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Dedicated to Pooh Bear...

I don't remember the last time i wrote a complete blog post, All i could remember is posting some stupid SMS's that i composed or a Lil Poem i wrote or the no. of Facebook Status updates or Emails but not a single Serious post!!! I agree those SMS or Poem were no less but still according to me these were the shortcuts of pouring out what was going on in my Life and my Heart in least possible words... Not that there was nothing to write about, in fact there's so much i wanted to write about be it the wave that Aamir Khan's 3 Idiots created not just at the Box Office but in our Minds and the lessons it gave.. be it Strive for Excellence and Success will follow you or the most important lesson "DO what you really want to do, not what the world wants you to do.. Follow your dreams and don't get into Engineering or Medical just because everyone is doing it.. and even our elders should understand there's no fun in Joining a big brand but the Fun of Life is star