Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Am I crazy???

Now just don't say yes read this first...

When i say, I am a person who can live alone trust me i really can do that, because even if i have no one around me, I have someone always with me and that's my thoughts... Yes those thoughts that fuels this and my other blogs...

Now where do these thoughts come from, the credit goes to you, yes you and all the other people who are around me. Observing people around me gives me the reason to write...

A man spitting on roads, a kid begging for something at a signal, a govt. employee running away from his duties, our politicians and the state of our nation are not only the reasons that pump me to write but also the small small things that happen around me...

Its true that not all individuals think on the same lines but after observing and living closely with a few people in my life, I sometimes wonder am i crazy to think with such a broad view point or the people are creating small boundaries around it...

We call Mahatma Gandhi - the father of nation but has the world forgotten the teachings of their father...
We run after his materialistic belongings but are slowly forgetting what ideals he gave us...

I have laughed upon when i bought a small car piece of our National flag and placed it on the dashboard of my car.
When terrorists attacked Mumbai i didn't sleep till the operation got over and was following it on TV and twittering second - by - second about the events for the rest of the cyber world while some of us were not even bothered about what was going on in our own country as if their world is limited to their house and the people in it.

How can people think from such a narrow perspective, forget this events of national importance lets talk about some things that are related to the people around us...

People tell my why do i talk to and care about and connect with every person i meet, tell me whats wrong in being nice to people and talking to them, who made the rule that be nice to those who are nice to you..

My friends tell me why do you initiate something if the other person needs something he/she will come to you.. Come'on guys don't you think God wants us to help each other.. "Pehle wo, pehle aap, pehle kaun" how does it matter..

They say people just use me and they don't really care about you... Don't you think i am brains and heart to realize that, of course i know who cares for me and who doesn't but still i refuse to change. So what if they use me, I am glad i am of use for someone... That is the whole purpose of existence on this earth to be of help to others...

They say, "people insult you and you still give them a chance if i would have been at your place I would have never spoken to them or i would have given them a slap" come on do it that is what our great father of nation wanted, someone says something and you hit them back, someone hits you and you should hit double of that...
Why can't this world understand "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."
Ok i understand we should not give any one the right to insult us but if they do so and realize their mistake and apologize truly then i feel they should be forgiven because after all "galti karne wale se us galti ko maaf karne wala badha hota hai" and what will you get by hitting them back or by taking revenge just a moment of happiness and an enemy for a lifetime. Don't you think its better to make the other person realize that where he/she went wrong and if they learn a lesson and change and feel sorry, i mean that's the greatest thing because you managed to change the heart of a person..

when a person is unnecessarily angry and is shouting on you, you can do two things :-

1> start shouting back and take the situation out of control and make it more complex.
2> stay calm let the other person shout and relax, give him/her some water to chill down and trust me he/she will realize his/her mistake and will be really sorry but you know what you gained from it >
RESPECT and Honour by staying calm..
So what you someone insulted you for a moment when they were angry over something else , if you shout back and react then what is the difference between that  person and you...
Stay calm and you'll get respect...

But seriously sometimes i really think where is this world heading to, and till when i can preserve these ideals in me...

You can all say that i am wrong or crazy but this is how i am and this is what i believe in and this is the path I'll follow...

The path of love...

To be cont...

Monday, March 30, 2009

I AM SO SORRY- To a vry special frnd…

This post was composed by - Moushumi Samajdar

Long long ago when I was down that day,

You came by my way to make it all go away,

It felt like a dream to feel something so pure,

Yet i never knew if it was true for sure.

Down and lonely were the nights that passed,

Definitions of friends were lost in d dark,

Hurt and pain was all I had,

To smile again was in the past.

Then one day u came to me,

On a night when the gods sent gift it was to be,

To nurture me in your friendship you thought,

The beginning of a life, that seemed so distraught.

Ever since that day I needed none,

Life always seemed so much fun,

I feel that it was that golden time,

Which I now miss, with you as mine.

Now after being friends for years to come,

I faltered and hurt the one,

I cared the most and always loved,

Never to forgive myself unless I payed and shunned,

My heart bleeds for the deed undone,

Never again can I feel the warmth,

An action to wish I cud go back again

In time to fix all make sure of everything to be the same.

I wish he forgives me even though it’s tough,

I’d give up everything although life is rough,

Without him guiding my way, it feels everything is being taken away

Life seems difficult,

Not today, tomorrow but ever for years to from today.

FRIENDSHIP - What is it exactly???

Broken friendship

Yes you read it right i am figuring out what friendship is. All my previous posts are about love and life but for the first time a post about friendship and not just some ordinary post a post that seeks to know what is FRIENDSHIP.

I know all of you must be thinking how can i ask what friendship is when i am the one who keeps on saying it the best relationship we have on earth, Its something more than love even right?

Well a recent incident just made me think a lot about it, so when you talk about a friend does that mean someone who knows all about you, who's always there for you and you say that you know each other so well that anything that on friend does can never make the other friend go mad...

Well think over it again... and think about the times when you do something and get scolded by your best friend that this is wrong, you shouldn't have done that or don't do this and stuff and then one day your friend does the same thing...

Remember the times when your friend does something and you get irritated and they'll tell you to be a sport and when one day you do something and they get mad, i wonder now where did that mantra they used to keep telling you "Be a sport"

Still the same question what exactly is friendship..  its nothing but shit!!!

Does friendship means you throw a glass full of ice tea on your friends face, when he has done nothing... well yes you can but only if you can throw it and sit there and laugh over it, thats called being a sport and not that you throw it and then you walk away making a mockery of your dearest friend in front of  total strangers who will start looking at you as if you have done a blunder...

Whatever it is, friendship doesn't give  anyone the  right to make such a fun of  me in public... and i don't care how close you are to me i don't take shit from any one...

I am sorry but You can't just do something like this and say sorry and blame it on some reason that even you are not bothered about...

Friendship is still a beautiful word but not that good of a relation, even if it is I DON'T GIVE A DAMM!!!

P.S:- Now don't just fill up the comments section with essay's about friendship, Theoretically its really a very precious relation because people can write books and make 10 bloody seasons of  TV shows and earn millions.. Be realistic and write practically..


UPDATE:- When i say that words have power i really mean it, and its not that only a selected people have that power but actually all of us... all it takes is some serious emotions, if you really feel something from the core of your heart you can turn it into words too...
After all this happened my mind started working with double speed and the fire that i had inside me was fueling it.. I needed something to ease me and like always my blog was the first thing i thought about and i wrote all this shit here...

But an email just changed everything, every word in that mail touched me and my mind which was on fire has gone blank.... Friendship its such a difficult thing, you can't even stay angry for long.. your friends won't let you even..

You can spend your entire life but still you wont be able to figure out what friendship, love, and relationship is!!!

Don't know what should i write now.. all i can say is FRIENDS you are my life!!!

P.S:- I won't forgive you until i throw a glass full of ICE TEA on you...
and sorry readers for what i wrote about the 10 seasons of the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S.  i just love that show...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

~EARTH HOUR INDIA~ Do your Bit to save Earth!!!


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Saturday, March 21, 2009

When You Love Someone...

This post was composed by - Moushumi Samajdar

When you love someone so deep inside,
It seems like it's so easy to hide.
You've loved him for so very long,
You would think he could do no wrong.

Each day you  hoped and prayed,
That he would keep staying this way.
He treated you like you were supposed to be treated,
You thought your life was finally completed.

You thought your love was growing true,
And till one day it went all so blue.
He started putting you down and it hurt,
You thought all you were to him was dirt.

He started ignoring you and you wondered why,
All you felt and wanted to do was curl up and die.
You thought your relationship would never end,
But that was all so fake and pretend and would never mend.

One night he was so sweet to you,
You thought all those things might be untrue,
Two days later he was back the same,
You thought you were the only one to blame.

He thought the relationship was getting too serious
And that you had become a little too curious.
By this time you knew it wouldn't last,
All the nice things he said were in the past.

You thought that you would marry him some day,
But this time God wanted to get his way.
You wanted things back how they were before,
But you knew this couldn't happen anymore.

It was a Saturday night about ten o'clock,
You heard the news and it wasn't a shock.
You knew this was going to happen soon,
As you laid there and cried in the pale lit moon.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Random Midnight Thought...

Posted by mobile phone:

"Just a random thought at the middle of night..
Pardon me for the idiotic rhyme, and understand the feeling behind..."

I always thought i was different
And doesn't need any other person for existence...

Friends n Girl friend all were there..
But i got comfort alone at stairs...

So many dreams, but so little i could do..
So many people, but alone i was that is true..

I was abnormal..
but never bothered...

Coz i was different..
And needed no one for existence..

But when the cool wind blows..
And i stand in corridors...

Alone i don't want to be..
But find no one along with me...

Friends girl friend still there somewhere..
But that special someone nowhere...

Its then when i feel..
I need someone with mee...

Not a girlfriend whom i thought was different..
Not a group of friends who don't understands...

A guy or a gal i don't care..
But who enjoys this air,
The night and its flare...
The fluttering leaves and the chimering winds...

Not a word to say bt a million to feel..
That's how a special person should bee..
And only for mee..

Life is not that fair,
work work and work that's all it spares...

To enjoy the winds you need wings..
A support to break the bonds..
And to find a way out of thorns...

I know i am different..
And i need someone not for existence
But for persistence...