Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tum aaye humari zindagi mein, mausam ki tareh...

Tum aaye humari zindagi mein, mausam ki tareh..
Pal bhar ko pyar barsa ke, chod gaye patjhad ki tareh..
Muskaan tumhari le aayi bahaar, gaye jo tum dil ko sookha paya..
Aankhen tumhari sard subah ki dhoop ka sukoon de gayi, Roothe jo tum mano duniya mein andhera chaya..
Husi tumhari pahadon ka sukoon de gayi, huye jo tum udaas to khud ko viraan registaan mein paya..
Boli tumhari chidiya ka chehkna, huye jo khamosh mano thum si gayi duniya..
Tum aaye humari zindagi mein mausam ki tareh, Aur le gaye saanse humari hawa ke jhoonke ki tareh...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Do Char Shabd...

Dedicated to those who keep sending me excerpts from songs or post lines written by someone else' heart:

"Kalum se chund akshar likh kar to dekho..
Shabdon ki ek maala pirohkar to dekho...
Wah Wahiyo ki jhankar goonj uthegi..
Zarra Dil se do char shabd keh ke to dekho..."

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Words & Thoughts is all i have...

So many words, so many thoughts..
Not a word spoken, Not a word written...

Complexities of Brain, Deepness of Heart..
Tear drops speak, Smiles long forgotten...

Know it since beginning, Hope till the last..
Dreams Motivate, Life kicks hard...

A light looks Green to Eyes, Heart knows it's all dark..
A door that can't be knocked, but peace this mind got...

Direction is what i seek, weak is what i feel...

Air so clean, wish that would have been the scene..
Cold all around, warmth within...

Words & Thoughts is all I have, Purpose & Story a distant dream!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Dooriyan jo thodi badha li humse..
Maan liya ki chahat humari thum gayi jaise..
Humne bhi chupa li chahat, unki khushi ke vaste..
Kaise soch liye unhone ki thum sakti hai chahat..
Saanse tham ke dikhaye wo pehle..

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The head feels heavy...

The head feels heavy, No it doesn't ache...

It feels heavy with all these thoughts running like a train..

Making me miss out on the the sweetness that lies in little things..

I fail to appreciate the beauty around, I just get in the train without a direction..

The head feels heavy with all the shit inside, and above all the reluctance to make the change..

The future is what i worry about and forget to live the moment i have now..

The feelings are strong, the words stronger just the laziness that stops me to post..

Still feel the depth and emotions so strong, a shield around me is what i have worn..

is it to protect or destroy, that's the question..

The head feels heavy, body weaker,  eyes tired but the heart still cries..

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blog To Facebook & Back..

In my last post I made it clear why I moved back to Blog from Facebook but why I moved to Facebook in the first place that I just figured out.

Although I am not a good writer but there have been times when I have written posts better than my expectations.
The reason I say I am not a good writer apart from my bad vocabulary is my ignorance to details but it's amazing to know that's the main reason I started posting on Facebook.

Confusing right? Well even though I can't write paragraphs describing a building or someone's lips (well I can appreciate someone's beauty overall in extreme details but not particularly with a magnifying glass) what I posted on my Blog was fairly detailed making the reader know who it's about or at least the one it was written about knew for sure but the thing with Facebook was limited space, need for creativity & the fear that this will definitely get noticed by people who would have never seen it otherwise made me convert thoughts in these random creative lines that often confused the readers. Let me just accept it was fun to confuse them.

So today when I wanted to write about my reluctance to give me opinion about something to this dear friend I figured out why I'll not be doing it & instead wrote this.

Well this stupid fever will not let me continue any further not that I have anything more to write... I'll end it here.


P.S- I know the Italy post is still due but things are crazy back in office so let's see when or if I can do it..

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A change

The month in particular is a little weird. 
1st onsite to Italy on one side & news about project ending on other.. 
The Italy story deserves a separate post altogether. So moving on to girls.

Naa no one in particular but ya someone in some sophisticated words suggested I am a thurki bastard but i took it as a compliment.
Although it made me think how i used to be, respected for my feelings for girls and what i have become?
Its fine if someone thinks i am like that because i might be!  ;)  but what hurts is when someone you think knows you so well makes a statement about you that you don't agree with.

A smart person said that i need an Audience for my emotions, i care about what people think about my posts and i like it when someone reads my post...

Yes i do like if people read what i write but i don't give a damm about what they think about it or if they like it or not.

I have just one rule - Never let a thought go waste,  write it down!

I need to convert my thoughts, my emotions into words else they give me a headache. But i do that not to seek sympathy or likes and comments.

I always say its like a drain for me put it out and get it over with.


I'll post it here on my blog which in the times of social networks nobody cares about!


Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Matters of Heart...


The matters of Heart...
Laws of physics fail to exist..
North &  south pole comes together..
Gravity becomes just a theory..
The matters of Heart...
Complicating the uncomplicated..
Lucky &  unlucky all in same moment
Deep dark woods or the beach sand just closed eyes away..
The matters of Heart...
Smile on lips while the heart bleeds..
Hurting yourself & the joyful pain..
The two tears that comes out of eyes without any reason..
The matters of Heart...
Smile on lips, Music in ears..
The fight with time, the neglected mind..
The beauty around,  the peace within..
The matters of Heart...
The Heaven & Hell..
The pain &  relief..
The tears & smile..
The matters of Heart...