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Email of the day [Self Composed]

A few tips to have a great day!!! Be Self confident and not over confident... Keep in mind you can't just know it all.. give yourself time and that in turn will give you experiance... A lot of people will come in your path of success not all will support you, some will have a positive attitude and some will always DeMotivate you.. Keep away from those -ve Idiots... you never loose, even if you fail you gain experiance . Learn Learn & Learn Thankyou , Please & Sorry are really the 3 Golden words... Never let go an oppurtunity to say thanks {Reward Xtra miles in case you are an HCLite}to the person who helps you, Never keep those sorry's in your heart and please use please life will be much more comfortable. Don't let the pressure destroy you... Do not let time slip through your fingers without having spent some time with those who really matter to you, those close to your hearts. Stay calm, confident and Smile always... Remember its only

It's your Responsibility!!!

This article is dedicated to All my friends who are working now or have just started their career and to all my friends who are in the final years of their College life an will soon be market ready!! With just 4 months of experience in a Telecom company and 1 week in an IT company,  many of you will say i am no one to write this , in that case take this article about the ATTITUDE with which i want to start my career. Your immediate response will be "Spend a few months in this industry and then we'll see whether you crib {complain} or not!!" or "Every organisation is not the same, maybe you are lucky" Well guys to start with why is it that we have no end to Expectations, i understand that we all should have expectations from our life, our organisations, our managers but does that mean nothing in this world meets your expectations.. I mean you enter a new place and start complaining that they don't pay well, they don't have good chairs or goo