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It's your Responsibility!!!

This article is dedicated to All my friends who are working now or have just started their career and to all my friends who are in the final years of their College life an will soon be market ready!!

With just 4 months of experience in a Telecom company and 1 week in an IT company,  many of you will say i am no one to write this , in that case take this article about the ATTITUDE with which i want to start my career.

Your immediate response will be "Spend a few months in this industry and then we'll see whether you crib {complain} or not!!" or "Every organisation is not the same, maybe you are lucky"

Well guys to start with why is it that we have no end to Expectations, i understand that we all should have expectations from our life, our organisations, our managers but does that mean nothing in this world meets your expectations..

I mean you enter a new place and start complaining that they don't pay well, they don't have good chairs or good infrastructure, they didn't ask me what field i am interested in or on what platform we want to work on.

Tell me something, When you entered that organisation, who pushed you in, wasn't it your choice.. And if you are not happy what are you still doing there???

I am not saying LIFE is perfect and why should it be , If  its perfect then its not reality  and i am sure you'll agree with me when i say everything that happens in our life is because of  the choices that we make...

For Instance :- Your colleague asks you to take a break and to go out for some fun at a time when you are supposed to be in office and you say Yes, When you come back and your Manager kicks you out {i am sure he wont do that!!!} then who's responsible for it Your colleague or YOU!!!

Obviously  Yours because you made that choice...

FOR  WHO  I  AM...

FOR  WHAT  I  DO....


So when its all your choice then why crib about the consequences, Why blame others for it.

But not everything is in your control and that you should be happy about everything. NO, you can criticize too and give your opinion  but don't just dig problems and bug everyone in the organisation they are already loaded with lots of them,  search for a SOLUTION!!!

Tell me what is the difference between you and 1000's of other Engineers who pass out every year.. Nothing,  So before you ask for more reach a point where you can be differentiated with those 1000's of other Engineers...


The road to SUCCESS ---

  • Have a positive Attitude - start your day with a smile {Hope my Good morning SMS brings a lil smile on your Face}

  • Time management

  • Don't forget your values

  • Have a clear mission for life

  • Control your reaction - remember you can't stop events to occur in your life what you can control is your Reaction in those events which will determine the outcome...

  • Don't loose out on LIFE.

The last point goes out to those friends who are over busy with their professional life that they don't even have time for Family and Friends... Remember Life is like that Race we used to have when we were very young, in which we had to run with a spoon in our mouth containing A marble stone..

If the stone falls there's no point of coming First!!!

Hope you understand what i wanted to say!!!


P.s:- I hope i can meet my expectations and can carry on with this attitude towards SUCCESS!!!


  1. Great Blog post. I am going to bookmark and read more often. I love the Blog template

  2. A lot of what you said is right, a lot of what you said is wrong and the whole of it is one big cliche and you know my policy on would have heard the phrase that before judging someone walk a mile in their shoes....and then you would know.....sitting on a high pedestal and preaching morality is very easy.... did you ever think that maybe just maybe...cribbing is the way someone deals with the write, i talk, but maybe for someone that destressing mechanism is cribbing....or are you that conceited that you believe you are always right.

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  4. Indeed a point well proved. And in this context if someone's going an extra mile for thankful if nothing else. Coz those who say ppl are good everywhere or are exactly the way you are...they basically lie.
    So just don't be a cake be the icing over it as well. Have a bomblastic attitude and ice it with your humane side (altruism).

    Nice one sure made the point clear. its attitude not aptitude that decides your altitude. ;)

  5. @Frost, Thanks Bro for adding one important point that i forgot, Say thanks... Thanks for the really motivating words bro!!!

  6. @Raphael, Thanks for bringing out the negatives always.. Varun i am not preaching anything, i made it very clear this is what i'll try to practice, this is what my attitude will be and i hope i can move forward without loosing this positive attitude.. Cribbing is just a temp. solution here, the person will eventually destroy himself. If you know you have to live here and u cant do anything about it, then why crib and destroy yourself and make the environment negative.. Just stay happy!!!

  7. Hi, I agree with you. I have seen many people around me who just complain about their work place. and i was always like...if you don;t like it then leave it..whoz asking you to stay there!!!

  8. very well said. keep continuing. love…..u….paa.

  9. @Anokhi, Hey thanks a lot dear, its after such a long time am getting a comment from u...

  10. What I believe is that we often loose out time crying over our jobs, cursing our bosses, but we fail to execute our dreams. Tell me how many of us who think that this place is a crap and i'm gonna open my oun venture and how many of us really turn up to follow that. It's no point grimming over things we just cannot help.
    Rest in all its rightly said by you ATTITUDE --> yes man this matters the most

  11. @P@$$iØÑ/@i(3H@/,
    Okay man, i'm all for walking the talk....just that your saying that just be happy...that is a lot to ask from anyone, the adage goes need is the mother of invention, i say today discomfort is the mother of invention. so be uncomfortable and move forward...

  12. @Pawan, Absolutely right example bro!! i mean when you know u have to stay at a particular place then why cant you spend that time happily!!! Thanks for motivating words...

  13. @Raph, Varun you are right, i am not saying one should just take everything happily and should stop moving forward. All i am saying is move ahead with a smile.. Discomforts will be there but if you have a negative attitude you cant overcome those discomforts.. Stay confident and smile and success will be yours....

  14. @P@$$iØÑ/@i(3H@/,
    When you are dealing with cliche's and pop psychology...there can be no rational discussion, you are writing about life from an idealist's pov. Nothing is ideal, and so is the attitude of people, you know mike tyson once said, that "Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth" and then all the plans are out the window, well gera babu the bout has not even begun and you already have a plan.

  15. @Raph, Boss this is not a plan, This is just an ATTITUDE with which i plan to move ahead, i am not saying life will be perfect, it will be tough but i'll try to keep a positive attitude and will try to get out of those problems.. I don't know if it will be possible or not bt will definitely try..

  16. @P@$$iØÑ/@i(3H@/, Chalo atleast you acknowledge it as a plan, attitude is such a malleable concept, as your well wisher the best of luck with this positive reinforcement, and don't let any cynical bastard like me tell you otherwise, wait for my post on this you have inspired me....

  17. @Raph, Dont wory bro i fully agree with the quote that says "Don't let anyone make you feel that you don't deserve what you want" I am fully motivated and charged u cant demotivate me..

  18. Obviously, i can't demotivate anyone, that is beside the point of anyone influencing anyone....and besides you haven't heard the story of the zen master...

  19. Debatable post.

    Well, there are multiple things to be kept in mind while dealing with frustration in workplace issue. While I do agree that attitude does matter, it does not come to your rescue every time.

    Besides, some people are just habitual about cribbing. "This is nor right, I dont like it, it should be this way, it should not be this way etc etc etc."
    It is also important to keep in mind that life is not a bed of roses. Difficulties will pop up, try to obstruct your way. Life will be always challenging you. But hey, thats life. Everyone I know has at least some problems, however small or big they may be, but they are there.
    Its upto you to be strong and prove yourself a winner. When you are at your workplace, the problems there are ought to be there. Its very NORMAL and life like. Its like a routine. Why should one be ALWAYS complaining about everything? Just take them as a part of life, face them, and get on with it.

    Also, I dont think that leaving the job and switching to something else will work. Sure, switching from something you hate to somethiong you love will give you relief, but if one is assuming that you wont have anything to rant about, sorry! Thing is, problems are going to be there as well. Even if you do something you immensely love. If I love blogging and tomorrow I want to become a pro blogger (which I dont BTW), I can get frustrated about a lot of things even though I love it. There will always be plenty of things to be unhappy about.
    If I decide to become a total vella, even then I can assure you, I will find a lot to crib about.
    We always crave for more, the greed never spares the human soul. Thats where our dis-satisfaction arises from. So I will always want more, want the things to be my way -> which is not possible every time. Result: Me ranting about my life. Vicious circle.

    So its not all about learning to be happy, its about realizing that life is not a honeymoon, not always.

  20. my god!! i can see where d words come from....cheater....saare mere dialogues utha k daaal diye...well ppl if u'll don knw...half of tyhis blog is based on me...but the best point is half of wat he's written is true and the rest he needs to face once he's actually goin thru a problem where no matter wat attitude he has, He'l say shit yaar..i wish the outcome was diff.....Im in a place whr its a different culture dan in the corporates and trust me spending every day of my life becomes tough...but im still living it...coz a decision i take will make amends to several lives-the major being my parents. Its easy to say its ur decison but in an Indian parentage, you just cant do wat u want always. ur parents contribute a lot to wat u have become so they want an equal say in ur decisions..and trust me they arent wrong...I may crib abt my work but at the end of the day im doin it coz i have to snf probably coz i don have a choice, but i agree wid Varun wen he says dat its probably my way of destressing my problems...nd well i will look frwd to the time this guy gets flustered and fed up wid his job!!!i knw u too well u will get bored and start cribbing...just give it a few days..u'll see...its my promise.


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