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Rise and Shine!!!

GOOOOOOOD --- MORNINGGG READERS T ell me one thing, what do you think you'll see when you'll get out of your home if you happen to live somewhere in the East Delhi . I tell you, when you'll step out of your home you'll be embraced by the cool breeze, lovely weather, chirping birds and beautiful surroundings... [caption id="attachment_320" align="aligncenter" width="472" caption="Rising Sun!! Click to see full size image"] [/caption]       SURPRISED , I know what you would be saying right now, "This Guy has gone crazy!!!" All you can get to see in Delhi is Traffic,Dust,Heat,pollution and trash everywhere... Well for the past 5 months that i have spent in Delhi, i have just seen that only but This morning was a bit different. Well last night turned out to be one of those beautiful nights that I used to have in my Coll, Night outs, Movies or TV shows whole night, Last night also i was working on the comment system of  Three