Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A change

The month in particular is a little weird. 
1st onsite to Italy on one side & news about project ending on other.. 
The Italy story deserves a separate post altogether. So moving on to girls.

Naa no one in particular but ya someone in some sophisticated words suggested I am a thurki bastard but i took it as a compliment.
Although it made me think how i used to be, respected for my feelings for girls and what i have become?
Its fine if someone thinks i am like that because i might be!  ;)  but what hurts is when someone you think knows you so well makes a statement about you that you don't agree with.

A smart person said that i need an Audience for my emotions, i care about what people think about my posts and i like it when someone reads my post...

Yes i do like if people read what i write but i don't give a damm about what they think about it or if they like it or not.

I have just one rule - Never let a thought go waste,  write it down!

I need to convert my thoughts, my emotions into words else they give me a headache. But i do that not to seek sympathy or likes and comments.

I always say its like a drain for me put it out and get it over with.


I'll post it here on my blog which in the times of social networks nobody cares about!


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