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DISCLAIMER:- the following lines doesnt refer to any person its just a genral representation of my mind... these days ppl ask me:-- vaibhav whats wrong yaar tum bahut tense n disturbed lagte ho...n infact i am feeling very low these days but why??? even i dont know why i am feeling so low n sad ...haan itna jaroor lagta hai that i am lonely...n like no one is there with me... then ppl say that u hv so many good frens... but i dont know aisa lagta hai jaise dost hote huye bhi nahin hain...kaun dost hai kaun nahin yeh pata karna bahut mushkil hai...especially here in JUIT kaun kub badal jaye u never know... i know even i hv some faults..well everyone have  n so do i,,no one is made perfect but i just know one thing that agar mein kisi se dosti karta hun to seriouslly karta hun n hamesha saath deta hun koi self intrest ke liye kabhi kisi se dosti nahin karta... its always rt. frm my hrt... but it seems that i'll have to change myself... coz this world is not going to change the meeni


another gr8 article by my fren Nitin Tiwari but this article is not complete yet..... but whatever he has written till now is worth plz do read it.... n nitin wishing u all the best....n complete it as soon as possible we r waiting waiting for it...... What does love give to you when you give everything for the love? The moment this question comes to your mind, I think love abandons you because love is special like a very small yet infinitely bright, flickering light which extinguishes with the slightest disturbance in the air. So, hold your breath because you are in love. A journey which contains thousands of moments which will turn eternal in time. Her eyes, smile, twist in face, falling of hair etc things you never noticed until now. Ever given a thought what those eyes tell to you? When you two were talking of simple things that day and suddenly something came over you and you grabbed her hand and she turned her head towards you as if shocked and met your gaze. You kno


By:-  NITIN TEWARI{a fren of mine} Source:- ¡®Falling¡¯, a word which often brings a wave of negative conclusions on hearing it. A deductive study, which reigns over the brains of almost all the homo-sapiens, would relate it to an array of conclusions like breaking, accident, dangerous sports, vertigo etc. ¡®Love¡¯, a human emotion which has for centuries mesmerized the already complex comprehension power of human beings. A simple four letter word, which is so entangled that when analyzed is found to force great writers to give special functions to a vital organ- heart. Though a serious physician would totally deny the involvement of heart in any major activity besides pumping blood but you still say to others that, ¡±see through your heart¡± or ¡°let your heart guide you¡±. While former is strictly a function of an eye, latter one owes it¡¯s debt to brain. Love is not just a simple emotion instead a state where even the smile of someone can bri

Singapore Trip

hey ppl writting a blog after a long time rt... well actually nothing much happened but the best part is i went on a holiday to singapore n that too alone....what say....... n if any of u wanna see some of the selected pics of my trip u r most welcome just visit my photo gallery so just tc n keep--smilinggg