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Love, Sex & Life!

I Love You, the three misused, over used words in our country, We all have heard it, used it but do we actually mean it? On every corner of street you'll fine some romeo try to say the same to one or the other girl & if saying was not enough you'll find it engraved on trees, historic monuments, so much so on your school/college benches and also not to forget the infamous boys washrooms! Very often the words are misused, we use I Love you when we should actually be using, I Like you as in most cases it just starts with merely infatuation but considering our country people should actually say I Lust for you 'coz that what they actually mean, its pure and simple attraction and not an emotional one but LUST in most of the cases. Not that i do not believe in Love, it sure exists but the dynamics have changed, it is more about convenience, not many have the energy or devotion to handle it, but you can't blame them, life is now a rat race, it has become all about ac