Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dedicated to Pooh Bear...

I don't remember the last time i wrote a complete blog post, All i could remember is posting some stupid SMS's that i composed or a Lil Poem i wrote or the no. of Facebook Status updates or Emails but not a single Serious post!!! I agree those SMS or Poem were no less but still according to me these were the shortcuts of pouring out what was going on in my Life and my Heart in least possible words...

Not that there was nothing to write about, in fact there's so much i wanted to write about be it the wave that Aamir Khan's 3 Idiots created not just at the Box Office but in our Minds and the lessons it gave.. be it Strive for Excellence and Success will follow you or the most important lesson

"DO what you really want to do, not what the world wants you to do.. Follow your dreams and don't get into Engineering or Medical just because everyone is doing it.. and even our elders should understand there's no fun in Joining a big brand but the Fun of Life is starting with a small brand and making it Big!!! "

Then there was these lines that came to my mind just today evening  "Zindagi Jine ka alsi mazza hai kisi anjan Station par utarkar,Kisi anjane raste par, kisi andekhe Mod par aur apne banaye huye rahon par chulkar.. Ungli pakad kar to aajtak chulteaaye ho ab zarra 2 min ke liye thum jao.. Dekho apne aap ko, pehchano khudko aur apni kismat Likh daalo" *   {*These are some Raw lines that came to my mind and have not been polished!!!}

Not only this  there was a lot more i wanted to post about like "Life @ HCL" ..  "Delhi ab hamare dil mein bhi busta hai" ..  "The Perfect New year.. " and also a post inspired from the movie Radio {which i am sure nobody would have wanted to read} Sochne baithunga to na jaane kitni hi aisibaatein hai jinko Likhne ka mann karta hai..

BUT  Why is that these Titles are here but these Posts Do not exist..  What are the reasons..  Let me Figure out..

Well a new Job, new work and new things to learn definitely keeps you quite a lot occupied.. Then living with parents is also one factor that makes you so lazy and a little over comfortable that you mind stops thinking unconventionally which is very important to write something different..

But its not the main reason, for a blogger the Feedback in form of comments is the most important thing and thanks to awesome people like you I don't need to worry about that but also along with it what sometimes matter is your Fellow Bloggers yes I am talking about one of my best Friends Vinni who you all know is a Brilliant Blogger [ ], her Poems and posts have always been a source of Inspiration and sometimes the Backbone for my posts Like "A trip back to my Alma Mater" ...  where A simple poem added a new color to a dull post....

So this post is just to Request you Vinni,  Do what you really like.. WRITING... and compose some really beautiful Poems and Brilliant posts and add colors to the Blogosphere...

"Just as I yearn to see the morning sun....I promise myself life would be happy and fun !" - Get Well Soon!!



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