Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cherish every moment ...

Posted by mobile phone:
Lying on my bed here at my new small room in delhi and reading Mainak Dhar's "the fundas of mix-ology" made me recall a phone call that came an hour back. It was a call from a very good friend Sohit, reminding me about a small yet quite special moment that happened same day, same time last year. I couldn't stop myself from writing this blog entry even at a time when i don't have a proper net connection but like they say if a thought comes to your mind don't wait to put it on your blog because once that moment passes trust me you can never write about it. So writing this entry with the help of my best friend, my nokia 6300.It was the same day 30th jan last year, gandhi ji's death anniversary {i didn't knew about this last year and even this year and trust me i am ashamed of myself for this} a dry day. But the plan was set for Sohit to sip in first vodka of his life and as he just told me he was out today to have some drinks but couldn't get any because of dry day and how difficult was it to get that special bottle of white mischief vodka last year.It was me, Sohit and rishabh who were together that night for that vodka bottle, it was although a very ordinary night except for the fact that its also the birthday of a special person, right Sohit? Everything was simply great, drinks were on along with snacks and Sohit's cell phone kept away from him so that he doesn't act like an idiot and call up an even bigger idiot who doesn't give a damm about him. Anyways forget all this now let of come to that part because of which we are celebrating this anniversary, after a couple of drinks when Sohit was quite high, he did the most silly thing or should i say the moment i always cherish and tell everyone when i discuss the after effects of alcohol, well Sohit just grabbed that half left bottle of vodka and started saying "i'll finish this bottle alone or else i won't pay for it" we tried our best to convince him to give the bottle back and to enjoy the night but he was not ready to listen a single word, so we told him ok don't pay anything but let us also drink but he had something else in his mind, he took out a piece of paper and wrote on it that " i Sohit will not pay for this bottle" and wrote our names and roll no. Below it and asked us to sign it, so we had to sign that note and when all this was about to end another friend prix came to my room and that's how Sohit got a witness, he made him to sign that paper as witness. :-) finally we got that bottle back and had a great night and after he got over with the hang over the next day that he came to me and asked what that slip was and what's it doing in his pocket.. :-) and since that day 3 of us still laugh over it... I know Sohit you are really gonna kill me for writing this entry but bro kya karun those were the days of our lifes that we'll cherish throughout our lives. It was not a big day but it has a special place in our heart and hats off Sohit for calling me today and to making me relive our coll. Days.. So guys that's 'the funda of a happy life-ology'... :-)

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