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Maggi Reinvented (Maggi Ki Tikki)

Here's an excellent new way to enjoy our fav. Maggi with a twist. "Maggi ki Tikki" 1. Boil Maggi 2. Boil all vegitables u you usually put in Vegitable maggi e.g carrot and peas except onion and tomato. 3. Once boiled drain the water and mix maggi with bouled vegitables. 4. Add raw onion, coriander and tomato. 5. add Maggi masala, salt, chat masala etc and most imp approx 2 spoons of corn flour so that it doesn't break. 6. Mix all well, don't mash 7. Shape it in the form of tikki and put it in a flat pan wd just a lil oil. 8. cook toss cook and serve! Thanks to my good friend who gave me this great recipe. Enjoy!