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Just a #weekend!!!

Wondering why i wrote #weekend!!! Well this post is about this weekend, A truly amazing weekend and usually i don't need a blog post to describe a weekend because my regular twitter updates would have done the same thing. But the weekend was so amazing that i didn't even got the chance to post updates to my twitter!!! When on Friday night i tweeted about the weekend using tags #weekend and asked everyone what are there plans to make this weekend amazing, I never imagined that even I'll have such a great weekend!! Well before i begin to describe it, there are three people who made it possible and they are Rishabh {Richi}, Vinodini {Vinni} and Vipul {Gifty} , Wondering why i didn't wrote the names of my best friends Moushmi and sahil well you'll know.. There a saying that "you get to know the true worth of someone when that someone is not with you". To an extent that is the case here... Me, Sahil and Moush were together last weekend also and it was also good

Reposting :- Proved Again {Updated}

This is a post that i wrote on January 3rd 2007, when i used to blog only when i had a bad day and some thought would be disturbing me, and my blog was one place where i used to pour out all my feelings!!! So why am I re posting a Two and a Half year old entry, well just read this post and then I'll tell you why... Just when i thought that my life is rocking with out any problems n tensions….. something happened which reminded me of 1 of my previous blog entry where i wrote:— “when love invades,,,,, frenship fades….” yes this quotation again proved to be a truth… it feels so bad when some one who is close to u, n was with u for so long.. makes u feel that love is much much imp than frenship… I am not talking about just sm1 bt 1spl one… yes a person for whom u did so much,, u were there for her when she ws in trouble or pain or when she had a fight wd her love… bt a month long love story can break years of friendship n trust… just think how will u feel when a fren like this who ws s

CCD @ Home - Cool Blue Granita...

Cool Blue Granita The Last time i was at Cafe Coffee Day in DLF Place Mall in Saket, Delhi with my friends and when i tasted the Cool Blue Granita that i ordered, I immediately realized that i can make this at my home, especially because of all the bar syrups i have at home... I tried many times but never actually anything close to it, Today was indeed a special day because out of all the TV channels i selected NDTV GOOD TIMES to pass time along with Internet... A show called "In High Spirits" was what i needed to get the exact idea of how to make it. Every time i have tried till now, i used to crush ice and Add Blue Curacao Bar Syrup to it but i never got the desired result.. A small tip from that show changed everything, so here i am sharing with you what i did this time to get the result you can see in the picture on top. 1> Take a pitcher and Add crushed ice in it.. {i used a manual ice crusher and used around 16 ice cubes} 2> Add a lot of  Blue Curacao Bar Syrup