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Proud Moment for all Chandigarhians...

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="516" caption="My-Chandigarh"] [/caption] The world, it seems, is celebrating India’s first modern city. Even as London fetes the brilliance of master architect Le Corbusier through an ongoing exhibition, ‘Time’ magazine has dubbed Chandigarh as ‘’the thinking man’s city’’ amidst ‘’a continent of mindless growth’’.  Featured as one of the 15 places in ‘Best of Asia-2009’ list, the city has been detailed as a model - almost un-Indian - city, with its ‘’egalitarian sectors’’ and ‘’tranquil settings’’. In a fitting tribute to the venerated Swiss-French creator, Chandigarh, the magazine says, reflects the ‘’Best Application of Corbusian Principles’’.  Applauding the title, the first chief architect of Chandigarh, MN Sharma, says, ‘’The city deserves this status. The architectural plan, which was prepared after studying several European cities, envisaged a unique destination, which Chandigarh has truly become.’