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Entry for October 17, 2006

Everything is good arnd me... every1's happy its festive time... bt still i dnt know why i am nt happy.... something is wrong why i am nt comfortable when i try to smile... well i guess 1 reason cn be... a fact that has been proved wrong in my life... i always believed that i understand girls n whats going on inside in the past week or so.. i realized am wrong... i dnt understand ny1.. i dont understand feelings..well i think i dnt understand myself.. thn who can i understand ny1 else... well from all this i hv learnt 1 thing.. dnt think abt ny1 else b4 doing sumthing coz u nvr know whats going on in other person's mind especially girls... bt still sumwhere in my heart i think i know n understand girls.. may be i hv been proved wrong.. bt i guess that wsn't my fault it was other person's fault.. i guess thay also dnt know themself.... lets forget everything... n enjoy the festive season... n just trust me life will be good... afterall its ur life make it large

Entry for October 16, 2006~~lessons from life...

hmm i know am writting after quite a long time... but life ws kindoff busy...both for mind n heart.... first let me brief about what all happened in my life... starting with something coz of which my life ws really down for the past few weeks.. now that relationship confusion is kindoff over.. bt not so easily... in the process of relieving me from that tention i hd to hurt some1 bt i guess that ws necessary... both for me n her... n i know she'll understand n we'll be good frens soon..... besides that ws really busy with exams n all.... i forgot to mention 1 thing... there was sumthing else too that helped me get out of all my problems n ws MURIOUS'06 the first tech fest of juit{my coll} of which i ws an organiser... continuing with my life... got some new frens,some really good 1's bt i guess.... relationships always comes with problems... some made me feel really special but then after a few days... whn she had a good place in my life as a gr8