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jst whn i thot that my life is rocking wdout ny probs n tensions..... something happened which reminded me of 1 of mine previous blog entry where i wrote:--- "when love invades,,,,, frenship fades...." yes this quotation again proved to be a truth... it feels so bad when some 1 who is close to u,,n ws with u for so long.. makes u feel that love is much much imp than frenship... am nt talking abt just sm1 bt 1spl one... yes a person for whom u did so much,, u were there for her whn she ws in trouble or pain or whn she had a fight wd her love... bt a month long love story can break years of frenship n trust... jst think how will u feel whn a fren like this who ws so close to u tells u on ur face that she has changed her cell no n she ws nt takng ny1's call after being asked "that why were u nt taking my calls or replying to my msgs which i hv been sending for past 1 month.." n evn after this she tells u that she wont giv