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A website owner's biggest nightmare is getting hacked... well last night was no less than a nightmare, it was around 2AM when i thought about checking out one of my blog that i don't use much and i was busy surfing on other tabs there was this loud unknown language song that got started it took me a min to figure out which tab it is,i switched to that tab and there was this word "hacked" written on it, i immediately closed that tab thinking that some damm website i opened got hacked but then i thought lets check it out and when i checked the recently closed tabs i was surprised to see that it was my movies blog only.It took me a min to digest this fact but then it was my movies blog which i was planning to shut down so i was a bit ok but it didn't took me much time to find out that it was not just one blog but my entire domain that got hacked... OMG!!! even my  itsmylife  blog whose link was everywhere,my facebook status,gtalk status,twitter,orkut everywhere becau

Time to say goodbye, but to whom???

It’s been more than 4 years that I have spent in this place called JUIT… A place I was sure I wanted to get in when I saw the prospectus and luckily I got admission here… Life was full of ups and downs rather more down’s but at the end of it all I have a job in my hand which is enough for me to ignore those bad times… There a few things I have always been proud of like my association with almost all the clubs and activities especially technical and hospitality… besides the fact that except for my academics I was good at making things happen and that majorly because of my domain, everyone yes everyone in JUIT knows me… But now when its time to say goodbye to this great university, things are no more the same and not even the feeling… 4-5 months back when it was time for 2008 regular batch to leave it was altogether a different feeling even that time I felt as if I am also about to go but this time when we have just 20 more days here I am not getting that feeling. We got our farewell, sc

Yes we can!

Barack Obama created history on Tuesday when he became the first black man to be elected president of the United States of America and the first person that comes to my mind when i hear about obama is David Palmer who is a fictional President of the United States played by Dennis Haysbert as part of the television series, 24. Like him obama also represents freedom,truth and a change… Being a geek it was really fascinating to see obama’s online presence he used almost all popular mediums to attract the votors… His political campaign was like watching a celebrity show and i gues now even politics has a new icon… Whatever it was it worked!!! He really did it… Congratulations Mr. President , i hope the change you brought by getting elected will be reflected in what you do and the decisions you take.. All the Best! from the Black Eyed Peas put together this amazing representation of Obama’s inspiring “Yes we can” speech.Check it out! [vid]jjXyqcx-mYY[/vid] Imputs from:- missmalini

Lessons from the meltdown

A few days ago i posted an article by my future boss Vineet Nayar { CEO - HCL Technologies Ltd} where he showed the silver lining of this recession phase and now when every country is working on the bailout packages and there's a bit of stability in the economy here's another great post by him about the Lessons from the meltdown > · Courage to walk away: The very first learning that emerged from what is now being termed as a financial Armageddon was the need for courage: The courage to carve your own path and walk away from the herd. We in India were born with this lesson as we gained independence with ‘non-violence’ in an era of World Wars. In the US financial world, we saw Warren Buffet display the courage to walk away. Back in 2002, when companies began toying with exotic derivative instruments, Warren Buffet termed derivatives ‘financial weapons of mass destruction.’ Few listened to him then but today he stands out as the voice of sanity. · Save it for a rainy day:

An Open Letter to Raj Thackeray by Rajdeep Sardesai

My Dear Raj, My apologies for having to communicate through the editorial pages of a newspaper, but frankly am left with little choice since you seem to have decided to stay away from the so-called ‘national’ non-Marathi media. Let me at the very outset say that I am impressed with the manner you have carved a niche on the political landscape of Maharashtra. I distinctly remember meeting you in February last year soon after the Mumbai municipal corporation elections. It wasn’t the best of times: your party, the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena had been marginalized while your cousin Udhav Thackeray and the Shiv Sena had captured power in the city. With many of your supporters deserting you, you appeared down, if not quite out. Twenty months later, I see you’ve bounced back: every local and national daily has you on the front page, you are the subject of television debates and your politics has even united Bihar’s warring netas. And yet, my friend, there is a thin line between fame and notori