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Status Posts Unplugged

It’s been so long i wrote anything, not that i don't think or i don't feel the need in fact i myself broke my self-created 1st rule of blogging - "Never Let a thought go waste" but a beautiful status post rightly defines the reason for not writing as well as the reason for this entire post which is about the two status posts i posted today - Zindagi sabhi k liye wahi rangeen kitab hai... Farq sirf itna hai k kisi ne har panne ko dil se padha.. aur kisi ne bas panne palat liye.. {Via -  Swati Sethi's  wall post, real source - Unknown}   I have been thinking about this line a lot since I read it first.. Looks really simple sounds great but there's so much more to it… Especially when you actually feel it understand its real meaning and at times you even know what all you can do but the worst is when you don't even have that courage to make amends and knowingly you keep screwing up your life!!! It’s only when you are completely fresh & relaxed that you act

Baanvre dill kya karney chala hai..

Baanvre dill kya karney chala hai... Jo tera  ho nahin sakta usse pane chala hai.. Sapna rangeen sahi par hai to sapna hi.. Wo door sahi par hai to apna hi... Na rakh wo chahat jo mumkin nahin... Kho dega usse bhi jo hai to apna hi.. Baavren dill kya karne chala hai.. Sapna ek haseen dekhne chala hai.. Sambhal ja e dill yeh mumkin nahin... Pane ki chahat jisse tu rakh ke challa hai.. Baavren dill kya karna chala hai.... <Posted from WordPress for Android>

Ripping the Year & Stripping the life…

 1-1-11 is here... A new year a new day unfortunately I woke up after noon and most of the day has already passed but does it make a difference... Well hell yes because till 31-12-2010 I had so many plans for the year to come but sitting here writing this post I don’t feel any difference except for the fact that if I manage to post this it’ll be a big thing for me as It’ll mean that I have overcome the writer’s block. I might not be an awesome writer like some of my friends especially Varun and Hundoo but I also hit that wall at times… Coming back to the year’s game if I didn’t have the No liking and joining stupid application and pages policy I would have joined the recently surfaced “ 2011 IS ALREADY SCREWED UP. I CAN’T WAIT FOR 2012 ” group on Facebook. The starting of 2010 like every year was absolutely normal if not exciting, I had a good job at least enough to keep the so called near and dear ones silent… But by the end of year I have seen the true colors of an IT company… It’s