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Hats off to Rakesh Jhunjhunwala - Barkha dutt unplugged

It gives me immense pleasure to post this entry, something i always wanted to write but i guess Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has made my task easier... i don't need to tell you who RJ is, what you don't know then let me describe him in his own words...
The market is my altar, I am its God. People worship me just like I worship Ganesha. I am a Billionaire a Billion times over. In one small corner of the Internet lies my Secret Journal. Something I leave there so that you may read it and hope to one day become like ME even though that is difficult for you.

I will never say that I write it but then again if not me then who else? If you ask me about it I will deny all existence of it and look at you as though you are a lunatic. Not only that I will have you thrown by my goons from the topmost floor of the Bombay Stock Exchange for wasting my time.

Mostly, I am Bullish. Sometimes I’m Bearish but I will rarely tell you - unless you become worthy.

Now let me tell you something about his blog... its really an amazing blog and his posts are just mind blowing, the way he blends different genres of news and adds spice to it... really i think its an art to do something like this.... i mean this is a a perfect example of mind blowing creativity... after all blending Bollywood,media,politics,cricket,advertisements and above all stock market it's not a child's play!!!!

I always wanted to write about his blog as well but i guess his latest post has given me enough reasons to write this post...

His latest post "PIGEON HEADS" is a blend of bollywood,women rights,mangalore incident and above all the true face of NDTV journalist [barkhat.jpg]Barkha Dutt where he mentions about an article by Chyetanya Kunte on his blog titled "Shoddy journalism" but because of threatning by NDTV's lawyers Kunte withdrew the post and apologized to Barkha when he was just using his basic right of  “Freedom Of Speech And Expression” which is barkha's lifeline when she writes something anti-government.

RJ has taken barkha head-on this time by posting the same content on his own blog with the tag line :-

This humble stock broker will now show the world the very document suppressed by Barkha Dutt and her  lawyers:

Here are the Excerpts from the article :-

I am dumbfounded to see Barkha Dutt of NDTV break every rule of ethical journalism in reporting the Mumbai mayhem. Take a couple of instances for example:

  • In one instance she asks a husband about his wife being stuck, or held as a hostage. The poor guy adds in the end about where she was last hiding. Aired! My dear friends with AK-47s, our national news is helping you. Go get those still in. And be sure to thank NDTV for not censoring this bit of information.

  • In another instance, a General sort of suggests that there were no hostages in Oberoi Trident. (Clever.) Then, our heroine of revelations calls the head of Oberoi, and the idiot confirms a possibility of 100 or more people still in the building. Hello! Guys with guns, you’ve got more goats to slay. But before you do, you’ve got to love NDTV and more precisely Ms. Dutt. She’s your official intelligence from Ground zero.

If the terrorists don’t manage to shove you in to your private hell, the journalists on national television will certainly help you get there. One of the criticisms about Barkha Dutt on Wikipedia reads thus:

During the Kargil conflict, Indian Army sources repeatedly complained to her channel that she was giving away locations in her broadcasts, thus causing Indian casualties.

Looks like the idiot journalist has not learnt anything since then. I join a number of bloggers pleading her to shut the f⋅⋅⋅ up.

Read the complete article here...

Well the truth is out and hats off to Rakesh Jhunjhunwala for this... This is only one incident there are other facts about her famous Kargil war reports where supposedly she stayed at one place and just changed her position and camera angles and told all Indians that she is now reporting from drass or poonch sector... well i don't think i should write more about this or else i'll have to withdrew this post and regarding the apology all i can say is sorry barkha i really wanted to post all this when i was watching NDTV during Mumbai attack but i guess you'll have to do with kunte's and RJ's words...

what happens next only time will tell...

P.S:- DISCLAIMER for NDTV's lawyers the views mentioned here are taken from the world’s 1062nd richest man's blog so go and talk to him because i don't have the money to fight you guys!!! ;)


  1. Well, Barkha Dutt and almost whole of the private media is indeed a news hungry mongrel creating 'BREAKING NEWS' out of mere trifles. It's pretty much like any other business where marketing gimmicks come into the fray, all the time.. but then, it's the same media which keeps quite a huge chunk of our bureaucracy and red-tape on its heels, more often than not.. like a necessary evil... We, can't have Barkha Dutt, and her cousins across all the news channels shut shop altogether.. so maybe the best thing that can be done, is to frame laws for the media to behave itself in certain situations.. well defined, so that such things don't reoccur.
    And you probably don't have to hide behind a rich man's views to speak out your mind... India is very much... a free nation! ;)

  2. Well said sir.Different ppl hv different dimensions n perceptions to judge the circumstances n scenarios. Abve persons are doing d very same thing....lolz

  3. Wow, I wasn't aware of this at all! I've heard a little bit about Barkha Dutt and that she's received awards. I read a little bit of criticism involving her work, but looks like nothing has been done about it so far :( But I totally agree with your friend. It would be best to have certain regulations of how they should conduct themselves - "ethical journalism." They should be helping the security of the nation and amplifying the correct feelings among the people of our nation. Sad :(

  4. I love that blog by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. He is incredibly funny. He should write a Bollywood script


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