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Why are we human?

This Post was written by - Varun Chowdhary

2080863519_371a842c68I'm writing, hence i'm sad. True, very true but i'm not truly sad, i'm sad and confused, i'm sad because many people in my life have decided to part company if not completely then atleast emotionally and this month has been the single most emotionally overloaded month that i've had for years, people grow apart slowly, they fall out of love over their own stupid realizations, they are ripped by distance and drift apart. While some just soldier on fighting and making up then fighting again then making up again in a cycle that keeps them sensitised to each other. While some go far away and some remain stuck in the moment that they just can't get out of. While only one type truly strive to understand each other, if they are doomed for the worse i don't want to know and if they are doomed to end up together i still don't want to know just that they are doomed either way should be enough. If you can relate to what has been written here kudos cause a lot of what i've written is very ambiguous.

I'm confused because why are we such suckers for pain, the irony is that when i asked someone that how is everything going she said it is good, and to that i replied "if everything feels good, be prepared for it to be screwed up soon" and then the calamitous incidents of yesterday happened. But i still don't understand that why are we such suckers for pain why is it that when we are happy and content it just doesn't work out, we always end up miserable if not instantly then gradually. Is it because it is in our 'screw the good thing' gene i shudder to think if that were to be present. Or it could be because we are indians that we can only understand the scorching temperatures or enough cold to make your fingers fall off, autumn is spent thinking of the winter ahead and spring is spent complaining of the summer to come.

Trust me i have tried to wrap my head around this concept as logically as my brain would permit but i cannot come to any valid conclusion that would be admissible to the sensibilities of my thoughts, maybe herein lies the futility of my actions i'm trying to logically analyze something that is in itself illogical and hence cannot be fathomed by logic alone i would have to travel to the depths of the chaos called love, lose my mind in the process and become an incomprehensible baboon. Now a stupidity of that level is not permissible by my current state of extreme sobriety. The question is why people fall in love and not why they fall out of love. The reasons i've heard are many, varied, far fetched, and absolutely flimsy and the universal statement "you won't understand what we have."
And now i scoff at these people who tried their luck, because they know it or not but they are doomed, for what i donot know but for certain i know that they are doomed.
And this is to my sane friends whose count stops at one. THIS IS TO ME AND THEKA cheers to being single for now. What, do you think i'm conceited enough to say that i'll be single forever? i laugh at you.

Just one last thought...maybe this can shed some light.
"We see the world as we are, not the way it is."


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