Thursday, February 16, 2006

self composed quote

hey frens i just composed this quote after something happened in my life will tell u abt that l8r first see this quote:-
"whn love invades~frenship fades"
i composed this coz of the fact one of my very good fren who is my other fren's gf.but my frenship with this gal was indipendent in nature n not at all related to this guy...n now they r 2gether n a few weeks back i had a fight with this guy n 2day i came to know that my best fren is also not tlking to me n is angry with me....just because this guy told her abt our fight but was our frenship so week that she didn't even talked abt it to me n never asked me abt my sid of story n became angry without telling me anything...
so guys what do u think don't  u think whn love enters some1's life they tend to forget their frenship a very weak relationship.....????????? waiting for ur comments......

1 comment:

  1. ok u ask for comments here is my view.
    just chill yaaar!!! this happens so many times. its a very comman thing. when ur friends are with some one then they do forget us. b'coz for them now their 1st priority is their bf/gf, and friends hv lower priority.

    and u shd realize another quote:"LOVE IS BLIND" its sooo true. ur friends would believe anything what their bf/gf says, but they don't even listen to what we hv to say!!!!