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why.....why....why??????? why is that the path of love is always full of pain..obstructions..tears????why why why????? why cant the world let two lovers enjoy their happy life?why are they so jealous of their happiness????i mean whats the problem with ppl,why is that they always put their leg in between these matters,cant they help to make others relationship's successfull.... cant two persons decide abt their own life or is it something that only parents n other elders have to decide..... i mean a relation of love is always full of obstructions related to caste,creed,age n all other inhuman stuff... i mean r all these thing so imp..... n is love so week that it cant overcome all these obstructions or ny other problem.... i guess not.. so here goes a call for all lovers...... hey ppl show the power of that nither love nor u r week... n if u hv decided to move on this path..then i think there's no point in backing up just coz u r afraid of crossing obstructions...

Am Soooo Soorrrrrrryyy

hey ppl remember once i wrote a blog with sub:- self composed quote which goes like this "when love invades frenship fades" in real sense that story ended 2day.... wanna know whats the final conclusion of that story.... well everything between us is now normal we r frens now..... n we hv cleared everything between us no dispute now... waise ab mujhe samaj bhi aa gaya hai that this is what love is all abt...whn u r in a relationship n that too very serious n u start considering each other as husband always happens.... agar ek ki kisi se koi prob ho jaye to jahir si baat hai dusara bhi baat nahin karega coz its just like two bodies one soul...... am i right ppl??????? i guess i am.... but whats the point in discussing this old boring story especially whn everything is back to normal allmost..... but all i wanna say to both the ppl involved in this story is :--- " hey am really sorry...n i neevr had any intention to hurt both of u by means of my blog its was just