Monday, March 30, 2009

I AM SO SORRY- To a vry special frnd…

This post was composed by - Moushumi Samajdar

Long long ago when I was down that day,

You came by my way to make it all go away,

It felt like a dream to feel something so pure,

Yet i never knew if it was true for sure.

Down and lonely were the nights that passed,

Definitions of friends were lost in d dark,

Hurt and pain was all I had,

To smile again was in the past.

Then one day u came to me,

On a night when the gods sent gift it was to be,

To nurture me in your friendship you thought,

The beginning of a life, that seemed so distraught.

Ever since that day I needed none,

Life always seemed so much fun,

I feel that it was that golden time,

Which I now miss, with you as mine.

Now after being friends for years to come,

I faltered and hurt the one,

I cared the most and always loved,

Never to forgive myself unless I payed and shunned,

My heart bleeds for the deed undone,

Never again can I feel the warmth,

An action to wish I cud go back again

In time to fix all make sure of everything to be the same.

I wish he forgives me even though it’s tough,

I’d give up everything although life is rough,

Without him guiding my way, it feels everything is being taken away

Life seems difficult,

Not today, tomorrow but ever for years to from today.

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  1. i just cant write anything here.. "i really don't have the words except for a big hug"...