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Unlimited Dreams, Limited Possibilities!

No, It's not a motivational post rather a post from a confused, slightly demotivated mind. A 2+ year long project comes to an end and standing at the exit gate I feel as i don't know anything else. Clueless as to which road to take next, what to do & how to do it. 2 years back i was at the same crossroad but i was like a fresher then. I just went with the flow, soon got so occupied with it,  started loving the work, and the confidence level was up the roof. The journey soon became rewarding with client appreciations, awards & promotion & above all the feel that you are an important part of this project. There are unlimited dreams & number of roads in front of me but I am not a fresher anymore no matter how much i would want to try doing something new but the years of exp., the salary level and the line of work restricts the possibilities... The confidence level are definitely not at its peak but they haven't hit rock bottom thanks to the work ex. All