Friday, February 26, 2010

---THE END---

Hey All,

Good Morning and Have a great Friday!!

Thinking about the subject line, Well that’s true, this probably the last Heavy Dose (as some of you call it) mails, I realized one thing There’s no point coming office a little early  and spending half an hour just to write this mail when half of you don’t read it and even if you do they are not doing anything GOOD.

Its not an assumption it’s a experience based fact…  If you have decided you can’t do it, you really can’t.. If you love being sad then even  if I turn up wearing a joker dress and red nose that cant make you a happy person, maybe for a few hours but after that you’ll go back to being what you are!!!

 Someone has rightly said , in order to say even the right thing, you have to be at the right place… “People don’t become big by what they say, what big people say becomes BIG!!!”  Even if I say the same thing that Vineet said in a Interview yesterday, nobody would be interested but when he says the same thing people believe!!!

 But that doesn’t mean I Quit, my positive attitude towards life is still intact , My energy level is still the same and if any of you need those heavy dose words you are always welcome but only when you need it.

 Action speaks louder than words – well the words end here – Actions begin!!!

 Take care and Enjoy Life – Be calm, Be patient and Self Confident!! Keep smiling always!!! :)

Ending it with a few lines I composed a few days back!!!

“Sometimes I just feel like running away from this City, breaking all the strings - switching my life with a click and getting disappeared into the dark woods or the magnificent hills... Away from the people among whom I question the reason for my existence... Why I have become so diff. that I require someone for coexistence... Why can't dreams come true and grant me at least one thing I wish to do.”

P.S :-  From now on i won't be sending mails but instead will cont. to write on this blog almost everyday!!!

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