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A trip to city of youth...

Dream, yes you can call it a dream only... there are a few places in India where I really wanted to go and Pune was one of them...

I once read somewhere that Pune is called "the city of youth" maybe because of the no of education institutes and now a major IT hub.
And finally it was like a dream come true when my mom said she wants to go to shirdi and that means Pune too...
So the process of reservations started... and the plan was like this:-

Departure from Ambala: - Oct 6th, 2008 by Jhelum express @ 6am
Arrival in Pune: - Oct 7th around 3pm

6th and 7th in Pune, 8th morning-shirdi and return same day, 9th in Pune also.


Departure from Pune: - Oct 10th, 2008 early morning by Goa express
Arrival in Delhi: - Oct 11th, 2008

But since the return tickets were not confirmed and we were about to cancel the trip good news came from my Dee in Pune...

Apparently there was this new train called "AC spl Nzm-Pune express" was started for the commonwealth games that were going to happen in Pune and since it was a special train it had lots of tickets available.
but there was a small problem it runs only twice a week so we had to pre pone the trip so now our schedule was something like this :-

Departure from hazrat nizamudin station {Delhi}:- Oct 4th, 2008 with my bua and jijaji {Dee’s mom dad} and Arrival in Pune on Oct 5th, 2008
Return trip: - dept. from Pune: - Oct 9th, 2008 and back in Delhi on Oct 10th, 2008

So the plan was set, tickets in hand and the journey began with a 5hour bus ride from chd. To Delhi followed by a 30 min autoriksha ride from ISBT to haz. Nizamudin. We reached nizamudin station an hour before the scheduled dept. and I think it was from the back side entry of the station, the train was to leave from platform no. 4 and when I reached there I was like am I at a railway station in Delhi or some village... yes trust me people it wasn't even cemented throughout bua and jijaji also arrived the same time we did and since there was no place to sit we found a single working fan and choose to stand below it while every one was having tea I went to the end of platform to buy a sandwich to eat...
when everyone was discussing that we should have waited in the waiting room I was busy finding something to make this trip a bit interesting...
besides my new hobby of reading novels  took me to a book stall and there I found a great book titled "Off course I love you... till I find someone better" a story of guy from DCE will tell you about the book later but just for the record it was really a great book...

The train arrived on time; me and mom were in coach B3 while bua and jijaji were in B4 right from entering we were finding out some way to be in the same coach. Although the train was quite vacant it was bua’s cabin that looked almost full and not because of the other passengers but because of the baggage they were carrying.

I called mom to come and still here only and will change one the TT comes.
Let me tell you about the people in that cabin:-

Ø  A  lady and her just married daughter – she was a really simple lady but you can easily tell that her daughter was something from even the first look I’ll be referring to her as ‘S’

Ø  A really tall, hot lady with her 7-8 yr old son – she was fucking beautiful thin tall and in a black saaree I’ll refer to her as ‘M’

We requested S and her mom to shift to our coach but she refused and was really in a confused state because of all the luggage she was carrying we asked her are you shifting somewhere or what but she took it as if we are asking her to move to other coach again but then we asked a bit more specifically again and then she told us that she’s coming back from USA after completing a sky diving training and as a matter of fact she’s the first women in the world to sky dive at both north and south poles without any training and that she belongs to Pune and she’ll perform a demo jump at commonwealth games too.

Now lets shift our attention to M, lets start from beginning her husband entered the coach with 4-5 jumpin and packet of chips for his son and then he asked us “are you going to Pune” to which we replied yes and then he asked us to take care of his wife and kid as she is travelling by Indian railway for the very first time and then came the goodbye time. she was sitting there with him at the aisle seat of the next cabin with a tear in her eyes and her head resting on his shoulder, it was really a very romantic scene and the train’s movement brought a halt to this romantic moment he went out of the AC area but was standing outside and looking at her through the glass she immediately ran towards the door and hugged him and touched his feet.. Man that was a true DDLJ moment!!!

She came back to her seat and told us that she’s from Dubai and traveling first time by train although her son has travelled a lot.
By now we were really in talking mode with S and then a man came and took an aisle seat in the cabin before ours and the child from the top berth said mummy woo… she looked at him and shared something with her eyes and he left. After a few moments she went to the washroom and came back and said “abhi to train khali hai to piche jakar khule mein baithte hain thoda relax kar lun” we all said ya sure… and she left with her son and took a seat in the last cabin which was totally vacant.

By now S was showing us her certificates and was telling about her achievements we were really very impressed and you might recognize her if you recall a news where a couple got married in a hot air balloon well she was the same girl, she showed us all the wedding pics..

Ok now let the great story begins, a story on which chetan bhagat can write a novel or ekta kapoor can create an episode…

The story of that night in B4 coach…

Me and jijaji went to search for the pantry and just when we were passing through the last cabin we were surprised to see M with that sitting quite close and talking and when we came out of the coach her son was being stopped from entering by a man we thought maybe he’s just playing with him and we cont.

When we were coming back M was resting with her back on that man’s chest. I’ll refer to him as ‘Mr. K’ and we were shocked to see that but we ignored as it’s her personal matter.

Everyone was busy chatting but my mind was on her only as I thought there’s something really fishy going on anyways kota came and as I decided before the journey began that I’ll buy something from every station and from kota I got pakore,kachori and vadda.when I came back the scene was even more surprising she was sleeping on lower berth and her son on the other one and K was sitting berths and was giving her a hands and face massage only god knows what was going on…

It was somewhere before Ratlam {yes it was that jab we met root} that K got her suit case from the attendants cabin to his cabin and then he came to our cabin and took her bags too.then S said yeh dono saath to nhin aaye the na? And everyone else were equally surprised {nobody knew anything except me and jijaji} and then came the punch line from me “saath the nhin saath ho gaye hain” and then mom and all ladies went to check that were the bags going to her or was he doing some trick. They asked her that is everything ok to which she said yes we asked her is he with you and then K replied yes am with her but why are you all interested you are not with her and then mom and bua replied that yes we are.

Anyways after me and jijaji was returning back to train at Ratlam station {there was nothing good at Ratlam so I just bought a cream roll} her bag was lying outside the train and just when we entered she was there with him and he was trying to take her out but she was resisting, we immediately asked all the ladies to go and ask her if everything’s asked her and she was so num and there was no longer that morning confidence in her now. We asked her are you getting off here but you were going to Pune then why here she said “mein nhin yeh utar rahe hain” and that too in a very low tone we asked her but your husband said you are alone here then who is this man he said am with them only and because of all the noise everyone in that coach gathered around it seems as if we were not the only one keeping a track, all eyes were on her only. The details spread like fire. {golmaal hai bhai sb golmaal hai!!!} by this time the train started moving we moved back a bit to our cabin and everyone gathered there exchanging whatever they knew. in the mean time he took the luggage and they moved to the next coach.

Everyone was discussing the possibilities, some were saying that he must have given them something to eat and that’s why they are not in there senses, some said she’s coming from Dubai and it’s a case of smuggling and there’s definitely something in that large suitcase.

Then the TT came and said that he’s aware of all this and it seems as if it’s a premarital story and that they are lovers and its there personal life and we can’t interfere and he left.

Then a man told us something new and really shocking. He told us that the man got down at kota and the train started to move and he was shouting and telling her to jump she was at the door and was telling her son to jump. K shouted and told this man to help her jump and that luggage is not an issue just help her jump to which he said no. we discussed the possibility of premarital affair and that they were going to get down there and she would give the excuse at her home that she missed the train at kota and her luggage is still inside “Jab we met” story.

After hearing this we all started shouting that lets go and pull that man aside and let the ladies talk to M alone. the entire coach and I mean it the entire coach went to the next one we switched on the lights and everyone there got terrified with this sudden entry and soon the story spread to this coach also everyone gathered in the last cabin where this great couple was….

All the men were shouting at K while the ladies asked M what’s the problem why were you trying to jump but M said it’s my personal matter things became really serious and everyone started shouting that if it’s your personal matter than don’t involve everyone by jumping off the train. Then she said plz he’ll get off at next station and then I’ll tell you everything this confirmed that something was definitely wrong we then woke up the kid and asked him his name which he had already told us in the morning but now he replied ask mummy, on being asked where are you going and who the man was he gave the same reply “ask mummy”. {mamla gadbad hai!!!}

We called the TT and asked him to handover the matter to railway police but he said I’ll do that but some of you will have to get down too as witness and train won’t wait for you and then we even came to know that Mr. K’s ticket was till kota only and since he couldn’t get off there he got that extended to Ratlam and then once again till vadodra {the next station} but I think TT just took the extension money and didn’t gave an extension ticket and that’s the reason he was taking K’s side and was ignoring everything but looking at the pressure building he went to the lady and started shouting “kya baat hai madam hum yahan sirf aapke liye baithe hain aur koyi kaam dhaam nhin hai kya jb mann kiya seat badal li chuliye apni seat pe” he called the attendant and some waiters and asked them to take her luggage to her seat but she settled for the last cabin and didn’t came back to her own seat and that is in our cabin {dil ke arman aansuon mein beh gaye!!!}

Mr. K came and stood near our cabin and I asked him why you standing here to which he replied “kyun yahan khade bhi nhin ho sakte” then mom said “na to yahan aapki seat hai and hi aap is coach ke” to which he replied “unki to hai and itni bheed mein soyengi kya wo” and we all were surprised to hear this and we replied nhin private coach de dete hain aapko…

Then the TT came and took Mr. K with him taking advantage of the fact everyone requested the ladies to go and talk to her since she is alone now…

And by the way by now Mr. boxer {a person associated with Maharashtra navnirman sena} woke up and started taking interest he even said let me call India TV as they are always looking for such news, they’ll come on a chopper now only.

Anyways this time M had something to say after we threatened her about police and she was like “badi mushkil se passport bane hain dubara is admi ne passport chupa diye the ab agar police case hoga to I won’t be able to go back to Dubai” and she said “aaj to aap mujhe bcha loge pune jakar kaun buchaega” oh that was the line Mr. boxer was looking for and was now in form “madam aap fikar na karo mein sabhi karykartaon ko bulakar is bande ko to pune station pe gayab karwa dunga and aapko jahan jana hoga mein chod dunga…”

Now her side of story:-

“me and my brother don’t have parents and this man has taken care of us since from childhood and till the time we were settling down in Dubai he used to take care of my kid too here in India and my brother has taken some money from him and has not returned and now he came to know about this trip and that’s why he wants to take my kid with him… he is blackmailing us for a long time but can actually do nothing. On being asked his husband’s phone no. she said my husband is on his way back to Dubai and will reach around 3am and then you can talk to him he’ll come to pune after 4 days and will take me back. I just need protection till morning and then someone will pick me up at pune.”

And hey I forget to tell you why I referred to him as K that’s because he wore a gold chain with a Big gold K in it…. {God out of everyone in this world this lady had to choose this person man!!!} ad also by now mom was so angry with ekta kapoor that she blamed her shows for everything that was happening.

We come back to our seats to rest as we think that the story is over but then TT comes and tells us do you want to hear the real story:-

“he tells that this kid from the lady’s 1st husband and this man is her 2nd husband and the divorce case in not yet over and she has done an illegal wedding with the person who came today morning and all she wants is that K should take care of the kid while she keeps on marrying again and again and also that her brother has taken some money from him and is not returning that. till cant sleep

Well these were the two stories {khoda pahad nikli chuiya!!!} well I told everyone to accept any of the stories and take rest and those who’s can’t sleep join the two stories and find out the reality and I was one of them because TT went and started talking to the lady and then Mr. K also joined them I don’t know what they were talking but me and some of the other people kept him feeling our presence everyone took turns to go to the wash-room and we kept on talking and laughing till vadodra.

Finally this story came to a stop @ vadodra station where he got off and hey how can I forget the romantic seen he brushed his arm on her face and hand and said bye and the train started moving and he asked TT “TT saheb chadh jaun” and TT said nhin ji bus chodo bahut ho gya…
TT told us “raat ko aisi patti padhayi hai that he’ll get off for sure even without her and that she’ll never get off the train…”

Finally I got back on my seat and was about to sleep when she came over switched on the light and asked mom to talk to her husband who is back in Dubai now and tell him that aapne use dhuke maar ke train se utar diya {all the time I was just looking at her} mom talked to him and told him that he is not on the train now. she switched of the light and walked back to her seat {bekrar karke hume yun na jaiye aapko hmari kasam laut aaiye!!!}

Rest of the journey was normal except the fact that train was late by around 2hours, I had some amazing vadda pao at karzat station, the view from karzat to lonavala was just amazing, tunnels and water falls it was just great and M was having a gr8 sleep after disturbing our night.

Finally we reached Pune and were so busy looking for who has come to pick M up that we forgot say S a goodbye… the most interesting part of the trip was over.

Jiju came to pick us up and took us to his beautiful army quarter which has slanting roof, old look grand 5 rooms and really beautiful and more than that it was Dee’s decorations that made that place a great home. Before anything else my phone started ringing, my friend sohit,KVS and sadhna were all in pune and we were making these plans for quite a long time now and since it was Sunday the only day poor sohit and KVS get a off I thought its better not to waste it.

So I took an auto to go to sadhna’s place and felt so good just when I saw her… yehhh I was back with old friends and it was a really beautiful house and what to say about her 7 cats. then finally sohit and KVS made it to her house and I always thought pune was a small place but auto took 200 bucks from them and I was like how big is this place well it was gr8 to see both of them meeting my best buddies was such a wonderful feeling.

And as me sohit and kv were chatting about coll and all Sadhana gave a really wonderful surprise… a really sweet cake was waiting for us and me sohit had the honor to cut it… she really made me feel so special... thanks a lot sadhna and ya rishabh you too for this wonderful surprise.
and after this we went to Gold Adlabs and since it was navratre time KFC was out of question so had to settle with McDonalds clicked a few pics then a round around the mall and it was time for sohit and KV to leave while me n sadhana just spent some time on the stairs outside remembering good old times… it was indeed a great place truly the city of youth with so many guys and gals all around and its really a heaven for guys man awesome beauty…

After I dropped her back home I went straight to M.G Road where everyone was waiting for me just took a quick round and then it was dinner time and then this really hectic day came to an end.

On 6th we just went to diff. malls around pune and just spent it roaming here and there.
on 7th it was day for what we came for… yes we started early morning by taxi for shirdi and because of the traffic we reached quite late so VIP pass was no longer valid and we missed the aarti so had to wait for the darshan entry to open and at 1pm we entered the endless queue to the shirdi sai baba’s temple… after a long up-down path we were finally blessed with the darshan of sai baba… it was really a marvelous experience… Then we had the ‘langer’ and the VIP pass was of some use here…

On way back we visited this shani dev temple where men have to wear just a ‘dhoti’ and after a bath we had to stand at a platform and put oil on shani dev stone while all the ladies just watch standing around the platform…

Well the return journey to pune was the worst part of entire trip stuck in a traffic jam for so long because of rains… I even pushed a truck which stopped on a bridge adding more to the jam… {tum chulo Hindustan chule!!!}
well we finally reached home around midnight and I went off to sleep straightaway…

8th was the day for shopping and visiting OSHO international center really amazing place… I had a plan to stay at sohit’s place that night but since 9th was a holiday for Dee she said we’ll have a nice dinner tonight so no chance u are going anywhere.. and we had a great Chinese dinner that night and since navratre were over it felt so good to have non-veg after so many days… after the dinner I had these best rum and whisky chocolates at this really beautiful BUS turned into pastry shop…

9th morning it was atin bhaiya and shika bhabhi’s new flat’s greh pravesh and since they are in USA I tried my level best to capture every moment so that they don’t miss anything and by the end we were quite late {and my plans to meet sadhna were ruined} so ran back home packed our stuff and went really fast to rly station..  

This time me and mom alone and except for the change of coach in the reservation chart it was a smooth trip only when we were about to reach Delhi we came to know that train was running quite slow and we reached exactly 4hours late… but we were back in Delhi and then went straight to ISBT took a bus to Chandigarh and before we left i bought a new novel this time "everything you desire- a journey thorough IIM" and a 5 hour journey back to HOME SWEET HOME!!!!


  1. Apne ye blog kab likha muje batana to chiye tha na...
    Wese nicely described everything includin ur wounderful tarin story ;) nd thanks 4 includin me nd my 7 kittens :)


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