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Cherish every moment ...

Posted by mobile phone: Lying on my bed here at my new small room in delhi and reading Mainak Dhar's "the fundas of mix-ology" made me recall a phone call that came an hour back. It was a call from a very good friend Sohit, reminding me about a small yet quite special moment that happened same day, same time last year. I couldn't stop myself from writing this blog entry even at a time when i don't have a proper net connection but like they say if a thought comes to your mind don't wait to put it on your blog because once that moment passes trust me you can never write about it. So writing this entry with the help of my best friend, my nokia 6300.It was the same day 30th jan last year, gandhi ji's death anniversary {i didn't knew about this last year and even this year and trust me i am ashamed of myself for this} a dry day. But the plan was set for Sohit to sip in first vodka of his life and as he just told me he was out today to have some drinks but c
hey ravin although i have already written my views so many times on orkut but after reading all these comments and after what happened yesterday after my GF finished reading that book i again feel like writting something more... This is so far the best book i have read,A book that changed my love life it made me feel how special that girl is for me... All the work pressure and circumstances were killing my relationship but it was after reading your book and with tears in my eyes i called her up and told her how much i love her and promised her that things will be diff and beautiful from now.. Not just this some of my friends also read your book and they were all speechless like me and their tears were enough to express what they felt,they told their  BF's/GF's to read the book... Like these many are still running after me to read this book... But it were my GF's msg's after reading the book that made me feel so special... I must say its a must read... every page of your

Every Satyam’ite is a Leader

A Satyamite stating his views about Satyam financial turbulence and presenting a note on how good leaders Satyamites are I(Satyamite) am deputed at client location and came across a very interesting conversation in cafeteria yesterday. One of my co-worker, also deputed with the same client through some lesser known two room company, mustered guts to ask me sarcastically in front of entire team, “ So, Satyam is gone! What are you guys planning to do now? ” In normal circumstances, I have a habit to not to reply to lose talks, but in front of entire team…. I thought I need to fix this guy’s thought process. I asked him, as my military training has imbibed in me the habit to fight till last breadth, “ Who says Satyam is gone when I am very much alive here and committed to create value on behalf of my company ?”. He shot back, “Hello Mr., your chairman has resigned, you guys are facing financial turbulence and you still have a face to say that Satyam is not gone!” At this juncture, I thoug

JUIT V/S JIITU - Thank God I am a JUITian...

I thought I'll write about this topic after JIIT opens up for next semester but i guess i have seen all the shades of JIIT already so i can very well show you the difference between the two institutes... Although both of them are backed by the same great Jaypee group but only JUIT represents the true greatness of this group... Beautiful surroundings, awesome building,great learning atmosphere and above all great people...  Some of JUITians will disagree with me on several points but guys trust me no one knows JUIT better than me and come and spend a month here in JIIT you yourself will feel the difference...  I completed my graduation from Jaypee university of information technology waknaghat,solan {H.P}, A place which has given me so many great memories,some awesome friends, i met with some really nice and loving people... Even the faculty in JUIT is quite caring...  Its because of  HCL's Japanese language training that brought me to JIIT a sister institute of JUIT located in

Looking back at my life in 2008 and moving forward to 2009...

Its Jan 1,2009... A new year,a new day,a new beginning... But before this new start let me first thank all those who made my 2008 so special....  My thanks to all my friends who made every moment worth living... Special thanks to HCL and in particular Sandhaya mam for giving me an opportunity to work for HCL... frankly speaking that was the biggest day of my life... Thank thanks to my teachers, HOD sir and Medury sir because of whom i am what i am today.. yes An Engineer and above all with a respectable CGPA of 6.2... It was really unbelievable when i saw 8.9 SGPA in my 8th sem examination...   But this year was not all about these happy and successful moments but actually a very tragic or should i say the worst year of my life and in particular the date 11th August the day my Grandfather Sh. Lekh Raj gera passed away... If it would have been a natural death then i wont have written all this It was a shocking Accident...  I remember My grandfather once said "the day I'll die t