Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hey All,

Its after such a long time I am writing something.. but don’t worry its just a few lines..

I always say Life is uncertain, it can be short or long but will always be a mystery…  What’s gone is gone and what will happen that nobody knows!!!

What you have is Today..

You may never get 100% of whatever you dream but you can give your 100%  to achieve them!!!  Unfortunately that’s reality!!

Always Remember :-

  • Live Xtreme {Not recommended for all}

  • Sometimes answers to the most complicated problems can be either Yes or No, Don’t complicate things with Jalebi Answers!!

  • Trust comes from transparency & that’s the backbone of every relation!! There’s no point assuming things in background when you can just clear out things face 2 face!!!

I’ll end this post with these lines –

 “No matter what the reason is, no matter what the season is – A smile is what I love the most and not just for now but for a life time…”


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This is where it all ends!!!

“ I came for a REASON , My Love Extended it To a SEASON wanted it to last for a LIFETIME but Lost my LIFE in DELUSION!!!

While I was carpeting the Rough road you were Enjoying in the sea of LOVE!!

Never Expected an Answer , Never expected Love...

All I expected was some TRUTH and All I got were TEARS!!! "