Thursday, September 28, 2017

There I said it...

I am no blind follower aka Bhakt as some pseudo intellects call them but i don't mind if they call me one!

Trend chal gya hai bus gaali dene ka, pehle sarkar kuch karti nhin thi to gaali ab kuch kar rahi hai to gaali.. Bus khud kuch na karna pade aur desh badal jaye yeh sapne dekhne wale log hain yahan pe apni jeb se kuch nikal to jaye, aansun aa jata hai. Yeh nhin dekhenge ki saalon ka galat sahi karne mein waqt khoon paseena sab lagta hai.. Petrol ke baad chappal/Joote ke rate bhi bada do nange paon chalna pade but 100% support the govt in what they are doing!

I have always said that if politicians can deliver only and only 10% of what they commit i would be happy with it coz that would be more than negatives they have been doing and here we have a govt. that's fixing the foundation of this nation be it toilets or tax reforms, cooking gas or 100% electrification.
 They are hitting the enemy hard on border and tax thief's inside equally harder. they are correcting the wrongs in society thats been going on for years and building a better future alongside.

The truth is there's nothing to compare this govt. with we had high hopes from AAP but they went crazy now they have realised that bullshit doesn't work and returning on track but we still can't compare the few goods (education & healthcare) they have done with the central govt as handling a state/city and big diversified country is a difference that i don't need to explain. But if they do things right i fully support them as well.

Yes there are issues with current govt as well, many just created by opposition and some by the stupid people within them. Nobody is perfect even the current govt will make mistakes but all i know is there intent is good and they are working hard!

If a change is required then that's within us, we need to start respecting this country, its resources and our own public property. we'll have to contribute for our own better future!

Somebody rightly said in a video i saw today, if you want to change the world start by making your bed every morning! Coz if you can't do the little things you can never achieve bigger targets!

So shun your negativity and go out do something for the nation; here's an idea to start with, put the trash in dustbin and if you are on road keep it in your car till you find one!