Sunday, March 1, 2009

Random Midnight Thought...

Posted by mobile phone:

"Just a random thought at the middle of night..
Pardon me for the idiotic rhyme, and understand the feeling behind..."

I always thought i was different
And doesn't need any other person for existence...

Friends n Girl friend all were there..
But i got comfort alone at stairs...

So many dreams, but so little i could do..
So many people, but alone i was that is true..

I was abnormal..
but never bothered...

Coz i was different..
And needed no one for existence..

But when the cool wind blows..
And i stand in corridors...

Alone i don't want to be..
But find no one along with me...

Friends girl friend still there somewhere..
But that special someone nowhere...

Its then when i feel..
I need someone with mee...

Not a girlfriend whom i thought was different..
Not a group of friends who don't understands...

A guy or a gal i don't care..
But who enjoys this air,
The night and its flare...
The fluttering leaves and the chimering winds...

Not a word to say bt a million to feel..
That's how a special person should bee..
And only for mee..

Life is not that fair,
work work and work that's all it spares...

To enjoy the winds you need wings..
A support to break the bonds..
And to find a way out of thorns...

I know i am different..
And i need someone not for existence
But for persistence...


  1. dtz so touching poem...u r vry spl to me...i am so in love vd u as a person...beautiful heart....u have n nw itzz vd mee heehee n ur writing skill is gtng better day by day...too gud keep it up...

  2. its beautiful........really touching...

  3. finally a comment from you.. it means a lot to me.... thanks!!

  4. I think you've already found that special someone. This person is in you, each time you identify yourself as different, you acknowledge that you ARE that person you've been looking for.

    You know, we're all in this endless quest to find out who we are. And when you start to identify yourself, you've begun the quest... and you'll succeed :)

  5. hey jhanvi thanks for the really nice comment.. you just gave a new meaning to what i wrote.. and its really a positive perspective..

  6. man! its awsm! geru...tune dil ki baat aise keh di ki keh bhi diya aur kuch kaha bhi nhai!
    waaah! meri jaan maaza aa gaya!
    u kno man i waz plannin to write over the same topic at one point of time and nw wid ur post i believe it should be a joint venture. wat say man...u b my guest editor for one should be something like the same theme of your poem...its nyc. luvd it.

  7. @Frost, Sure i'll be honored to do that, do send me some inputs from ur side, so that i can know what exactly u looking for... i'll be happy to write about this topic as i genuinely feel it!!!