostel H8, to surprise "Bhalu Bhai" and then it was time to meet my bro's in H6. Only after I woke everyone in that hostel did I step out.

    Finally it was H9 that was given to all of us and I was rather surprised to see a clean room with proper beds, bed sheet and blankets. At that very moment we felt so special and I recalled the time when we used to go to JIIT for placement or fest and they used to play this stupid joke with us by making us stay in common rooms, TV rooms and Carom board rooms with only mattresses and mosquitoes... So proved again JUIT is best in Hospitality as well!!!!!!!

    After I got ready and planned to go to the Academic block, all my sweet juniors took us to "Sharma ji",  'chai and maggi walle sharma ji' where we used to spend our maximum time almost after every class. One of the most important part of JUIT is the small dhabas surrounding it be it Sharma ji at Mandir side or Lalaji at the back side of girls hostel or Kaku's at the main gate, what acts as the smoking lounge for some, it was a place for me to spend time with my friends along with some Delicious parantha's or Maggi.

    On the way back, passing through the multipurpose sports field which not only act as basketball and volleyball court but gully cricket ground, you can clearly see "Vivekananda Bhawan" written on the top of this grand building - our Academic block. I choose to climb the stairs instead of taking the lift which I could now use officially being an alumni but I wanted to be just any other JUITian.

    I felt like I am still a part of this place and just like any other day, Going for classes, so just like any other day I went to the Administration Dept to eat everyone's head. Digvijay Sir, Negi Sir and Vinay Sir were all happy to see me.

    For the first time I entered Registrar Sir's cabin with so much confidence, and was so surprised to see that he had already cleared our travel bills. One thing that makes JUIT the best among the three institutes is that you don't have to run from cabin to cabin to get your work done, here we have just one person who can solve all your problems be it personal or professional... I know many of you JUITians would be saying what am I writing, well guys trust me he is really a very caring person and some of my batch mates like Sachin Malviya are so thankful to him for saving their life...

    It was really a different feeling when I went to meet my entire faculty and this time without taking my butter factory along. It felt so good to talk to them and I thanked everyone especially Lamba sir for my 8th Sem result because of which i managed to graduate with a respectable CGPA.

    It was now time to meet the person I was so desperate to see the one and only Maala Ma'am, if asked what you miss most about JUIT, my answer will be Maala ma'am. She is someone has been like a mother to me and over the years she is the one who has taken care of me in JUIT... she is the biggest asset of JUIT. If ever I wanted to share something before anyone else I’ll share that thing with her... she's the answer to all my Questions....

    One thing very special happened, someone talked to me, yes the same someone I referred to in my article "Time to say Goodbye, But to whom??

    At lunch time Mall road was full with JUITians and there's no word to describe what I felt when I met them or how they reacted when they saw me.. Hugs and smiles and just one question "Aap yahan kaise sir" it was really amazing to see all the familiar faces with whom I used to sit outside mess or roam around on mall road.People who took care of me and stood by me always, who made me laugh and gave me so many beautiful memories... I am really missing you friends...

    After lunch it was time for what we came for, NBA teams interaction with parents and alumni, they just asked us one thing our views and feedback about JUIT. Parents were the first one to respond and to my surprise the way they described their bonding with this great institution. It was amazing because they were telling what they learned from their sons and daughters , now that’s the aura of JUIT not just the students but the parents also love this place. It was really an amazing meet as we had alumni from all the years even from the 1st batch...

    Starting with Akriti Ma'am every one including me poured out our hearts in front of them but it was Moushumi's words that brought tears in my eyes. It was really a proud moment when I saw the way NBA team responded to our words.

    The interaction was followed by a small tea party but unlike any other JUIT tea party this one was arranged considering my state… Gooosh I was starving… It was really a nice time to interact with our seniors and faculty besides a group photo.

    The most important part of this trip was yet to come, something we have been hearing since the time we came here, something I was really looking forward to, It was this party organized by our dear Registrar Sir and Medury Sir…

    As always the small yellow colored university bus was waiting for us outside Girls Hostel ;) to take us to ‘Hotel Holiday Home Shimla’.

    Out of four main Hotels of Shimla I had visited because of JUIT, our farewell party was organized in ‘Hotel Peter Hoff’ and now this one in ‘HHH’ while the amazing pastries and free lift attracted us to the third one… The only one left is ‘Hotel Oberoi’ ,I hope Registrar Sir will organize our after convocation party there… J

    Enough of the Shimla description, lets get back to our party, the moment we entered the hall, trust me guys ,it was a proud moment to be with some of the very senior members of Jaypee Group, Members of NBA team, HOD’s, faculty, Registrar Sir , Our Dearest Medury sir and no party is complete without the Girls warden – Maala Ma’am… The party was a blast and Registrar Sir didn’t let anyone without a drink, even the ones who don’t drink had wine or Shandy to enjoy the beautiful evening!!

    Remember when your Teachers offer you drinks, that means they think that you are now ready for it officially, as you are no longer that kid who entered this University four-five years back. But now as an adult, and you are among those who represent this great institute.

    Well guys, there’s one thing I am really proud of is being a JUITian and not a JIITian or JIETian or any other XYZian and I have enough reasons to justify this. If you think my article “JUIT V/S JIIT – thank god I am a JUITian” an the comments are not enough then maybe these points will make you believe how great this institution is:

    · In which other university, you get invited to parties like this?

    · Where will you find this warmth and care?

    · Which Registrar will offer you a drink and not just offer but who would actually make one for you?

    · Is there any other place where you and the COO of entire JES or VC of your university stands under the same roof and talk, just like friends?? And which other VC listens to your problems and solve them, then and there. And where will you find someone who says “YES” to all your stupid and sometimes really costly demands???

    · Which other Institute will help you so much even after you graduate from there? I Think Pramir Sir will totally agree with me on this point.

    There are just so many reasons to prove that JUIT is the best and that JUITians are really the lucky ones because they have what no other place can ever dream…

    The next day was reserved just for all my dear friends. It was a day to relive my JUIT days be it sitting on the steps outside mess, or relaxing in front of the Mandir, or enjoying every single moment inside our cafeteria…

    This is the point where I can’t write any further because anything I write about the beautiful moments spent with my friends, the more I start missing them and the more I want to go back!!
    With a tiny tear in my eyes I bid you goodbye and when I am writing this last line the moment when you all gathered that day to wish me good bye comes in front of me…

    But, as they always say, “Every goodbye makes the next hello closer.”

    My Friend Vinodini Kapoor has described this really beautiful trip in even more beautiful way…

    Here’s the entire Journey in her words…

    "A small effort to gather memories and to thank you for the wonderful visit you hosted for us."

    The same land, called me with a loving smile,

    It seemed so new, every brick and every tile.

    Didn’t have those pals, I always knew were mine,

    I still believed the sleepless journey would be fine.

    There were my friends, who still seemed new,

    It’s only because days spent with them are few.

    A memorable past was what I always thought,

    Would stay with me, for these days I got.

    Not realizing that this very old land,

    Called us again with a welcoming hand.

    How every minute unleashed to me,

    That beautifully loving, these people would be.

    I came across many smiling faces,

    Not to mention those awkward gazes.

    For I used to be, one among the hundred lot,

    Who cribbed and cried and weirdly fought.

    With conviction JUIT seemed, the “PRISONER’s LAND”,

    But it’s only the reason, that’s made me stand.

    An alma mater precious than the oldest coin,

    You will realize the value, once you join.

    Reasons are many, once I start to figure,

    My personality it’s groomed and vouches to trigger.

    A word of gratitude, to our fatherly hosts,

    JUIT is now our family, and that’s a toast!!!

    Love you all, Love you My Alma Mater…


    P.S:- Thanks Vinni thanks a lot for all the help, This write up wouldn't have been possible without you...