Friday, February 26, 2010

Warning Challenges Ahead


How you doin’ today…  Still Cribbing about job and your role in an organization!!!

Well well people I know it doesn’t feel nice when you are just put into things without your consent…

A lot of time we say, I was good at that and they put me here..  To some extent you are right but then As a fresher I don’t think you know what you are good at!!!


 All I’ll advise is Be Open to challenges…  And do your best in whatever roll you are assigned to, be open to Change and don’t just restrict yourself to one particular role, Experiment because this is the time when you can actually take a risk and can learn many different things and then Ask yourself what you love Doing the most…

Be a little patient things sometimes takes a bit longer to change but something good must be coming your way make sure you are Smiling when it comes or else you’ll miss it too because you were deeply involved in your self created Mess!!! :) :)

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