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Ripping the Year & Stripping the life…

 1-1-11 is here... A new year a new day unfortunately I woke up after noon and most of the day has already passed but does it make a difference... Well hell yes because till 31-12-2010 I had so many plans for the year to come but sitting here writing this post I don’t feel any difference except for the fact that if I manage to post this it’ll be a big thing for me as It’ll mean that I have overcome the writer’s block. I might not be an awesome writer like some of my friends especially Varun and Hundoo but I also hit that wall at times… Coming back to the year’s game if I didn’t have the No liking and joining stupid application and pages policy I would have joined the recently surfaced “ 2011 IS ALREADY SCREWED UP. I CAN’T WAIT FOR 2012 ” group on Facebook. The starting of 2010 like every year was absolutely normal if not exciting, I had a good job at least enough to keep the so called near and dear ones silent… But by the end of year I have seen the true colors of an IT company… It’s