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Maggi Reinvented (Maggi Ki Tikki)

Here's an excellent new way to enjoy our fav. Maggi with a twist. "Maggi ki Tikki" 1. Boil Maggi 2. Boil all vegitables u you usually put in Vegitable maggi e.g carrot and peas except onion and tomato. 3. Once boiled drain the water and mix maggi with bouled vegitables. 4. Add raw onion, coriander and tomato. 5. add Maggi masala, salt, chat masala etc and most imp approx 2 spoons of corn flour so that it doesn't break. 6. Mix all well, don't mash 7. Shape it in the form of tikki and put it in a flat pan wd just a lil oil. 8. cook toss cook and serve! Thanks to my good friend who gave me this great recipe. Enjoy!

Home 0

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.. And to hell with the promises, I no longer want to keep.. There are many more miles there.. But 'Home 0' says the milestone here.. The walk on the hills, throws the stress in the ditch.. The chill of the winds, puts a new life within... The simplicity of life, gives one the heavenly feel.. Silence all around and peace inside.. The lap of nature is where my head lies, who needs winds when you can close eyes and fly highh... This is where the home is.. This is where i'll fall asleep..


Zindagi mano doraha pe aa kar thum gayi ho jaise... Ek raha pe jane ki izzazt nhin, dusri pe jane ko dil nhin... Dard ka khel bhi nirala hai.. Ek taraf pana aur dusre pe de jana hai.. Aaina rakh diya ho samne mano jaise.. Kabhi muskurate hain to kabhi ro lete hain.. Khin dur ek raha aur nazar aati hai.. Ghor andhere ke aage ek loh nazar aati hai.. Jana aasan nhin aur kal ki khabhar nhin.. Ek khushnuma kal ya gum ka tarana hai.. Is doraha se aage jana hai.. Thoda dard le jana hai aur thoda de jana hai... Is Doraha se aage jana hai...

Bahut Waqt Guzar gya hai...

Bahut waqt guzar gya hai.. Bhool gayi hongi wo sadke, wo seediyan hume ab to.. Tehle the kabhi jahan, khushiyan aur gum baatein the jahan.. Hawa to aaj bhi waise hi chalti hongi, badlon ki mehfil ab bhi yuh hi sajti hogi.. Bus badal gaye honge usse mehsus karne wale wahan.. Ek daur mano beet gya ho jaise, sochta hun wo naye log honge kaise.. Kya sochte honge wo, kitna badal gya hoga ab to wahan.. Kya koyi hoga jo mehsus karta hoga un hawaon ko apni khidki pe baithe.. Un pahadon pe baithe, door us suraj ko dhulte dekhta hoga.. saal dar saal un kamro ne naye chehre dekhe hain, jhulte gungunate madhosh kayi deewane dekhe hain.. kya badla hoga wahan, kisi na kisi padhaku ke kamre pe imtehaan se ek raat pehle lagti hogi mehfil padne walo ki.. aur subah jaldi uthkar padhne ki kasme khane wale so rahe honge ab bhi wahan... Shaklein badli hongi ya dil badal gaye honge wahan... Soch kar darr lagta hai ki wo vadiyan khin haar to nhin gayi hongi.. Daudti bhagte is nay

Bus Yunhi Baithe Raho Saath...

बस यूँही बैठे रहो साथ , और उम्र बीत जाये ... ना तुम कुछ कहो , ना हम, और फिर भी दिल की बात हो जाये ... दो चार पल सुकून से जी लें , थोडा हस लें, थोडा गुनगुना लें .. घड़ियाँ ये इत्मिनान की फिर हो न हो , लम्हा ये तनहा फिर हो न हो ... बस यूँही चलते रहो साथ, और ज़िन्दगी बीत जाये .... [Bus yunhi baithe raho saath, Aur umar beet jaye.. Na tum kuch kaho, na hum, aur fir bhi dil ki baat ho jaye. . do chaar pal sukoon se jee le, thoda hus lein, thoda gungunaa lein.. Ghadiyan yeh itminan ki fir ho na ho, lamha yeh tanha fir ho na ho.. Bus yunhi chalte raho saath, aur zindagi beet jaye... ]

Art - A camouflage of emotions!

I don't know what i am about to write in this post, i do have an idea, something that a movie and a conversation made me think about writing this. A few days back when i first saw the trailer of this movie called "Bombay Talkies" , i was dead sure i'll watch it, even though the collection of 4 stories as shown in the trailer were not something extraordinary but just the feel that our Bollywood is celebrating its 100 years and a movie where in almost all singers and all actors have played some role or other made me to watch it. So after finally getting tickets to the 9PM show and seats that i am not really fan of i saw it. The movie may not be extraordinary as expected, but it sure made me feel comfortable watching it and did infact brought a smile on my face. There is this song at the end which starts with still from 60's movies and goes till present day movies is really something. {So hold on to your seats even after you see THE END on the screen} Lately i


Standing with my head resting on the window of my house on 6th floor, silence all around and the street light peeking through the trees, the cool breeze hitting my face and the effect going all the way till my toes taking all the stress out and worries fading away! Pure Bliss!!! Life is beautiful, just close ur eyes & feel it!

Unlimited Dreams, Limited Possibilities!

No, It's not a motivational post rather a post from a confused, slightly demotivated mind. A 2+ year long project comes to an end and standing at the exit gate I feel as i don't know anything else. Clueless as to which road to take next, what to do & how to do it. 2 years back i was at the same crossroad but i was like a fresher then. I just went with the flow, soon got so occupied with it,  started loving the work, and the confidence level was up the roof. The journey soon became rewarding with client appreciations, awards & promotion & above all the feel that you are an important part of this project. There are unlimited dreams & number of roads in front of me but I am not a fresher anymore no matter how much i would want to try doing something new but the years of exp., the salary level and the line of work restricts the possibilities... The confidence level are definitely not at its peak but they haven't hit rock bottom thanks to the work ex. All