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A trip back to my Alma Mater

" Jaypee University of Information Technology " – My Alma Mater , Though I graduated just 2 months back but, life in Delhi has made me realize that, JUIT is nothing but heaven.”A home away from home.” Like I mentioned in my previous posts it’s actually when you leave that place and face the harsh realities of life you feel the importance of JUIT and the love and care it bestows upon you. Just a moment of silence takes me back to all the memories of the beautiful time spent there, and these memories make me want to go back there... Thanks to AICTE’s NBA team who visited JUIT. Actually it’s the JUIT-JBS DDM students who got the opportunity to visit JUIT for an interaction session with the NBA team and what started as an unofficial plan for me, turned official after I too got a call from Registrar Sir. It was really unbelievable; I messaged my friends again to confirm that we are really going to JUIT. Finally - 13th Feb late night - 2 taxis - 10 guys - 5 gals and the beginning

Hats off to Rakesh Jhunjhunwala - Barkha dutt unplugged

It gives me immense pleasure to post this entry, something i always wanted to write but i guess Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has made my task easier... i don't need to tell you who RJ is, what you don't know then let me describe him in his own words... The market is my altar, I am its God. People worship me just like I worship Ganesha. I am a Billionaire a Billion times over. In one small corner of the Internet lies my Secret Journal. Something I leave there so that you may read it and hope to one day become like ME even though that is difficult for you. I will never say that I write it but then again if not me then who else? If you ask me about it I will deny all existence of it and look at you as though you are a lunatic. Not only that I will have you thrown by my goons from the topmost floor of the Bombay Stock Exchange for wasting my time. Mostly, I am Bullish. Sometimes I’m Bearish but I will rarely tell you - unless you become worthy. Now let me tell you something about his blo