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The Winds of Love & The River of Memories...

The winds kept flowing and the yacht kept sailing... Sailing in the uncharted waters, With no direction and no destination... The view was amazing and the music of freedom refreshing... you fell in love with the wind and forgot your way.. The path that was destined for you, That you shall have to take.. Coz that's a commitment you have made, even though that's not what your heart says... The wind stopped and so did the yacht... you came back to senses and got off before its too late.. the wind and water is what you still crave... But you stop your breath and settle for the fate..  Give up on the love for winds and water and tell the world that's what you hate... No am not blaming you.. How can I... you were the victim here... A victim of clueless wind, A victim of carefree water... A victim of beautiful view, A victim of sweet music... The winds will flow again and so will the yacht.. You won't sail on it and will look when it will pass.. There wil