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The Pain of Happiness

Weird title, right? How can Happiness be a pain… I am writing something after a long long time, there was a time back in college days to years immediately after that when there was so much to write, there was so much to talk, there was so much to feel. Then we got busy with our jobs and then marriage and a Settled life… Marrying your best friend and your life has its perk that somehow you attain Nirvana – A different sort of Nirvana perhaps. One where life is too comfortable, you are never alone, and you have a basic lack of any pain in your life… Now even Nirvana has a problem, the lack of pain gives you a writer’s block… Not just that. When collectively everyone around you and all your close friends attain this stage, you reach a point when you start missing your friends. Not that they have gone anywhere but the things you used to talk changes, the emotions and feelings you used to share changes and things like jobs, etc. take center stage.