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Blog To Facebook & Back..

In my last post I made it clear why I moved back to Blog from Facebook but why I moved to Facebook in the first place that I just figured out. Although I am not a good writer but there have been times when I have written posts better than my expectations. The reason I say I am not a good writer apart from my bad vocabulary is my ignorance to details but it's amazing to know that's the main reason I started posting on Facebook. Confusing right? Well even though I can't write paragraphs describing a building or someone's lips (well I can appreciate someone's beauty overall in extreme details but not particularly with a magnifying glass) what I posted on my Blog was fairly detailed making the reader know who it's about or at least the one it was written about knew for sure but the thing with Facebook was limited space, need for creativity & the fear that this will definitely get noticed by people who would have never seen it otherwise made me convert thoughts i