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Loyalty OR Satisfaction

The foll. comes as a result of a thought that came to my mind while i was watching ' californication s01 e06' and from a person who is not very experienced about this topic.... Human kind is in itself strange and unique , you can never judge what the other person thinks or believes , even if you know someone for years there'll still be times when you'll find out something new about the other person... Sex is one thing that is even more strange and this passion has no rules ya I know there are all those stuff available which tells you diff. kinda positions and all but seriously do you think this passion is limited to that? I think NO!!! , coz I know everyone has one or the other fantasy at the back of your mind that you want to fulfill with your partner BUT is your partner and you are on the same page about this… have you ever talked about your fantasies with your love and how many times has he/she said yes!!! Oh you tried it well did he/she like it NO!!! so do you feel