Friday, February 26, 2010

How can you stay Positive all the time?

Hey all,

Good Morning and May the day turns out to be one of the best for you!!!

 Yesterday someone asked me :- How can you stay Positive all the time and so charged up?

I would really like to share this with all of you, the reason why I Stay positive and fully charged up every morning is because of YOU, Yes you read it right its because of you people.

Every Morning when I wake up, I am happy for the most simple reason that God gave me another day to Enjoy, I always say it you never know what’s going to happen in Future what you have with you is a Present called Today – Live it up!!

You think your life has problems, well Look around whose Life is perfect, just because someone is smiling doesn’t mean his/her life is perfect.

Every Morning when I enter My office and the Guards at the entrance Stands and smiles and wishes Good Morning, That’s the start of a great day – Is there life problem free? I Doubt that so if they can still manage to Give a smile why can’t You!!

But I am also Human by the end of the day I am also frustrated because of things and I also feel my life has problems, and its when You guys play the most important role in my LIFE… Being there with me!! No mater how bad the day is, the happiness I get when I meet my friends in evening just refreshes me and charge me all over again And when I see problems around me , my own problems looks really small!!

1 Golden Rule – Do what your heart says, Be adjusting but don’t compromise and never ever go against your principles!!

 If you really want do something just do it and that involves choosing your career , just give it a shot, take a risk – trust me your Well wishers , family and your best buddies will always be there to catch you even if you fall but don’t stop yourself From Flying if you really want to!!!

No Job in the world is problem free, every thing comes with pros and cons – even America’s President face problems!!  You think Govt. jobs are fun ask your elders what all they have been through to get there where you see them now. If you really really want do something – trust me its never too late to pursue your PASSION!!! It might not pay you much but the satisfaction that you’ll get when you do something from your heart is beyond compare. Yeh mat socho ki koyi kya kahega, kya sochega – Its your Life and Your Journey – Live it up!!

I received a SMS yesterday  that goes like this “Bina libaas aaye the hum iss Jahaan mein… Bus ek kafan ki khatir itna safar kiye ja rahe hain” Nice message and I agree Life is a journey from Birth to Death but what matters is what Little extra you did in between, how will people remember you? And you can’t escape this journey so if you have to travel why not just Enjoy it!!!

Will really appreciate your comments!!!


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