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Humsafar Aur Bhi Hain!!!

2 Facebook Friends, 2 different posts, 2 different emotions, 2 seprate comments joins together to form this small composition!! "Zindagi ke safar mein Raaste abhi aur bhi hain... In raaston mein abhi humsafar aur bhi hain... Chood gya koyi saath kisi mord par iska gum na kar... Piye ja rum aur badhe chal abhi Manzil aur bhi hain!!!"

To my dearest Dada Ji

The two words – “OM Ji”, which greeted everyone who spoke to you… So many Blessings, that one got from you… The stories of time before we were born, shared by you… The way of Life and Values, Taught by you… The fight for justice, which you fought so patiently… The green belt of comfort that we enjoy today, result of the hard work that you did… The pain free life so many enjoy today, result of lessons that you gave… It’s been 2yrs. Since you left the world, but not our hearts even for a single moment… Dedicated to my dearest Dada Ji, Dadu you’ll live forever in our hearts… We all miss you!!!


Hey All, Its after such a long time I am writing something.. but don’t worry its just a few lines.. I always say Life is uncertain, it can be short or long but will always be a mystery…  What’s gone is gone and what will happen that nobody knows!!! What you have is Today.. You may never get 100% of whatever you dream but you can give your 100%  to achieve them!!!   Unfortunately that’s reality!! Always Remember :- Live Xtreme {Not recommended for all} Sometimes answers to the most complicated problems can be either Yes or No, Don’t complicate things with Jalebi Answers!! Trust comes from transparency & that’s the backbone of every relation!! There’s no point assuming things in background when you can just clear out things face 2 face!!! I’ll end this post with these lines –   “No matter what the reason is, no matter what the season is – A smile is what I love the most and not just for now but for a life time…”   ~KEEP WALKING – KEEP SMILING~

This is where it all ends!!!

“ I came for a REASON , My Love Extended it To a SEASON wanted it to last for a LIFETIME but Lost my LIFE in DELUSION!!! While I was carpeting the Rough road you were Enjoying in the sea of LOVE!! Never Expected an Answer , Never expected Love... All I expected was some TRUTH and All I got were TEARS!!! "

---THE END---

Hey All, Good Morning and Have a great Friday!! Thinking about the subject line, Well that’s true, this probably the last Heavy Dose (as some of you call it) mails, I realized one thing There’s no point coming office a little early  and spending half an hour just to write this mail when half of you don’t read it and even if you do they are not doing anything GOOD. Its not an assumption it’s a experience based fact…  If you have decided you can’t do it, you really can’t.. If you love being sad then even  if I turn up wearing a joker dress and red nose that cant make you a happy person, maybe for a few hours but after that you’ll go back to being what you are!!!   Someone has rightly said , in order to say even the right thing, you have to be at the right place… “ People don’t become big by what they say, what big people say becomes BIG!!! ”  Even if I say the same thing that Vineet said in a Interview yesterday, nobody would be interested but when he says the same thing people believe!!

How can you stay Positive all the time?

Hey all, Good Morning and May the day turns out to be one of the best for you!!!   Yesterday someone asked me :- How can you stay Positive all the time and so charged up? I would really like to share this with all of you, the reason why I Stay positive and fully charged up every morning is because of YOU, Yes you read it right its because of you people. Every Morning when I wake up, I am happy for the most simple reason that God gave me another day to Enjoy, I always say it you never know what’s going to happen in Future what you have with you is a Present called Today – Live it up!! You think your life has problems, well Look around whose Life is perfect, just because someone is smiling doesn’t mean his/her life is perfect. Every Morning when I enter My office and the Guards at the entrance Stands and smiles and wishes Good Morning, That’s the start of a great day – Is there life problem free? I Doubt that so if they can still manage to Give a smile why can’t You!! But I am also Human

The Choice is Your's

Hey all,  A very GOOODD MORNINGGG… I Am sure you will have a really beautiful day!!   Like I always say, You never know what’s going to happen the very next moment, Something’s are beyond our control you can’t fight Destiny…  So the time you arrive and the time you leave its already fixed you can’t change it so what you are left with is the time in between. What matters most is how you use this time that you have right now…  You can just spend it crying or can do things because of which people will remember you even when you are gone!!!   “You can just keep on reading Success story’s of others or you can write your own – The Choice is yours!!”   Trust me Its really a special day  - At least 4 me So Give it a shot do something a lil different today and Make your Life an inspiration for others!!


Heloooooooooooo ,  What’s Up people!!! Thanks to all those who mailed me saying “They Missed my mails”… & for the rest of you – Kabhi nahin sudhroge!!! Some of you often ask me Do I write these mails on my own, Well the answer is NO..  Its actually when I interact with some of you or observe things around me, or even because of things that Go on in my LIFE, Its because of all these things that forms these mails!!! So Its not only me who is writing all this, Its involves YOU also!!!   Quitting & Ignoring are the easiest things to do in any situation, but Do you think That’s the answer to all your problems!! Well I don’t think so, as a matter of fact a problem ignored is something that will come back to you as an even bigger problem!!! Don’t let anyone make you do something that you don’t want to but before you judge that take a close second look and give it a try, Start with a positive note that Yes - You can do it, Set your priorities right. Don’t over burden yourself

Dil dard ka samander hai, Fir bhi Laboon pe Muskaan Hai – Jeena Issi Ka naam hai

“Dil dard ka samander hai, Fir bhi Laboon pe Muskaan Hai – Jeena Issi Ka naam hai… Baabu Jeena issi ka naam hai…” Remember How many times we crib about how bad our life is, how bad our office is and what not… We go to the extent that we tell our family and friends that you are lucky, you have a great life!!! Look around and take a close look, LiFe can never be perfect just like all the fingers of a hand can never be of same size…  Just because a person is smiling that doesn’t mean his/her life is perfect…  A smiling face can also have a lot of pain hidden inside somewhere, still they smile and keep walking. I won’t say be over positive and stay happy with everything , of course not  but “when you are among the NEGATIVES Don’t forget your POSITIVES”  Thoda aur wish karo, aage bado but aankho mein aansun liye nhin labhon pe muskaan liye…  Khushiyan baante chulo – The journey will be much more comfortable!!!   Wishing you all a very Happy Morning and a beautiful day ahead!!!

Kuch Meetha Ho jaye!!!

> This mail was sent on chocolates day!!!< Thank you God for another beautiful day, for giving me another day to send one more mail!!!   Good Morning People, How you doin’  this Chocolaty morning!!! Indeed someone has very rightly said “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift and that’s why its called a present”  , This day is seriously a present, you can control ‘N’ no. of things in Life but you just can’t control Life itself… It’s a mystery what will happen the very next moment so Enjoy what you have today, in this very moment… Jiyo is pal ko , Good aur Bad yeh pal bhi guzar jayega and then you can’t get it back no matter how Successful you are or how rich you are, you just can’t get it back…!!   So Jo bhi gile shikve hain sab bhula do, Don’t keep enemies, Keep aside your Ego and make things right, Even if that involves saying Sorry, Don’t keep things in your heart and don’t sleep over a problem coz you never know whether you’ll be able to see that

Don't be Impulsive, Be Impressive...

In my last post I wrote some self composed lines in Hindi, don’t know how many of you read it but trust me Practically speaking those lines are very true.. The essence of those lines were “the power is not in the speaker/ writer and not even in the words… Its actually in the Listener/reader and the way they interpret it!!! No matter how good or bad you write or how beautiful words you choose there are of no use, until the person you are telling it to can’t understand or even worse Misunderstands!! Be careful with what you write , what you speak because you never know which word  of yours can just destroy everything!! Take Care and keep smiling!!!

Random Thought!!

“Log kehte hain Shabdon mein bahut taqat hai... yeh Lafz chahen to Dil badal sakte hain insaan badal sakte hain aur to aur yeh poora mulkh badal sakte hain.. Yeh lafz to aapke bhi hain aur hamare bhi par fir kyun, na hum dil badal paye aur na hi insaan.. Jab badal gaye lafz aur na badle mulkh tab jana asli taqat na to un lafzon mein hai aur na hi unhe kehne walon mein.. Agar taqat hai to sirf un lafzaon ko samjhne walon mein.. Agar taqat hai to sirf un lafzon ko samjhne walon mein!!!”

Warning Challenges Ahead

Hey!! How you doin’ today…  Still Cribbing about job and your role in an organization!!! Well well people I know it doesn’t feel nice when you are just put into things without your consent… A lot of time we say, I was good at that and they put me here..  To some extent you are right but then As a fresher I don’t think you know what you are good at!!!    All I’ll advise is Be Open to challenges…  And do your best in whatever roll you are assigned to, be open to Change and don’t just restrict yourself to one particular role, Experiment because this is the time when you can actually take a risk and can learn many different things and then Ask yourself what you love Doing the most… Be a little patient things sometimes takes a bit longer to change but something good must be coming your way make sure you are Smiling when it comes or else you’ll miss it too because you were deeply involved in your self created Mess!!! :) :)

Amidst The Fog!!!

Did you smile today? If not do it now!!!  I don’t know how many of you actually read my mails but if you are reading this.. wishing you a great day ahead!  Its really Foggy outside, but amidst the Dense Fog try to find the Beauty, your dreams..  The path to fulfill those dreams…  It might be a lil dark, you might sometime have to travel alone through the dark woods or deep sea but hey if the path is all bed of roses I think you are on the wrong way.. Create your own path, write your own destiny… There’ll be people who’ll De-motivate you or point fingers at you trust me that’s the proof that you are on the right track..  Just give them a smile and ignore what they say and Keep marching towards the Mission!!! Don’t worry no matter what path you travel on you’ll have your best friends, your well wishers with you always…  So stay Calm yet Confident and Keep Smiling… :) :) :)

Dedicated to Pooh Bear...

I don't remember the last time i wrote a complete blog post, All i could remember is posting some stupid SMS's that i composed or a Lil Poem i wrote or the no. of Facebook Status updates or Emails but not a single Serious post!!! I agree those SMS or Poem were no less but still according to me these were the shortcuts of pouring out what was going on in my Life and my Heart in least possible words... Not that there was nothing to write about, in fact there's so much i wanted to write about be it the wave that Aamir Khan's 3 Idiots created not just at the Box Office but in our Minds and the lessons it gave.. be it Strive for Excellence and Success will follow you or the most important lesson "DO what you really want to do, not what the world wants you to do.. Follow your dreams and don't get into Engineering or Medical just because everyone is doing it.. and even our elders should understand there's no fun in Joining a big brand but the Fun of Life is star