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Why are we human?

This Post was written by -  Varun Chowdhary I'm writing, hence i'm sad. True, very true but i'm not truly sad, i'm sad and confused, i'm sad because many people in my life have decided to part company if not completely then atleast emotionally and this month has been the single most emotionally overloaded month that i've had for years, people grow apart slowly, they fall out of love over their own stupid realizations, they are ripped by distance and drift apart. While some just soldier on fighting and making up then fighting again then making up again in a cycle that keeps them sensitised to each other. While some go far away and some remain stuck in the moment that they just can't get out of. While only one type truly strive to understand each other, if they are doomed for the worse i don't want to know and if they are doomed to end up together i still don't want to know just that they are doomed either way should be enough. If you can relate to