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Ek chingari jali hai dil mein...

Ek chingari jali hai dil mein... Dekhna hai anjaam-e-safar kya hoga.. Hogi tabdeel yeh aatish-e-ishq mein, ya sirf dhuaan hoga!!! एक चिंगारी जली है दिल में... देखना है अंजाम-ऐ-सफर क्या होगा .. होगी तब्दील ये आतिश-ऐ-इश्क़ में, या सिर्फ धुंआ होगा !!!  ~Gera


Badlapur: Even though its too late to give the review of this movie but still here it goes, for a change i took my brain to the movie as well and so that's why for a change a detailed review. Thanks to power cut, got to see Badlapur, Even though every single actor has given a brilliant performance i kept waiting for some serious turn of events in the movie, was often asking the question - Kya to, kyun to :P Though Varun Dhawan's looks are perfect for a revenge i found the entire revenge to be just for the sake of taking revenge, they was no angle to it, he was just doing random shit. It felt like the dude wanted to just chillax with a beer but instead someone forced him to drink whiskey and take revenge. Those who have seen shows like Dexter & Breaking bad will relate to two scene in the movie: 1. The plastic sheet across the room and killing. 2. The drum full of money, even though Vinay pathak has been shown collecting 2.5 crores in different bags from different pl