Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rise and Shine!!!



Tell me one thing, what do you think you'll see when you'll get out of your home if you happen to live somewhere in the East Delhi.

I tell you, when you'll step out of your home you'll be embraced by the cool breeze, lovely weather, chirping birds and beautiful surroundings...

[caption id="attachment_320" align="aligncenter" width="472" caption="Rising Sun!! Click to see full size image"]Rising Sun!! Click to see full size image[/caption]




SURPRISED, I know what you would be saying right now, "This Guy has gone crazy!!!" All you can get to see in Delhi is Traffic,Dust,Heat,pollution and trash everywhere...

Well for the past 5 months that i have spent in Delhi, i have just seen that only but This morning was a bit different.

Well last night turned out to be one of those beautiful nights that I used to have in my Coll, Night outs, Movies or TV shows whole night, Last night also i was working on the comment system of  Three of my blogs (added a few extra features!!!) by the time i completed that it was 3:30 AM and i still had a movie "Green Mile" to complete which BTW turned out to be a complete surprise as it was the first English movie of my life to have a duration of more than 3 hours...

After i completed it it was around 5:30AM and the first person who comes to my mind at this hour can be no one other than my GF.

All i could think of was her all time request, "Vaibhav please start working out or at least start Jogging!! Reduce a bit for your own health!!!"

Well someone has rightly said "Love can make you do wonders" . So here i am writing this post after a 45 Min's brisk walk and a bit of Jogging!!!

And what i wrote above about the things you see when you step out of your house, Friends i was not joking, you can see all that but you'll have to get up at 5-5:30 AM to see the beauty of nature that we are destroying with each passing day!

Unlike my Home Town "Chandigarh - The city beautiful" you don't have a lot of  parks or a lake to start your day in Delhi but fortunately i have this small 'Sanjay Lake park' just near my home. I was happy about the place i was heading to and when i asked someone about the entry gate, He pointed me to gap in the grill over a small wall, and trust me guys the entry was really disgusting with trash all around but after entering and walking to the main path inside it was somewhat better than rest of Delhi.

A look around will show you the lack of maintenance, The Delhi tourism Board outside the main gate boasts of it as Sanjay Lake - A tourist spot but i don't think any tourist ever visited this place, yes you can still see patches of Lake in the entire area some with lots of water and some almost dried up. I won't say that it was full of trash but being from Chandigarh, the place which has so many beautiful and well maintained, trash free gardens and a beautiful lake which speaks of the caring Chandigarh Administration and remarkable and sensible people of the city beautiful, I never expected a tourist spot like Sanjay lake will have so much trash, badly maintained jogging track and gardens.

Anyways enough of complaining, The place was full of young and old men, some doing Yoga, exercises or walking and then there were so many young boys and girls playing cricket, Football and some kids playing there own kidi games, Then there were ladies sitting there enjoying and chatting!! The most interesting part of this place was a huge bridge over the lake, and below which were these really beautiful purple flowers... Just felt like standing there for a few Min's and taking a few pics and that's where the thought of writing this post strike my mind!!!



[caption id="attachment_321" align="aligncenter" width="472" caption="Purple Flowers - click to see full size image"]Purple Flowers - click to see full size image[/caption]



On my way back, all the autoriksha wala's were cleaning there Green Yellow Autoriksha, i don't why but since the time i moved in Delhi i have a new respect for these people...

And just when i was reaching back, i get a call from my surprised GF (i Msg'd her when i reached midway of  my walking track and was taking some rest), she was so happy to know that, at least i did something for her!!!

Hey come'on, you guys still feeling sleepy, Get up and have a great Sunday!!!
And like i said i stayed awake all night to add some features to my commenting system, so why don't you try it out especially Twitter users and give me you feedback about this early morning blog post and make my day even more beautiful!!!



[caption id="attachment_319" align="aligncenter" width="472" caption="Have a great day!!!"]Have a great day!!![/caption]

P.S:- Thanks Twitter for being there with me all night!!!