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JUIT V/S JIITU - Thank God I am a JUITian...

juit,jiit,jietI thought I'll write about this topic after JIIT opens up for next semester but i guess i have seen all the shades of JIIT already so i can very well show you the difference between the two institutes...

Although both of them are backed by the same great Jaypee group but only JUIT represents the true greatness of this group...

Beautiful surroundings, awesome building,great learning atmosphere and above all great people... 

Some of JUITians will disagree with me on several points but guys trust me no one knows JUIT better than me and come and spend a month here in JIIT you yourself will feel the difference... 

I completed my graduation from Jaypee university of information technology waknaghat,solan {H.P}, A place which has given me so many great memories,some awesome friends, i met with some really nice and loving people... Even the faculty in JUIT is quite caring... 

Its because of  HCL's Japanese language training that brought me to JIIT a sister institute of JUIT located in sector 62 Noida... 
Before i point out the -ve points i think i should start with one +ve point that you can feel about this coll. on the very 1st day only and that's its awesome food... ya the food here is quite tasty... but that's just one thing before you enter the mess you have to pass through these bunch of idiots who'll check your I cards and who are very particular about the fact that if you are not a hostetler or from some other coll you don't get inside without buying a stupid 30 rs. coupon. I joined here on 8th Dec the month when JIIT has winter vacations and right from Day1 they started charging us for food irrespective of the fact that we are paying entire fees of 1 complete semester...

It was because of Medury sir's blessing that we got HCLites exempted from paying in mess but that lasted for just 1 week, next week again the same drama "No from today everyone has to pay" and that too at inner time when no one's available to talk and these idiots don't have the basic courtesy to let students eat that night so that the can talk in the morning... I mean WTF..
This process of going to Medury sir and the exemption and them back to same old story lasted till 29th Dec after that we thought there's no point bothering Sir with this stupid issue because these JIITians have no sense...

Another very Idiotic thing about this damm coll is that every night no matter where you are,well or unwell,sleeping or studying - you have to be in Wardens room b/w 9:30 and 10 to mark your attendance... and as the rule says absents without leave will cause serious consequences which includes suspension from hostels.. WTF don't mark your attendence and you get a wild pass to have all the fun outside the campus!!!
And ya the stupid out pass {leave form} here has two parts one same as the one in JUIT where when and duration type and the second has to be signed by your parents to prove that you went home and no where else although no one follows that rule but still the idiotness...

This is a question for all JUITians > Guys at what time does our hostel gates close... Confused ya JIIT has this 11 PM rule complete blackout on roads after 11, all street lights off and hostel gates closed...
I still remember those trips to Anshu dhaba at the middle of night... Than they say JIIT is more fun...
My answer come to JUIT has feel what actually is coll. life.

Than come the most imp point... How "galeech"  JIIT is... Guys when you come back from home and your parents give you 1000 or 500 Rs notes don't feel so happy because if you are in JIIT and you have 100Rs note in your wallet than also you won't get anything to eat because this stupid fellow who gives you cafeteria coupons will never have any change even for 100Rs. what to say about 500. 
Although they sell only 3-4 items in JIIT cafeteria but they are tasty but you'll have to get change to eat them... Not like our thakur ji, give him a 500Rs. note and he'll be happy to give you change...
Then Sharmaji's or Lalaji's replacement here is Gupta ji and some other small stalls outside gate 2 but they are only available till afternoon...
i still remember those awesome evening times at cafe or sharma ji or McD and now even Moksh outside JUIT gate...

Ya ya i agree there are so many places outside JIIT but McD and Barista of JIIT have their own charm as compared to the original McD and barista here in shipra..

Don't know about the hostel students my life here in faculty block is quite comfortable as i can order food from outside at night and their are many options too... This the only thing we guys didn't had in JUIT where there was only sunny full stop and vatika which used to deliver food in JUIT but again we had Anshu dhaba even at 2AM...
And ya Dayschi's of JUIT you guys are seriously better than the ones here who are afraid to enter hostels because of the fear of suspension yes i have witnessed it...  even the warden here can come anytime even at midnight so JIITians do visit JUIT to see the luxurious hostel life there...  

Ya girls here have more freedom and enjoyment but they definitely don't have a loving and caring warden like Maala ma'am...

One advantage JIIT has is its sports field i mean this coll has a  football ground, basketball court,volleyball court,lawn tennis,badminton,swimming pool and much better Gym not like JUIT where the basketball court and volleyball court served all the purpose...

After just 1 Month of living here i can very proudly say that i am a proud JUITian and thank god i choose to Btech in JUIT waknaghat and not in JIIT {ya i was getting a seat here also but in evening shift which was later merged with the morning shift only!!!}...

JUIT rocks!!! 

P.S:- will update this post from time to time after all i still have 5 more months to survive here...
This is a request to all JIET guna ppl to plz send in your JIET guna V/s JIIT points in the comments field...
And ya before compiling this article i have talked to many JIITians too and i know not publically but ya you'll also agree to several points here...


  1. yeh article likha kisne hai.........!!![:O]

  2. well said...i ven't been into JIIT for longer periods as u r stayin abhi...even when i was there for the placements..i seriously felt all these stuff...most of all the compassion and care which we get in JUIT campus is all gone thr!!!
    being in my last semester i seriosly feel i ve lived one of the best parts of my life in this campus...
    JUIT rocks man...

  3. Juit is a dream place for most of the student which can only be cherished by the juitians. That is why they are considered as “lucky”. The place in the valley of waknaghat is truly heaven on earth undoubtedly. I have rarely seen such beautiful infrastucture in such beautiful hills before.We as juit people live here with so much of love with each other that it has become a family for us now. I am really proud to be a juitian.

  4. luv the place, atmosphere nd crowd.......!!!

    juit rocks.......!!!

  5. thanks palak for the really awesome words.. and i'll totally agree with you that it has become a family for us.. JUIT is one big and really gr8 family where every1 knows each other not like JIIT where they don't even know who lives a floar above them...

  6. Nice article sir. Our college beats any college hands-down.We'll miss you. And hey, please enable Gravatars for comments. Thanks

  7. Aftr reading dis.....u make me a proud JUITIAN!

  8. proud to be a wat i completely feel after reading this article..fantastic blend of words and thoughts...warmth nd care is wat we've left behind in JUIT...what we hve here is OODLES of freedom but not those ppl to share it with..thnkfully now i have.,....its really tough surviving here if u don hve frnds...ppl dont stop to say hi...dat feeling of warmth doesn not exist..nd ppl are completely detached....however may i hve hated JUIT bck wen i was there..comin here and witnessing apart of life here has made me aware of the stark realities gera has clearly brought out...miss u maala mam//.......nd all my close frnds bck in collge...thnx gere for makin me agian a proud JUITIAN.....JUIT ROCKS>>>>

  9. hey gera...........
    ya we all re proud to be juitians.......
    yes jiit is no way a place to ve kindaa hostel life we had........
    juit rocks man!

  10. JUIT is a wonderful place 2 b.vaibhav has narrated most of it but still misses out on the way juit crowded whenever there was a admad or adance competetion in lt.I used love the manner in which we would find house full auditorium when ever there was a movie show.JUIT was like a family where every one cared for each other.
    JIIT i wont say is bad but it is certainly not JUIT

  11. This article really gives a wonderful feeling of being a JUITIAN..thx God am still a part of it to cherish those awesome moments...U're really appreciated a lot Sir..

  12. JUIT truly heaven on earth !!!

  13. kya article likha hai......mazza aa happy now 2 be a JUITian

  14. Totally agree with u buddy...!
    This one yr here in JIIT is a complete nightmare. U've put it in the best of words,JIIT is a private insti... while it functions in a way thts worse than a govt office...people at every level, can only postpone work,complicate and argue...they seem to be the best examples of procastination!!!
    Trust me... have fought with almost everyone to get the simplest of the work done.
    Your short stay has acquainted you with the hardest of the people here. Anyways,as they say, " You ought to be a part of the system to change the system", lets hope our resentament makes an inch of change atleast.Like u i'm be proud to be a JUITian.. and the wonderful memories and the kind of home its been.

  15. Sir, thats a nice post...makes me realise what our batch will be going though after we leave juit in a few years time...the memories...the laughter...there will be definite reminiscence about all that.

  16. i agree with you that JUIT ROCKS but somehow do not agree with the comparion you have done. You see every place has its own rules, regulations, environment and traditions . Both juit and jiit are members of the same family.....JP Family. Like two saplings are never alike in the same manner how can two members of a family be the same!In our assumptions we generally ignore our bad points and other persons's good points. Both members of JP Family have their own goods and bads but let me tell you both ROCK .Anyway ....your efforts are appreciated and hope in future also you will keep us abreast with the latest around the world!!!!!!!!keep smiling

  17. well said sir..i also felt d same while placments.v were nt allowd 2 go out of the hostel at 11...

  18. truly a great article sir...
    as already discussed v hav been there for placements nd stuff nd then nd there i realized that JUIT is much much better than JIIT...actually JUIT is the best..the hostel,warden mam,cool cool weather,mandir ki maggi nd chai...simply awesome!!!
    apna bi jane ka time aagaya...already feeling very sad...will miss JUIT!! :(
    nd i dnt need 2 say ke v miss u gera sir..

    JUIT rocks!! :)

  19. wel dude... i dont disagree but dont agre wid u aswel....
    so if u get change 4 wat u want is sumthin tat makes juit wel ?
    does carin faculty nd warden makes ur lif wel ? ...u r nt a kid dude nd nt a gal 4 sure...tat u need care..
    u know wat u cam to ma coll for 1 sem... but i cant liv in juit for tat long... a coll btw those hills is beutyfull...tat mal road...nd tat jungle near d coll is sumthin fundu...nd freedom u get is welcome....
    but u know wat brkin rules amidst these restrications is actually adventrous... wat do u think tat care or brkin these rules is more fun ?
    talkin abt hostel lif... how many times u jumped ovr d coll wall..(firstly u dont need to jump..nd secondly whr wil u go from thr... hmm)
    so how cum u r livin a hostel lif ?
    playin lan gamin nd smokin away ur lif ?
    so howz tat entertainment...
    yes our hostel lan r closed at 11... so it gets borin ?
    ji nahi.... then starts d adventure... u hav to get in d server room nd switch on d lan... so watz fun ?
    nd abt ur charas-ganja thing...
    yes u hav a natural favour there... congrats u hav a + point too :P
    dude i seriously hat this lif here wid so many restrictions... but luv to brk d barrior ...

  20. awsum article sir !!!!
    feels nice to hear tat JUIT has so much +ives over JIIT which is just
    a overhyped place amongst da 3 campuses.....

  21. hey dinesh thanks a lot for the comment really appreciate that... and ya some really good points there i must say but i would definitely like to answer your queries.. no am nt a kid but ya the feeling that everyone in JUIT knows everyone else be it a student or someone in adminsitration or even the ppl working at tuck cafe or mess... is missing here.. and ya the freedom i talked about is actually something that we get only by breaking rules, its not something which has been given to us.. hey BTW u r wrong we need to jump ovr a wall and than slide down a dark hill to get to the main road at night and than the way from JUIT to waknaghat is no less than an adventure trip with all the wild animals that come out on roads at night.. yes you are right noida or i should say NCR is a fun place to be am not denying that i was just comparing things inside coll gates and ya BTW there are so many places outside JUIT that u might not know and am nt talking abt shimla or solan i am talking abt all the dhabas and thekas... n ya BTW one common practice even we have to brk in the switch room at 2 am to switch on the lan or patofy guard bhaiya... there one thing serioully wrong abt JIIT and thats the division of power... 4 ppl for same thing jinki aapas mein bilkul nhin banti n saara in ghumte raho just like in a govt office and still u get nothing!!!

  22. arrey gera sir jo aap kaho wahi sahi... ab ye batao ye webpage kaise banatey hain... ismey tau aap juit waley aage ho... [

  23. You are absolutely wrong....You have messed up the entire thing. The only thing you are complaining about are the peons and wardens. C'mon man get a life, they hardly matter to most of us JIITians. If having a couple of extra gardens in your campus makes you happy, then someone surely commented right on you JUITians being kids. I haven't been to JUIT but from your post it seems there isn't anything special about it. You have bashed JIIT for little things while praising JUIT for none.

  24. Mr. JiiitTian, with all due regards, when ur in college , no one is a kid anymore. v have lesser gardens than JIIT has and a place smallerer than JIIt can ever think of. the only comparison done here is regarding the warmth present in JUIT which ur sure to agrree is a necessary part of a human being's growin up. too much freedom can often get boring and dats d case wid JIIT. in JUIT ppl rite frm d senior most batch knw thier juniormost batch. there is at least some sort of interaction. ppl here don even knw thier own clasmates forget ppl of diff branches or batches. When u are bound by rules and regulations all through d day, your ZIDD to break em is just so much it gives u a sense of high…nd yes Mr JiiTian, tell me, does ur registrar knw d name of each nd evry student of your campus. Ours does. Do ur wardens possess the same warmth as our wardens have…Nope im sure..

    Here to get a single work done, u've got to take out oodles of time frm ur busy schedule..whose got itna time….its worse dan a govt office here.. u like dis place coz u hvent felt wat JUIT is …so dude sit back nd relax…JUIT is surely d best..

  25. Okay...
    First i think you are my senior so ill address you @ sir
    Sir, and to all of you guys. This is a JIITian saying to you guys, JUIT rocks!!! Nothing beats JUIT. JIIT is one fucked up college and JIIT is a nightmare.
    How do i know this?
    I am in 3rd year in JIITU right now but before that, i spent the first 45 days of my 1st year in JUIT and was transferred here. Even though i cherished every bit of my stay here i was adamant and used to cry-out-loud to get to JIIT because of some personal reasons.
    I wont call it(getting transferred to JIIT) a mistake as those personal reasons are still there and enough to make my decision worth but JIIT sucks,it sucks bigtime.
    JUIT is a dream college. I can never forget those 45 days i spent there. I feel so amazing when i recall my days in JUIT. I still feel like a JUITian at heart,even after being in JIIT for almost 3 years now.
    This college has no life. Students are SHIT. so mean,greedy and dont know what species they are,really. fucked up college.fucked up crap.
    thats how miserbale JIIT makes me feel.
    Nothing beats the hostel life of JUIT. and can i get the name of that dhaba again at which i used to eat as mess's food was not to my liking :P
    okay,just now i saw that there was a comment by Mr JIITian (i dint read that when i started typing this comment)
    okay,read that reply from JIITian and Moushummi's reply after that in 3 mins approx

    Well,what Moushami said is EXACTLY my point.and to taht guy,dude,visit JUIT once.

    There is no warmth in JIIT. I dont feel like how i used to feel in JUIT. People dont know each other. Hell leave senior knowing juniors,you will be astonished to learn,i myself dont know the names of all the students in my 90 student batch!!!,and thats after 3 years.okay you can call its my mistake but if you are a kinda person who belongs to JUIT more than JIIT,believe me,you wont want to know names of all these shitty people here.
    and yeah,how can you leave the surroundings we have at JUIT. i actually witnessed clouds flowing into my hostel room atleast couple of times AFAIR. beatiful and breath taking.
    Cant believe i left JUIT.
    I will certaunly come back to meet all my friends (dont know how much they still take me as a friend) at this years "le fiestus.
    I love all the friends i made at JUIT.
    Zain,Mohit,Anuj,Abhishek,Gyani,Nikhil,Neha,Komal,Shruti,Swati I love you guys and you people can never imagine how painful it is to spending my college years with people whom names i dont know,than spending it with wonderful people liek you. May you guys always be happy and successful.Hope you guys get placed this year. I miss you all!
    Okay i think i sounded like a girl.but thats what JUIT makes me feel,weak at heart ! sob.(damn,again like a girl,sorry cant help it)

    {actually i was thinking of writing a post at my blog(s) on how ife sucks at JIIT, but i just keep thinking the points and never took it to the draft stage.(thought you must have an idea now how much i want to write about it). But this comment will give me something to start with. if i write my heart out,that post will easily reach 10,000 words.
    damn those JUIT days. if i had not garnered such beautiful memories from JUIT,may be it would have helped me adjust with bakwaas culture at JIIT.

    (how i reached your blog: i was searching for a blog by one of my juniors who made beatiful banners for JIVE. I saw his blog and identified him by looking at tyhe banners. DOnt know where i bookmarked it but c=ant seem to find now.and i need to contact him and ask if he can make some design for an upcoming barcamp in Delhi.)

    signing off
    Mayank-a pissed of 3rd year student from JIIT :(

  26. well mayank i seriouslly dont have words to tell you how i felt after reading your comment, well the fact that i called up a few of my friends at this hour and told them to come online and read this comment which is even better than my entire post is i guess just a small way to tell you how i felt.... hats off to you dude....

  27. ahh...just how i feel sir.
    you know i never called anyone "sir" willingly here in JIIT.
    But i used to when i was in JUIT,even now i have no probs doing so. I respect guys at JUIT.

  28. the first thing i would say!!!
    I m a 3rd yr student in JIITU too, and i dont know much about JUIT or JIET, but guys JIITU sucks...o' wait SUCKS!!!!!!...and dat too big tym... I'll explain xactly why is it so... n being a day-schi i'll giv my insights too...
    See... first f all u don't go to a college literally go to the cruelest MNC in d world, wid d rudest f ppl n d busiest f schedules....
    secondly, the college considers u a "paraya"... so wat if u r payin lakhs f bucks every yr to study here... even d guard has mre respect dan u...will tell u wat... an amazin fact... i have even heard d guards saying the freshers to call dem "sir"!!!! WTF HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA :D and the amazin part is students dey r so bludy afraid here...
    Abey har baat pe dhamki- marks ki, attendance ki...WTF in d end nun f it matters... saale literally blackmail karte hai...proffesors kinda enjoi it...
    And being a DUal-degree student here...i'll tell u more abt d gruesome facts abt our fuckin life in jiitu... jst like a mnc u hafta get to coll by 9 n hav conti. classes till 4(officialy atlst nt considrin d klasses we bunk)... ok den sarts our fuckin mba klass n goes on till 5 basically evryday i hafta spend 9 to 5 30 in bricked walls...n 4 us who do hav a lyf cn only do things eidr by bunkin classes or prbably on weekends...
    ok abt extra-curricuclar activities...DERES NONE...atlst fr d day-schi's....hostellers cn still spend tym on d field...but we hardly gt tym to pick up our heads 2wrds d field...anodr fuckd up rule...u cnt play till 4 in coll...i mn where d hell did dat rule cum 4m...
    d only gud thing doh is d food...i think prbably only d mess ppl r d one's who care a li'lle abt us...nt i'll tell u a fucked up fact abt mess too...wud u blv dat even ppl workin in mess are deducted rs 65 frm dere salary day as food muny...i wonder y d mess ppl r still workin here...

    But u knw dis isnt a fault f d coll or d location or d students...

    It's jst b'cz f a few ppl viz. PATHAK, KAKKAR, SANJEEV or sanjay kumar(wateva),MASKARA....i dnt knw weder dey dnt get laid much or r ancestors f hitler or osama's bastard sons...wateva!!!

    now dese ppl were surely born in hell...they blv bringin stupid rules into d coll will mke students study...stop lettin students play at coll tym, dey wud attend dey dnt, dey bludy turn into psycho's...girls cnt cum out f hostel gate, leave alone d coll or campus, aftr 10...TEN!!!!!!!! abey jail mein log zyada ghum sakte hai...hav to bow dwn to evrybudy startin frm librarian to guards to cafe waala...abey inki maa ki (apologies fr my lang, bt atlst nw u knw hw bad it is here)...
    n den derez a test or viva or sumthin to welcum u at coll evryday...n wen u finally get sum respite dey'll slam t1, t2 n t3 at ur face...n den to add to ur misery derez dis MINOR ki 4th yr se kaat ke 3r yr mein daal diya basically u knw d tyranny f students here and infact d proff too...i knw proff who r fed up f d coll curriculam too...
    nw wid all dese... do u rlly expect ppl to b nice n warm...abey wo pagal ho jaate hai...aur naturally sab ek dusre pe gussa nikaalte hai... snr jnr pe, dost dost pe, tchr stdnts pe, stndts ghar pe, etc... basically v hav turnd into fuckin rude ppl...
    so if derez anyone who is stuck thinkin abt JIITU/JUIT/JIET n where to tke admission...d food n ac lect. rums arnt worth it, to waste ya 4 luvly coll yrs..5 fr me...2de i caim dat i HATE my coll...i havnt had even an ounce f fun coll life is supposed to b...all d fun dat v hav is outside d coll wid ma frnds...aldoh we dnt let dese things affect exists...
    fuchchas dnt cum to jiit, unless u r a super-nerd or a super-geek who hs nuthin to do wid fun...

    biddin adieu...
    Sayantan(3rd yr, DECE)

  29. hey mayank looks like you have got company here on my post.. see the comment by sayantan below this.. but dso read my reply to him.. this time i have replied without any discrimination.

  30. @Sayantan
    dude,you cracked me up here,"i dnt knw weder dey dnt get laid much or...."
    LMAO dude.
    BTW you should have been careful while mentioning names.
    looks like I really got company

  31. by god cudnt agree more with u...dis is 4 all d JIITians...seriously guyzz u'v missed so much..thnk god i came 2 JUIT coz dis is truly my second JUIT u'l nva feel neglected...leave apart Maala ma'am, evn d staff is so caring...a few dayzz back v wer 2 go 2 shimla n v wer getting really late.v wer bout 2 get in2 a taxi wen collg bus ke driver uncle called us n said jab bus hai to taxi mein kyon ja rahe ho...d bus ws scheduled 2 leave 15 mins wen v said ki uncle ji hum late ho rahe hain..he said to beta pehle kyon ni bola...n guess wat..he started d bus wid only 3 of us in d bus
    ohhh hw m gonna miss dis collg..
    love u JUIT..

  32. hehe sukrita thanks for the comment and like i always say every JUITian has a story to share afterall its such a wonderful place with some really wonderful and caring people....

  33. First of all...Thanks to Vaibhav for writing our emotions about JUIT

    I am in Indiana University which has been Ranked in top 10 campuses across the Globe....including PLAYBOY magazine (10 Best Night Life campuses),But I felt very soon that it's far behind JUIT in some cases....Like those green hills, Inter Hostel Interactions, and Lifiestus ofcourse.

    There is no comparison between JUIT and JIIT.It was pretty hard to be there for few weeks for placements.Although JIIT has AC which only operates in Night,There is no solution for mosquitoes.

    Some points mentioned by Vaibhav is probably suffered by all of us in JIIT.

    Few things BAD about JUIT :
    Time Restrictions
    Multicast Messages By Gera (But I miss those now)

    Thankyou Once Again

    JUIT Rocks Man !!!!

    Rahul Gupta
    MS Bioinformatics Candidate
    Indiana University, Bloomington

  34. hiiii,, friends,
    i totally agree with Gera sir, JUIT is total fun..
    one thing can anybody make me sure of...
    "CHAKKU to koi nahi maarega, JIIT se nikalne ke bahar !!!! " Are the jiitiens providing me security ... will pay handsomely to dem.. :)
    its total insecure.... its just hell down dere ..

  35. [...] is my comment I made on this blog post. Okay… First i think you are my senior so ill address you @ sir Sir, and to all of [...]

  36. @Moushumi, Hey thanks a lot moush, u made my task easier by replying to Mr. JIITian who by the way hasn't even mentioned his email id so that i could have repliued but nyways hey Mr X… do you have any reply to what she has written here…

  37. @sayantan, hey sayantan for a moment i was not able to decide weather to approve your comment or not or should i edit it but here i am replying to your unedited comment.. well yes i am happy to see your comment but also sad abt what you are going through but bro there's something i would like to tell you.. for a moment i'll forget that i am replying as a person who started this discussion but being a fellow student, an alumni of Jaypee education society and not just JUIT…
    Dude you are right things are pretty messed up in JIIT and administration of jiit is a mismatch and have a big time ego problems as well.. but dude when you choose dual degree you shuld have known it comes with added burden and more hardwork.. i mean yes you can say things abt the rules and ppl here but dnt run away from basic necessities of education and that is studies, exams practicles and viva's.. all of us at JUIT had to go thru the same examination system and so does any other student the only diff is we managed to find out ways to keep our lifes rocking.. regarding extra-curricuclar activities ya u r rt dy are quite less here i mean i am not a student of JIIT but apparently these things are quite visible, i JUIT we used fight for a time slot to have our events.. i mean dnt just be a problem digger comeon stand up and do something about it organise ur events attract crowds to attend it… we started with our own technical magazine there in JUIT, we organised the 1st tech fest of juit and during our time in JYC we made it a point to have as max events as possible… n ya thr's one thing i strongly disagree wd your points abt girls, girls here enjoy much more freedom than in JUIT {where its for there own benifit as JUIT is quite located in an isolated area} ya thats a diff issue that JIIT girls warden is a complete ***.. but overall i piec of advise dnt be so angry with your life find out ways to make it awesome.. afteralll beating the rules is what fun is about.. JAYPEE education society and its coll's are one of the best institutes.. trust me you ont know how things goes on in other institutes and now u must be naming a few places that you think are more fun, dude dnt do that coz either u can't get an admission there or like they say "door ke dhol suhawne" ya i agree JIIT is nt a gr8 place to be and JUIT is far much much better but than the real fun is to enjoy under any damm situation… so just loosen up a bit and go out and enjoy ur life.. take things a bit lightly…

  38. Ah, totally forgot about this post, just found it in my bookmarks. I am sure you guys are loving your college more after it losing the UGC recognition. Have a fucked up life!! I hope all the warmth you share among yourself helps you get through this :P
    Oh wait, you guys don't really care about all the UGC shit now do you?

  39. first of all there is no comparison between the two colleges.....JIITU is obviously the better than every aspect.....
    see everyone thinks his/her college is the best and will argue to any point to prove it....and i don't wanna argue over this useless issue....

  40. @JIITian, comon man dont be a jerk and if u wanna argue atleast do it with your real mail id.. so that you our replies.. and ya dude time to wake up..n 1 suggestion next time read the complete new and not just 1 line and start talking.. JIet is going through the same transition that JIIT once did becoming a university, if you dont remember JIIT was also a center under JUIT only!! So go open your brains and find out what really happened.

  41. @Ashutosh Jha, Point taken, you are right everyone will go to any extent to prove that his/her coll is better. Since i have lived at both the places, it was just a article written to describe the experience.. Right now when we all are working am missing my coll life and that involves both JUIT and JIIT.

  42. To Juitians,
    Everything you complaint about is all we have for fun.....:)Firstly all JIITIANS loves to to complain about these things so congratulation u've made a nice JIITIAN :D....and secondly as another JIITIAN suggested all rules here are much more fun to be dayschi's here are afraid to enter the hostel....even they are notallowed to, many of my friends stays in hostel without even paying the rent :D :D, yes we've messed up system of gates closing at 11......but that why we have fun of nights-out at saket, where there are beauty to see at almost anytime :D :D.....and if we were in juit than whats the fun of winter trip there :D :Dand while you were supportinng our mess staff.....we all sucks here so is management.......yepp dey ask for i-card everytimewe go for lunch, but we never show it to them(even though we have it :D).....enough about JIIT.....lets talk about juitians.........This is from my own experience......At the time of placements......when almost all 4th year juitians were here....our college was unable to provide any residential facility to that time, students of JIIT decide to take there responsibilityand allowed them to stay in our that time i was alone in my room as my roomey was at lg's....i told to student managing this,that at my room a bed is vaccant....he sent sum1 to stay.....i didnt mind......then the person who was sent to my room called one of his friend to stay with him ......i didnt mind.......then they asked me if we can join the bed.....i said ok(i wasnt ok wid me :@).........but still i didnt mind........we were 3 guys on 2 beds.......i didnt mind........den they called one of there another friend to stay with them inspite knowing that there is no vaccant space.....that where i minded......den they asked me that if i can live newhere else as there is no space her.......damn that mofos kicked me out from my own room..and you say Juit and juitians are better than still sure?!?!?!

  43. Dude take a chill i never said a word about JIITians they totally rock after all they are just like us no difference all students in College to have fun.. the post was about administrations the way things work in both the institutes.. Its been now almost 3 years since i graduated its a thing of the past we have moved on to more complex things in life.. whatever it was it was awesome!!
    If you are still in campus then wishing you all the best.. you'll laugh about all this stuff after a few years!!

  44. Dude take a chill i never said a word about JIITians they totally rock after all they are just like us no difference all students in College to have fun.. the post was about administrations the way things work in both the institutes.. Its been now almost 3 years since i graduated its a thing of the past we have moved on to more complex things in life.. whatever it was it was awesome!!If you are still in campus then wishing you all the best.. you'll laugh about all this stuff after a few years!!

  45. Hi
    I have taken admission in JUIT , but if 4th list comes I have a fair chance to get upgraded to JIIT for ECE, now I have confusion, should i opt for JIIT and if I don't freeze, then will I get the chance to choose the option or has to accept the upgradation..please sugggest

  46. Hey Shals,
    First of all congrats for getting through JUIT, i am sure you'll be enjoying the beautiful campus and even more beautiful surroundings.
    Secondly don't let my post influence your judgement, this post was written long back and a lot has changed since then.. Your seniors have changed even JUIT now looks like a Delhi college but one thing will never change the beauty of JUIT campus and JIIT, JIET can never beat us in that. You do realize my reply will be a little biased since i had an amazing JUIT hostel life.
    Make your decision on the basis of where you belong to and what your near and dear one's want.. personally i loved my coll away from home if you want to enjoy. both the coll are great in terms of faculty and placements although most of the time JUITians have to travel to noida for joint placements, i somehow managed to get one from my own campus only...
    if you are getting JIIT 62 then you can think about it but if its 128 one then JUIT is much better.
    about the choice thing, i guess you'll get an option to choose whether you want to upgrade or not.
    Take your call but if you plan to stay in JUIT, all i can say is you'll love it.. all you need is the right people to hangout with!!
    P.S- Do let me know!!

  47. hi bro,

    thanku so much u took me out of the confusion. I got seat in both JIIT nd JUIT i wz very confused that where to go,people say that Delhi NCR has many advantages,you will not get much facilities in solan bla bla... but i jst want to go to solan to enjoy nature nd wanna study there(peaceful surroundings)
    but now u cleared my confusions i will definitely select JUIT
    i'll be there on 9th AUG for the final registration
    Thanks and Regards,
    Sahil Kakkar

  48. i just wanted to know wether i could change from juit to jiit after compeleting 1 year at juit as i have registered in juit...... ???? or can the change also be made after 1st semester


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