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Entry for August 28, 2006

well its been a long time since i posted anything bt kya karta... circumstances were like tht..... kabhi khushi kabhi gum.... 1 day whn i ws happy n ws abt to write  a blog entry... life became upside down... it ws a weird period... full of ups n downs.... hmm u must be wondering ki meri life hi aisi kyun hai baki kisi ki life to aisi nahin hai... well life is nvr gud or bad---its just ur state of mind... the way it handles diff situations.... waise dekha jaye to it ws a confusing time for me,my mind n for my hrt... ws stuck in the net of relationships.... wht relation tht to i also dnt know coz tht ws the problem........ finally am out of it bt trust me the results r nt in my favour..... n acc.. to my sixth sense.. afteraffects will also be nt in my favour.... a bad period is abt to begin bt i think this tiem i'll hv to do sumthing... afterall  i  hv  to  survive.... nyways will write more l8r on.... busy with exams n controling emotions rt now.... u tc n njoy life......... bt b4

Aankhain Kitna Rooti Hain--ws waiting for the right time to post this.....

i hv got these lines from somewhere on internet n i like it very much... the person who hs written these lines.... i really admire u... these lines are amazing....... here they are:----- Tum Kia Jano Yaadon Main Kho Kar Aankhain Kitna Rooti Hain Dil Main  Dard Samoo Kar Aankhain Kitna Rooti Hain   Tum Kia Jano Sawan Ka Mousam Kitni Aagg Lagata Hai Barish Ki Bondoon Ko Choo Kar Aankhain Kitna Rooti Hain   Ab To Chooti Si Baat Par Bhi Yeh Dil Bhar Sa Jata Hai Halki Si Dil Ko Lagti Hai Thokar Aankhain Kitna Rooti Hain   Ab Tu Yeh Jeena Bhi Hum Ko Boojh Sa Lagta Hai Din Bhar Is Baat Ko sooch Kar Aankhain Kitna Rooti Hain   Zakham Zakham Hain Aakhain Meri Maazi Ki Parchain Si Apnay Undar Lahoo Daboo Kar Aankhain Kitna  Rooti Hain   Tum Ek Duniya Lai Gai Ho Tum Ko Kia Ehsaas In Rahoon Main Tanha Si Ho Kar Aankhain Kitna Rooti Hain   {my fav line.....}