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A trip back to my Alma Mater

"Jaypee University of Information Technology" – My Alma Mater, Though I graduated just 2 months back but, life in Delhi has made me realize that, JUIT is nothing but heaven.”A home away from home.” Like I mentioned in my previous posts it’s actually when you leave that place and face the harsh realities of life you feel the importance of JUIT and the love and care it bestows upon you.

Just a moment of silence takes me back to all the memories of the beautiful time spent there, and these memories make me want to go back there...

Thanks to AICTE’s NBA team who visited JUIT. Actually it’s the JUIT-JBS DDM students who got the opportunity to visit JUIT for an interaction session with the NBA team and what started as an unofficial plan for me, turned official after I too got a call from Registrar Sir.
It was really unbelievable; I messaged my friends again to confirm that we are really going to JUIT.

Finally - 13th Feb late night - 2 taxis - 10 guys - 5 gals and the beginning of an exciting journey; beer and whisky, tea and parantha's and a thousand memories revived. The dawn of Valentines Day at the place we really love... JUIT!!

There was no limit to my excitement and it all started when we reached Kandaghat, 10Kms before JUIT. We got off to have tea, realizing we were finally in Himachal Pradesh. Yes, I was near my JUIT. Yes, the chilling breeze had the same mesmerizing fragrance and the natural waterfalls all around and in between all this the caring people of Himachal gave the warmth that was required.

After we started off from there to cover the rest of the distance something got into me. Maybe, it was the fact that I was back home with everything around shouting to me "Hey, welcome back Vibhu" and in return I shouted back just like a small kid who stands on the road side and waves his hands to everyone passing by.

We discussed our very special moments and the awesome food when we crossed "The Destination Resort" and then came "Anshu Dhaba", the place that made us to sneak out of JUIT at the middle of night to have the most amazing late night dinner.

Just when we reached "Apple Cart Inn" or TOI as we used to call it - a Himachal tourism restaurant that has given me such wonderful memories- The Drinks and the Non Veg and the pocket friendly prices is what attracted us to this place... but more than that it was the place from where you get to see the most beautiful place in between the hills - JUIT, Yes the first view!!

Yahoo!!!!!  As we moved forward, it was there; shining brightly and this time, Sahil and I shouted to the best of our ability, the guys favorite place around the campus "The Theka", the memories of this place can not be put into words unless I write this article sitting there itself.

"PARADISE" written on the board at the top of our local restaurant at Waknaghat describes the place we are about to reach. It not only served as a break from the Mess food but is also a place that served as the sole source of fun with the pool and snooker table.

We left the Shimla Highway and took this small but really beautiful single road to JUIT. After 3 KMs the path gets divided into two, one that goes down to Dumeher Village and the other one takes you straight up to JUIT.

Although its the Welcome gate but we call it "The Thank-You gate" in the past four years when we used to reach this point we used to say "welcome to Jaypee Jail" but this time everyone just had one line to say "Welcome to Heaven" .

Just when we saw the entrance gate of JUIT everyone just shouted at the maximum pitch and the guards at the entrance gate would testify that, when I was entering the campus I decided I’ll re-live my college days. Just when I landed I was back to being a JUITian and I shouted "Yehhhhhhhh chakkkkooooooo mannnnn!!!!!" These shouts continued till we landed in front of our Annapurna.

First stop Annapurna, Breakfast was just an excuse because I only wanted to just go down there and shout "Namaste Bhaiyaji, mein aa gaya!! Laiye bread ko butter se bhar dijiye!!”

After that there was no time to waste and I headed towards my hostel H8, to surprise "Bhalu Bhai" and then it was time to meet my bro's in H6. Only after I woke everyone in that hostel did I step out.

Finally it was H9 that was given to all of us and I was rather surprised to see a clean room with proper beds, bed sheet and blankets. At that very moment we felt so special and I recalled the time when we used to go to JIIT for placement or fest and they used to play this stupid joke with us by making us stay in common rooms, TV rooms and Carom board rooms with only mattresses and mosquitoes... So proved again JUIT is best in Hospitality as well!!!!!!!

After I got ready and planned to go to the Academic block, all my sweet juniors took us to "Sharma ji",  'chai and maggi walle sharma ji' where we used to spend our maximum time almost after every class. One of the most important part of JUIT is the small dhabas surrounding it be it Sharma ji at Mandir side or Lalaji at the back side of girls hostel or Kaku's at the main gate, what acts as the smoking lounge for some, it was a place for me to spend time with my friends along with some Delicious parantha's or Maggi.

On the way back, passing through the multipurpose sports field which not only act as basketball and volleyball court but gully cricket ground, you can clearly see "Vivekananda Bhawan" written on the top of this grand building - our Academic block. I choose to climb the stairs instead of taking the lift which I could now use officially being an alumni but I wanted to be just any other JUITian.

I felt like I am still a part of this place and just like any other day, Going for classes, so just like any other day I went to the Administration Dept to eat everyone's head. Digvijay Sir, Negi Sir and Vinay Sir were all happy to see me.

For the first time I entered Registrar Sir's cabin with so much confidence, and was so surprised to see that he had already cleared our travel bills. One thing that makes JUIT the best among the three institutes is that you don't have to run from cabin to cabin to get your work done, here we have just one person who can solve all your problems be it personal or professional... I know many of you JUITians would be saying what am I writing, well guys trust me he is really a very caring person and some of my batch mates like Sachin Malviya are so thankful to him for saving their life...

It was really a different feeling when I went to meet my entire faculty and this time without taking my butter factory along. It felt so good to talk to them and I thanked everyone especially Lamba sir for my 8th Sem result because of which i managed to graduate with a respectable CGPA.

It was now time to meet the person I was so desperate to see the one and only Maala Ma'am, if asked what you miss most about JUIT, my answer will be Maala ma'am. She is someone has been like a mother to me and over the years she is the one who has taken care of me in JUIT... she is the biggest asset of JUIT. If ever I wanted to share something before anyone else I’ll share that thing with her... she's the answer to all my Questions....

One thing very special happened, someone talked to me, yes the same someone I referred to in my article "Time to say Goodbye, But to whom??

At lunch time Mall road was full with JUITians and there's no word to describe what I felt when I met them or how they reacted when they saw me.. Hugs and smiles and just one question "Aap yahan kaise sir" it was really amazing to see all the familiar faces with whom I used to sit outside mess or roam around on mall road.People who took care of me and stood by me always, who made me laugh and gave me so many beautiful memories... I am really missing you friends...

After lunch it was time for what we came for, NBA teams interaction with parents and alumni, they just asked us one thing our views and feedback about JUIT. Parents were the first one to respond and to my surprise the way they described their bonding with this great institution. It was amazing because they were telling what they learned from their sons and daughters , now that’s the aura of JUIT not just the students but the parents also love this place. It was really an amazing meet as we had alumni from all the years even from the 1st batch...

Starting with Akriti Ma'am every one including me poured out our hearts in front of them but it was Moushumi's words that brought tears in my eyes. It was really a proud moment when I saw the way NBA team responded to our words.

The interaction was followed by a small tea party but unlike any other JUIT tea party this one was arranged considering my state… Gooosh I was starving… It was really a nice time to interact with our seniors and faculty besides a group photo.

The most important part of this trip was yet to come, something we have been hearing since the time we came here, something I was really looking forward to, It was this party organized by our dear Registrar Sir and Medury Sir…

As always the small yellow colored university bus was waiting for us outside Girls Hostel ;) to take us to ‘Hotel Holiday Home Shimla’.

Out of four main Hotels of Shimla I had visited because of JUIT, our farewell party was organized in ‘Hotel Peter Hoff’ and now this one in ‘HHH’ while the amazing pastries and free lift attracted us to the third one… The only one left is ‘Hotel Oberoi’ ,I hope Registrar Sir will organize our after convocation party there… J

Enough of the Shimla description, lets get back to our party, the moment we entered the hall, trust me guys ,it was a proud moment to be with some of the very senior members of Jaypee Group, Members of NBA team, HOD’s, faculty, Registrar Sir , Our Dearest Medury sir and no party is complete without the Girls warden – Maala Ma’am… The party was a blast and Registrar Sir didn’t let anyone without a drink, even the ones who don’t drink had wine or Shandy to enjoy the beautiful evening!!

Remember when your Teachers offer you drinks, that means they think that you are now ready for it officially, as you are no longer that kid who entered this University four-five years back. But now as an adult, and you are among those who represent this great institute.

Well guys, there’s one thing I am really proud of is being a JUITian and not a JIITian or JIETian or any other XYZian and I have enough reasons to justify this. If you think my article “JUIT V/S JIIT – thank god I am a JUITian” an the comments are not enough then maybe these points will make you believe how great this institution is:

· In which other university, you get invited to parties like this?

· Where will you find this warmth and care?

· Which Registrar will offer you a drink and not just offer but who would actually make one for you?

· Is there any other place where you and the COO of entire JES or VC of your university stands under the same roof and talk, just like friends?? And which other VC listens to your problems and solve them, then and there. And where will you find someone who says “YES” to all your stupid and sometimes really costly demands???

· Which other Institute will help you so much even after you graduate from there? I Think Pramir Sir will totally agree with me on this point.

There are just so many reasons to prove that JUIT is the best and that JUITians are really the lucky ones because they have what no other place can ever dream…

The next day was reserved just for all my dear friends. It was a day to relive my JUIT days be it sitting on the steps outside mess, or relaxing in front of the Mandir, or enjoying every single moment inside our cafeteria…

This is the point where I can’t write any further because anything I write about the beautiful moments spent with my friends, the more I start missing them and the more I want to go back!!
With a tiny tear in my eyes I bid you goodbye and when I am writing this last line the moment when you all gathered that day to wish me good bye comes in front of me…

But, as they always say, “Every goodbye makes the next hello closer.”

My Friend Vinodini Kapoor has described this really beautiful trip in even more beautiful way…

Here’s the entire Journey in her words…

"A small effort to gather memories and to thank you for the wonderful visit you hosted for us."

The same land, called me with a loving smile,

It seemed so new, every brick and every tile.

Didn’t have those pals, I always knew were mine,

I still believed the sleepless journey would be fine.

There were my friends, who still seemed new,

It’s only because days spent with them are few.

A memorable past was what I always thought,

Would stay with me, for these days I got.

Not realizing that this very old land,

Called us again with a welcoming hand.

How every minute unleashed to me,

That beautifully loving, these people would be.

I came across many smiling faces,

Not to mention those awkward gazes.

For I used to be, one among the hundred lot,

Who cribbed and cried and weirdly fought.

With conviction JUIT seemed, the “PRISONER’s LAND”,

But it’s only the reason, that’s made me stand.

An alma mater precious than the oldest coin,

You will realize the value, once you join.

Reasons are many, once I start to figure,

My personality it’s groomed and vouches to trigger.

A word of gratitude, to our fatherly hosts,

JUIT is now our family, and that’s a toast!!!

Love you all, Love you My Alma Mater…


P.S:- Thanks Vinni thanks a lot for all the help, This write up wouldn't have been possible without you...


  1. Vaibhav you are turning into one good blog writer. I am impressed... its like you took you heart out. :) I agree, the college has really helped me in my journey as an entrepreneur and specially Medury sir has been my mentor all this while. Keep up. Best wishes.

  2. ohh my completely enthralled with this post of gera's...he's brought out i guess what each and evry one of us felt..every momeent spent there explained to the last detail. evry experience adjudicated with an appropriate instance. i assure you, that ppl who are a part of JUIT at the moment may not feel the same but i being an alunmi feel that whatever was put upon us was necessary at that point in time...gere u've done a fab job of all the emtions undergone by each of us. at the end of the article i guess u've left tears in mmy can never again be felt in a warmer way than it was here in wat v used to called "JAIL"......i dont have words to share the nostalgia related to the thrip..its made me meet my old frnds nd strebgthen bonds with my new u all...i feel proud to be a part of this legend called "JUIT"

  3. thanks sir thanks a lot for the great words... words like these from you gives me so much motivation... thanks sir...

  4. hey moush first of all thanks a ton for the motivating words regarding my writing... and well i dont think no one can describe JUIT the way you can... i always look forward to a comment from you.. coz thats the best prize i get for my posts...

  5. it's very refreshing to see such a tribute to your alma mater ;) and i'm really glad you actually went back to visit :) i don't generally know of too many people who ever go back to visit after graduation, but i hope your sweet memories and friendships live on :)

  6. Good one Vaibhav....keep up the good work...its really nice to see such kind of a blog...really impressive..even i agree with what all you have written...and nice poem Vinodini.. :)

  7. really like the name of the article....
    nicely written

  8. thanks a lot sir... thanks for the really motivating words...

  9. Wow!! ahem n1 gere... sai hai yaar.. this is rocking.. well keep up.. i neva thot u wre into such stuf. bt ths blog has proved me wrong and that also upto a grt extent.. well bahi may god belss u.. and u suceed in all ur wishes.. nice job :D

  10. amzing piece f work sir ji...
    really....u wont believe dat while reading dis blog f urs i ws able to feel dat emotions nd thrill of being a JUITian nd i ws actually wondering wot gonna happen 2 me as well wen i wud be leaving dis place...which is no less dan HEAVEN...
    as far as u r concerned, till today dere is no single day dat i dont relate ur name wid nethng n evrythng of it cafeteria or sharma ji...maala mam or lill medury (radhika)...seriously everytym i see dese 2 ppl i find u missing....
    bt dats d part n parcel f life sir ji...i mean "aadmi musafir hai, aata hai jaata hai...aate jaate raste me, yaade chhod jaataa hai"
    hai naa???

    n sir ji, i ws really overwhelmed dat day (day u came 4 NBA ppl) wen u pointed me in mess saying a big "Hi" 2 me...nd to b v frank i ws really feeling dat i hd hugged my elder bro dat tym...kudos 2 yuu 4 dat...

  11. thanks a ton dear for the really great words...

  12. OMG!! thats really the best comment so far thanks rohit.. thanks for such warm words...

  13. I dont have words 2 say gera...I m just havin tears in my eyes to say all :)
    Lovely!!! :)

  14. Gera sir , dats one of the most enthralling and eye blowing blog of urs ... i mean i could actually feel the emotion ...
    u really make us realize where we are ... and the comment at the thank you gate '' Back to Jaypee Jail '' is so true to us but i guess this time its gonna be ''back at home'' specially for me since i go home just once a yr and JUIT is kinda my only home in India ... newyz .. Keep Writing & Rocking ...
    aur haan Have a colourful HOLI !!!
    Take care ..

    Simply awesome post. Amazing,i almost lived JUIT with you on this trip. You took your readers along with you on this trip. Brilliant.
    Thanks for the beautiful pics of the college. Do you have higher resolution pics?
    The lines
    1. "Remember when your Teachers offer you drinks, that means they think that you are now ready for it officially, as you are no longer that kid who entered this University four-five years back"
    2. "Although its the Welcome gate but we call it “The Thank-You gate” in the past four years when we used to reach this point we used to say “welcome to Jaypee Jail” but this time everyone just had one line to say “Welcome to Heaven” ."

    were simply superb. Truly agree.
    I am waiting for more post on JUIT.
    Just noticed a comment from gentleman Zain Taha. Hi there saale. :)

    take a bow sir :)


  16. hey Mayank well all i can say now i am a fan of your comments, i was waiting for your comment only on this post... n trust me as always best comment so far... n yes dude i have lots of high resolution pics of JUIT n will soon upload n share it with you... once again thanks for the really inspiring words!!!

  17. And i am a fan of your JUIT posts!
    And do share those pics.
    i was thinking of visiting JUIT in these ongoing vacations but it seems my friends have come back (you seem to know one of them, Zain Taha)
    lol i so want to go to this year's fest but my attendance this sem is in 20-40% :|
    And you have instigated me enough to write my own post on JIIT now. I think ill start writing the longest post of my life today itself.
    And yeah, i now think its okay to have tears in your eyes when talking about beautiful memories as you also and also a commenter used the words here. Thanks!

  18. Sir,can i use your JUIT pics from your blog on my post?

  19. sure yaar you can use these pics!!! i am at home rt now otherwise i would have shared high res pics..

  20. well mayank thanks a lot..
    n yes i do know zain very well, he's a really nice fren..
    n am glad my post helped you to write one of your own i am looking forward to it... n i know you have a really wonderful blog out there but still if you feel like do chk ds out >

  21. Sir, I have posted about my experience in JUIT here.

    thought you might be interested.

  22. pls dnt refer to me as lil medury..pls!!n good wrk ppl!

  23. [...] brought it to even draft stage. I wanted to write how bakwaas my college is. But after reading this and this post by one of my senior at JUIT, I thought of writing my experience in JUIT as well and [...]

  24. Thanks for the comment dear, and my apologies for the comment by Rohit...

  25. six minutes to successJune 16, 2011 at 9:07 PM

    Wow! really it give us memoirs from the past.
    I just missed my schoolmates in high school I wonder what they look like.hahaha I have so many friends in my high school life.
    I have to share also that is also great that could help from your business to you career six minutes to success.


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