Wednesday, April 26, 2006


another gr8 article by my fren Nitin Tiwari but this article is not complete yet.....
but whatever he has written till now is worth plz do read it....
n nitin wishing u all the best....n complete it as soon as possible we r waiting waiting for it......

What does love give to you when you give everything for the love? The moment this question comes to your mind, I think love abandons you because love is special like a very small yet infinitely bright, flickering light which extinguishes with the slightest disturbance in the air.

So, hold your breath because you are in love. A journey which contains thousands of moments which will turn eternal in time. Her eyes, smile, twist in face, falling of hair etc things you never noticed until now. Ever given a thought what those eyes tell to you?
When you two were talking of simple things that day and suddenly something came over you and you grabbed her hand and she turned her head towards you as if shocked and met your gaze. You know these are the same eyes you have been looking since days yet there is something different. You don't look away, neither does she as if a question of ego has slipped in but the game is different and so is the enemy. It seems here in this game it doesn't matter you win or loose but you wish for this game go in eternity. You look into those eyes and wish they could speak or you could summarise what they are whispering in your ear as if they are telling thousand stories. You still don't look away and you notice she is getting uncomfortable. She clutches her hand, twists her body and tries to look away and turns her head little bit and then as if your gaze has hypnotized her , fails to turn away. She then wants to say something and there you see two sweat drops, one on the red cheek and one on the lips. Nervous she is- you think and before she could finish the stammer in the very first word she wants to speak, you put your finger on her mouth. When you became sure that she has got your direction you remove your finger off her lips but making sure that the sweat drop is removed by the little brush of your finger and her lips. While your finger was slowly moving away you felt a breath of warm air and your fingers tremble or was it her other hand which was in your palm since the very beginning.

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