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Bad Times are Good

I am sure all of you are quite aware of the present global economic recession and have tasted it in some way or the other... Trust me even a student like me can also feel the heat... But this article by Vineet Nayar - Chief Executive Officer of HCL Technologies Ltd. shows the silver lining of this bad phase... We can all see dark clouds gathering ahead. The western world is in the throes of a recession, there’s a financial crisis that has got its foot stuck in the door, regulators are battling solutions behind not-so-closed doors. Meanwhile people are losing jobs, capital is drying up, and just about everything has hit the fan.      While that appears to be a picture far removed from us, no country is an island today and India is no exception. The Indian economy has started to feel the beginnings of the pain, and by the looks of it, we need to be prepared for the tremors.  So, what do we do when turbulent times begin to creep in through the back door?      I’d like to share a real lif

October 18th...

Finally its here, the day I was waiting for past 1 year... last year same day someone said yes to me and changed my life, she added colors to my life, a smile on my face and made me realize that this life is worth living and is quite beautiful got the love of my life after a waiting for complete 4 years... The wait was worth it as the 1 year I spent with her was the best time of my life something I can never forget but a fool can never realize the worth of true love and I think am definitely  the biggest fool... People tell me that no one can understand women the way you do, you have a women's heart but I proved them wrong... I made her go away made her to leave me I broke up with her 2 days back...  Yes it was my own doings that made her to leave me... I still don’t know what got into me maybe its all the tension that I am taking about her career which she's not taking seriously or is it something related to my own dreams that I want to fulfill but why can't I fulfill them

A trip to city of youth...

Dream, yes you can call it a dream only... there are a few places in India where I really wanted to go and Pune was one of them... I once read somewhere that Pune is called "the city of youth" maybe because of the no of education institutes and now a major IT hub. And finally it was like a dream come true when my mom said she wants to go to shirdi and that means Pune too... So the process of reservations started... and the plan was like this:- Departure from Ambala: - Oct 6th, 2008 by Jhelum express @ 6am Arrival in Pune: - Oct 7th around 3pm 6th and 7th in Pune, 8th morning-shirdi and return same day, 9th in Pune also. Return:- Departure from Pune: - Oct 10th, 2008 early morning by Goa express Arrival in Delhi: - Oct 11th, 2008 But since the return tickets were not confirmed and we were about to cancel the trip good news came from my Dee in Pune... Apparently there was this new train called "AC spl Nzm-Pune express" was started for the commonwealth games that were