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Love is constant,no matter what the season Its that beautiful emotion which has no explanation or reason... For as times change & people do,,Love stays forever True... May be that's the reason,Why there'll always be... SEASON OF HEART.... "Happy Valentines day" may destiny always favours u n ur love life n if u get true love..don't let it go... all the best tc n keep-smiling... © p.s:- plz dnt fwd this quote...or if u want to use it plz dnt remove the ©-tag...

Luks r always deceptive....

welll to start withh..lets cont..with my last entry... well am over with that bad moment of my life.. it ws all full of pain n why not??? something like this nt expected from a 4yr old fren... bt i guess this is life.. u can nt trust ny1.. bt as sm1 told me "v nvr get wt v want... v nvr wnt wht we gt... v nvr hv wht v like... v nvr like wht v hv... stil v live... stil v luv... stil v hope.... this is life" ... so am over wd it hmm but i dont thing i can ever forget those memories.... "waise aaj fir kisi ki yaad aayi hai... in hawaon ke saath kisi ki khushboo aayi hai.... to kya hua wo saath nahin... km se km unki yaadein to unki tareh nahin!!!!" hmm this is i guess my destiny... only the persom whom i love the most.. whom i hv always taken as my best fren.... leaves me... i guess its better nt to care for ny1... aaj such mein i am missing 2 ppl a lot!!! 1 to samne hokar bhi saath nahin n dusra door hai pr use humari yaad nahin.... bt something which