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20/12/06---MY FIRST VOTE......

Well it ws a gr8 day.... n infact i was waiting for this day forpast 2 yrs yes i got my voters card as i turned 18 2 yrs back n this ws thime i voted... although elections were of chandigarh municipal corporation bt i felt really good... right from childhood my family hs been asociated with elections deeply bt this time it ws my chance to get involved... i felt proud of the fact that now i also hv a say in elections i can take my own decisions... even i also have the power to contribute to the future of this country... yes u might thing that i hv gone crazy n its just 1 vote n am saying so much bt believe me ask the importance of 1 vote from that poltician who lost by 1 vote.... it ws a gr8 feeling......

Kissing Explained!!!

Kissing Explained A first kiss should always be done while the two of you are alone. This will help to avoid any unnecessary nervousness and embarrassing situations. The best type of kiss is one that uses different variations.. . such as starting with a small kiss, working into a French Kiss, maybe sucking on your partner's upper or lower lip...       And don't just leave kisses to the lips. Kiss their cheeks, their chin or their eyelids. This can be very seductive and romantic. Basic Kissing Tips Great Breath - This is very important. Make sure you brush your teeth before going out on your date. There is nothing worse than kissing someone with bad breath.     If your date consists of having something to eat before the actual kiss, make sure you have a mint on hand to take right after you finish eating. Don't take the mint just before the kiss or chew on gum. You don't want to have something in your mouth when you kiss. Moist

Entry for October 17, 2006

Everything is good arnd me... every1's happy its festive time... bt still i dnt know why i am nt happy.... something is wrong why i am nt comfortable when i try to smile... well i guess 1 reason cn be... a fact that has been proved wrong in my life... i always believed that i understand girls n whats going on inside in the past week or so.. i realized am wrong... i dnt understand ny1.. i dont understand feelings..well i think i dnt understand myself.. thn who can i understand ny1 else... well from all this i hv learnt 1 thing.. dnt think abt ny1 else b4 doing sumthing coz u nvr know whats going on in other person's mind especially girls... bt still sumwhere in my heart i think i know n understand girls.. may be i hv been proved wrong.. bt i guess that wsn't my fault it was other person's fault.. i guess thay also dnt know themself.... lets forget everything... n enjoy the festive season... n just trust me life will be good... afterall its ur life make it large

Entry for October 16, 2006~~lessons from life...

hmm i know am writting after quite a long time... but life ws kindoff busy...both for mind n heart.... first let me brief about what all happened in my life... starting with something coz of which my life ws really down for the past few weeks.. now that relationship confusion is kindoff over.. bt not so easily... in the process of relieving me from that tention i hd to hurt some1 bt i guess that ws necessary... both for me n her... n i know she'll understand n we'll be good frens soon..... besides that ws really busy with exams n all.... i forgot to mention 1 thing... there was sumthing else too that helped me get out of all my problems n ws MURIOUS'06 the first tech fest of juit{my coll} of which i ws an organiser... continuing with my life... got some new frens,some really good 1's bt i guess.... relationships always comes with problems... some made me feel really special but then after a few days... whn she had a good place in my life as a gr8

Entry for August 28, 2006

well its been a long time since i posted anything bt kya karta... circumstances were like tht..... kabhi khushi kabhi gum.... 1 day whn i ws happy n ws abt to write  a blog entry... life became upside down... it ws a weird period... full of ups n downs.... hmm u must be wondering ki meri life hi aisi kyun hai baki kisi ki life to aisi nahin hai... well life is nvr gud or bad---its just ur state of mind... the way it handles diff situations.... waise dekha jaye to it ws a confusing time for me,my mind n for my hrt... ws stuck in the net of relationships.... wht relation tht to i also dnt know coz tht ws the problem........ finally am out of it bt trust me the results r nt in my favour..... n acc.. to my sixth sense.. afteraffects will also be nt in my favour.... a bad period is abt to begin bt i think this tiem i'll hv to do sumthing... afterall  i  hv  to  survive.... nyways will write more l8r on.... busy with exams n controling emotions rt now.... u tc n njoy life......... bt b4

Aankhain Kitna Rooti Hain--ws waiting for the right time to post this.....

i hv got these lines from somewhere on internet n i like it very much... the person who hs written these lines.... i really admire u... these lines are amazing....... here they are:----- Tum Kia Jano Yaadon Main Kho Kar Aankhain Kitna Rooti Hain Dil Main  Dard Samoo Kar Aankhain Kitna Rooti Hain   Tum Kia Jano Sawan Ka Mousam Kitni Aagg Lagata Hai Barish Ki Bondoon Ko Choo Kar Aankhain Kitna Rooti Hain   Ab To Chooti Si Baat Par Bhi Yeh Dil Bhar Sa Jata Hai Halki Si Dil Ko Lagti Hai Thokar Aankhain Kitna Rooti Hain   Ab Tu Yeh Jeena Bhi Hum Ko Boojh Sa Lagta Hai Din Bhar Is Baat Ko sooch Kar Aankhain Kitna Rooti Hain   Zakham Zakham Hain Aakhain Meri Maazi Ki Parchain Si Apnay Undar Lahoo Daboo Kar Aankhain Kitna  Rooti Hain   Tum Ek Duniya Lai Gai Ho Tum Ko Kia Ehsaas In Rahoon Main Tanha Si Ho Kar Aankhain Kitna Rooti Hain   {my fav line.....}

July 21, 2006

life is down                       down                                  n                                     down......... consecutively 4 the past 3 days... dont know whats more in store for me......                             Oh! god plz help me...... is there any place on earth left for me where i ca gt some peace n happiness????


Mumbai came to a shocking standstill on July 11 when serial blasts ripped through its local trains, killing and wounding hundreds. But the city of dreams stood fearless and fighting fit. Salute Mumbai's never-say-die spirit and Light a Candle for those who succumbed to the blasts or got injured. For every candle you light, CNN-IBN and Channel 7 will donate Re 1 for the relief of the victims. (a tip:while filing the photo id code on this page remember it is case sensitive)


well june 26 it was really a gr8 day..was feeling like am really a lucky guy.... june 27 jus 1 hr changed my luck into bad luck.... felt like my whole world is ruined..... dont hv words to tell u what happened coz even i dont what was it... i just know 1 thing something happened in my life tht wasn't gud..... just hv a hope in my mind n hrt that everything will get back to normal... n everything will get cleared up.... life will again be cheerfull........ dont ask me what happened.... i wont be able to tell u.... am not sad coz i kow ups n downs r a part of life....but ppl downs always hurt... n more than the happiness that we get whn life is up.... am i rt.....

Bye Bye!!!!

yupieeeeeeee exams over......going back home......willbe in chd..till 19th july..... till then tc n keeep--smilingggg n dont 4get to visit will try to update the blogs!!! byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shayari From Fanaa

E Khuda Aaj Ye Faisla Karde, Use Mera ya Mujhe Uska Karde. Bahut Dukh Sahe He Maine, Koi Khusi Ab Toh Muqadar Karde. Bahot Muskil Lagta Hai Usse Duur Rehna, Judai Ke Safar Ko Kum Karde. Jitna Duur Chale Gaye Woh Mujhse, Use Utna Kareeb Karde. Nahi Likha Agar Nasib Me Uska Naam, To Khatam Kar Ye Zindagi aur Mujhe FANAA Karde. Tere Dile mein meri saanson ko panah mil jaaye Tere Ishq mein meri Jaan Fanaa Ho jaayeā. Ankhen to pyar me dilki zuban hoti hai, sachi chahat to sada bezuban hoti hai, pyar mai dard bhi mile to kya gabrana, suna hai dard se chahat aur jawan hoti hai.... Phool hun Gulaab kaā? Chameli ka mat samjhnaā? Aashiq hun aapkaā? Apni Saheli ka mat samjhnaā Dur Humse Jaa Paoge Kaise, Humko Bhool Paoge Kaise. Hum Who Khushbu Jo Saanson Mein Utar Jaye, Khud Apni Saanson Ko Rok Paoge Kaise.. Bekhudi Ki Zindagi Hum Jiya Nahi Karte, Yun kisika ka Jaam Hum Piya Nahi Karte. Unse Kehdo Mohabbat Ka Izhaar Aakar Khud Karein, Yun Kisika Peecha Hum kiya Nahin Karteā


why.....why....why??????? why is that the path of love is always full of pain..obstructions..tears????why why why????? why cant the world let two lovers enjoy their happy life?why are they so jealous of their happiness????i mean whats the problem with ppl,why is that they always put their leg in between these matters,cant they help to make others relationship's successfull.... cant two persons decide abt their own life or is it something that only parents n other elders have to decide..... i mean a relation of love is always full of obstructions related to caste,creed,age n all other inhuman stuff... i mean r all these thing so imp..... n is love so week that it cant overcome all these obstructions or ny other problem.... i guess not.. so here goes a call for all lovers...... hey ppl show the power of that nither love nor u r week... n if u hv decided to move on this path..then i think there's no point in backing up just coz u r afraid of crossing obstructions...

Am Soooo Soorrrrrrryyy

hey ppl remember once i wrote a blog with sub:- self composed quote which goes like this "when love invades frenship fades" in real sense that story ended 2day.... wanna know whats the final conclusion of that story.... well everything between us is now normal we r frens now..... n we hv cleared everything between us no dispute now... waise ab mujhe samaj bhi aa gaya hai that this is what love is all abt...whn u r in a relationship n that too very serious n u start considering each other as husband always happens.... agar ek ki kisi se koi prob ho jaye to jahir si baat hai dusara bhi baat nahin karega coz its just like two bodies one soul...... am i right ppl??????? i guess i am.... but whats the point in discussing this old boring story especially whn everything is back to normal allmost..... but all i wanna say to both the ppl involved in this story is :--- " hey am really sorry...n i neevr had any intention to hurt both of u by means of my blog its was just


DISCLAIMER:- the following lines doesnt refer to any person its just a genral representation of my mind... these days ppl ask me:-- vaibhav whats wrong yaar tum bahut tense n disturbed lagte ho...n infact i am feeling very low these days but why??? even i dont know why i am feeling so low n sad ...haan itna jaroor lagta hai that i am lonely...n like no one is there with me... then ppl say that u hv so many good frens... but i dont know aisa lagta hai jaise dost hote huye bhi nahin hain...kaun dost hai kaun nahin yeh pata karna bahut mushkil hai...especially here in JUIT kaun kub badal jaye u never know... i know even i hv some faults..well everyone have  n so do i,,no one is made perfect but i just know one thing that agar mein kisi se dosti karta hun to seriouslly karta hun n hamesha saath deta hun koi self intrest ke liye kabhi kisi se dosti nahin karta... its always rt. frm my hrt... but it seems that i'll have to change myself... coz this world is not going to change the meeni


another gr8 article by my fren Nitin Tiwari but this article is not complete yet..... but whatever he has written till now is worth plz do read it.... n nitin wishing u all the best....n complete it as soon as possible we r waiting waiting for it...... What does love give to you when you give everything for the love? The moment this question comes to your mind, I think love abandons you because love is special like a very small yet infinitely bright, flickering light which extinguishes with the slightest disturbance in the air. So, hold your breath because you are in love. A journey which contains thousands of moments which will turn eternal in time. Her eyes, smile, twist in face, falling of hair etc things you never noticed until now. Ever given a thought what those eyes tell to you? When you two were talking of simple things that day and suddenly something came over you and you grabbed her hand and she turned her head towards you as if shocked and met your gaze. You kno


By:-  NITIN TEWARI{a fren of mine} Source:- ¡®Falling¡¯, a word which often brings a wave of negative conclusions on hearing it. A deductive study, which reigns over the brains of almost all the homo-sapiens, would relate it to an array of conclusions like breaking, accident, dangerous sports, vertigo etc. ¡®Love¡¯, a human emotion which has for centuries mesmerized the already complex comprehension power of human beings. A simple four letter word, which is so entangled that when analyzed is found to force great writers to give special functions to a vital organ- heart. Though a serious physician would totally deny the involvement of heart in any major activity besides pumping blood but you still say to others that, ¡±see through your heart¡± or ¡°let your heart guide you¡±. While former is strictly a function of an eye, latter one owes it¡¯s debt to brain. Love is not just a simple emotion instead a state where even the smile of someone can bri

Singapore Trip

hey ppl writting a blog after a long time rt... well actually nothing much happened but the best part is i went on a holiday to singapore n that too alone....what say....... n if any of u wanna see some of the selected pics of my trip u r most welcome just visit my photo gallery so just tc n keep--smilinggg


composed for sum1 special dont ask who "Dost dekho to sirf char akshar, mano to poori zindagi... kehte hain dost milte hain naseeb se, mera to naseeb hai is dost se... log aatein hain,jaatein hai, bus yaadein chood jate hain... par unme se kuch log dil mein sama jaatein hain... dosti ki misaal hai mera yeh dost sub logon sekhaas hai mera yeh dost ab aur kya kahen hum, bus jindagi se bhi ajeej hai mera yeh dost... Dost dekho to sirf char akshar, mano to poori zindagi..."


hey ppl mein koi shayar nahin hun but just composed the foll... lines while i was enjoying the breeze on the roof top of my hostel... i dont know aapko yeh lines kaisi lagengi but this is something that came out from my heart plz do read it..... "Aaj in hawaon mein ek ajeeb si baat hai...    pyar bhi hai,vishwas bhi hai... par fir bhi is dil ko kisi ka intezaar hai    kuch baatein hain,kuch yaadein hai... par fir bhi is dil ko kisi ki intezaar hai    dost hazar hain,pyar beshumar hai.. par fir bhi is dil ko kisi ka intezaar hai    darr lagta hai kisi ke aane ka...                  aakar fir chale jaane ka.. par fir bhi is dil ko kisi ka intezaar hai   Aaj in hawaon mein ek ajeeb si baat hai...   aur is dil ko kisi ka intezaar hai...                   bus intezaar hai....." waiting for ur feed-back...

sound from my heart...{3-2-06}--sequel to last two entries...

ppl if u have not read my second last entry {sub-self composed quote} then plz scroll down n read that first... hey ppl this blog entry is actually a sequel of my last two entries.....aaj bus baithe baithe dil mein ek khayal aaya kya maine apni last two blog entries post karke kuch galat to nahin kiya...coz yaaron aaj aisa lagta hai ki agar hum acha dost hun to mere mein itni understanding to honi hi chahiye ki yeh samaj sakun dosti ka rishta is nowhere compareble to relation of love... dost hun to unke pyar ko samjna chahiye mujhe naki apni dosti ko lekar unki life mein taang adani chahiye balki mujhe to unke love ko badne dena chahiye naki usme taang adani chahiye shayad yahi dosti hai....what do u think guys....pata nahin ek din socha tha ki ab mein use dost nahin kahunga but frens aaj bhi mein kisi se uske baare mein kuch galat nahin sun sakta n hamari dosti bahut achi thi n i think it still is n this is the call of this relationship that i shud stop thinking abt myself n let th

Have you lost your identity??

hey ppl yesterday i posted a blog {sub:-self composed quote--if u hv not read it then first scroll down n read it}and 2day one of my frens told me abt an article in the ahmedabad times today under the category "relationships" which is in support of my yesterday's's the read it till the end... disclaimer:- both of these blogs are in any sense not a personal comment to anyone its just represents my personal feelings.... Have you lost your identity? Read on to know if you have started to alter yourself and your lifestyle just to suit your partner Being in love is a fantastic feeling. However, there are those who remain loving and are able to maintain their identity and there is another set of people who go slightly off balance when they get into a relationship. Do you ever notice that small things about you and your lifestyle have changed ever since you got involved with your current partner? The following are a few signs you nee

self composed quote

hey frens i just composed this quote after something happened in my life will tell u abt that l8r first see this quote:- "whn love invades~frenship fades" i composed this coz of the fact one of my very good fren who is my other fren's gf.but my frenship with this gal was indipendent in nature n not at all related to this guy...n now they r 2gether n a few weeks back i had a fight with this guy n 2day i came to know that my best fren is also not tlking to me n is angry with me....just because this guy told her abt our fight but was our frenship so week that she didn't even talked abt it to me n never asked me abt my sid of story n became angry without telling me anything... so guys what do u think don't  u think whn love enters some1's life they tend to forget their frenship a very weak relationship.....????????? waiting for ur comments......

The ABC's of Celebrating Love!

The ABC's of Celebrating Love!   To be a special Valentine to your partner takes lots of energy, time, attention and Love. Let's all give some thought about who we are being in our relationship, what we can do to make them better and who we will have to become to have them be healthy and successful. Let's make EVERYDAY Valentine's Day for our partner.   Let's begin with the premise that relationships are something that must be worked on all the time, not only when they are broken and need to be fixed!   Here are a few ideas to get you started!   A Absolutely amaze your partner with adoration . Let them know in very special ways that you care. Exercise extravagant respect and devotion toward your lover. Accept them for who they are. Demonstrate your warm attachment and affection to them. Avoid taking your partner for granted.

plz read this story as it is really hrt touching

My mom only had one eye.   I hated her...  she was such an embarrassment.  My mom ran a small shop at a flea market.  She collected little weeds and such to sell... anything for the money we needed she was such an embarrassment.  There was this one day during elementary school.   I remember that it was field day, and my mom came.  I was so embarrassed. How could she do this to me? I threw her a hateful look and ran out. The next day at school..."Your mom only has one eye?!" and they taunted me. I wished  that  my  mom would just disappear from this world so I said to my mom,  "Mom, why don't you have the other eye?! You're only going to make me a laughingstock.   Why don't you just die?"   My mom did not respond.  I guess I felt a little bad, but at the same time, it felt good to think that I  had  said  what I'd wanted to say all this time. Maybe it was because my mom  hadn't  punished  me,  but I didn't think that I had

Gandhi didn't say Hey Ram while dying

Mahatma Gandhi did not utter "Hey Ram" when he fell to the bullets of an assassin 58 years ago as has been famously attributed to the Father of the Nation, his personal attendant says. "Gandhi did not say 'Hey Ram'. In fact, he did not utter any word when the bullets fired from Nathuram Godse's pistol pierced his chest," Bapu's personal assistant Venkita Kalyanam who claims to be a witness to the horrific event told a news conference on Sunday. Kalyanam said he was just behind the Mahatma when he was shot dead in the Teen Murti area of New Delhi on January 30, 1948. The 83-year-old Kalyanam, who hails from Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu, said politics in post-Independent India had taken an entirely different turn from what the Mahatma could have wished.

3 cheers for them

Hi guys, Seems like Mani Rathnam's Yuva is getting off the reels. Five IIT'ians have floated a new political party. The youths, based in Jodhpur, will be in the city to campaign for their national party, " Paritrana'' , which was launched in Jodhpur on Friday. Visit the link below and u will find that only a selected few politicians can match their credentials. I salute them for having taken such a bold and patriotic decision. Let us all extend our full support to them.,curpg-1.cms ..try 2 fwd this 2 all ur frnds..instead of stupid'n silly fwd messages... as by the swami vivekananda's words.." a country's fate is in the hands of youth"...hatsoff 2 the guys..'n gudluks 2 them..


      Do you remember how we first met? It's one of the sweetest memories I possess I look back and see us both -- two strangers Meeting for the first time, and I wonder Who would have guessed then how our friendship would grow, And become as binding as only we both know.         Whether tempest blows, or gale, or storm, To know I have you to lean my head on Whether strife you encounter, or battle, or war I'm here for you, I'll be there when you call.       Maybe, when years and more have gone And I, with wrinkled cheeks, am forlorn Perhaps with hopes all dashed to the ground Perhaps dreams, all shattered, shall surround                   The thought of you will still make me smile And I'll stop all who pass and say: "Wait a while" For though my eyes are weak and old And my mind is feeble, or so I'm told There remains one thing I can never forget For I still remember

poem by a terminally ill young girl

SLOW DANCE Have you ever watched kids On a merry-go-round?   Or listened to the rain Slapping on the ground? Ever followed a butterfly's erratic flight? Or gazed at the sun into the fading night? You better slow down. Don't dance so fast. Time is short. The music won't last. Do you run through each day On the fly? When you ask How are you? Do you hear the reply? When the day is done Do you lie in your bed With the next hundred chores Running through your head? You'd better slow down Don't dance so fast. Time is short. The music won't last. Ever told your child, We'll do it tomorrow? And in your haste, Not see his sorrow? Ever lost touch, Let a good friendship die Cause you never had time To call and say,"hi"   You'd better slow down. Don't dance so fast. Time is short. The music won't last. When you run so fast to get somew